Global Warming: We Are Living In Dangerous Times


When started 15 years ago CO2 level in the atmosphere was 372 ppm. In the last 15 years it increased only at the rate of less than 2 ppm/year. This year we are seeing a jump of 3.5 ppm over the past year. United Nations climate change secretariat tweeted “January Mauna Loa record shows atmospheric CO2 concentration accelerating, now at 406 ppm and +3.5 ppm over last year”

No, we don’t have an El Nino effect as an excuse this year. Have we crossed the threshold? Tipping point? Point of no return?

By the way, US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Nareandra Modi says global warming is a hoax. Should we believe in science or should we believe in politicians?

Isn’t it time that a movement to protect planet earth grew from below that demands accountabilitiy from our politicians?

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