A Little More Matriarchism And Egalitarianism


Give women more opportunity to realize the world of tomorrow, because male dominance has not brought the promised Kingdom so far, and has not brought the Paradise on Earth, which is truly around us, but simply not seen. There is currently no world peace, which every sensible person strives for and desires.

Remarkable is the crucial role of the man. And what has this male domination brought us?
Our history is mainly determined by very few men, who feel irresistibly attracted to power, from a certain primal instinct.  Not all men are vulnerable to it, but the man is more susceptible to power than women.  The woman is put down in history as serving and inferior, which is completely unjustified and extremely surprising.

A man is from origin, among other things, more a hunter, collector, protector and  has supplementary properties for the community. Must therefore be competent and  have specific characteristics such as strength, intelligence, endurance, good orientation, resourcefulness, willingness to take risks, and survivability, as well as other skills.

Competitiveness, a drive to win, success, power, taking risks, aggression and criminality stimulate testosterone and adrenaline, which puts an addictive mechanism in motion, which allows that power, greed, selfishness and corruption, and thus, almost automatically, stimulates for more.

They know all too well. For this reason, elections are often held after a 4 year office term. A very good measure, were it not that almost all the political parties represent the same corrupt establishment.

Power and greed never fully satisfies, and there is always a want for more, without ever finding satisfaction. Power and greed corrupt, and absolute power corrupts, totally. Less is more.

Women are less selfish, less aggressive, less criminal, less susceptible to corruption, more forward-looking, more social, more careful, and more focused on society. There are, of course exceptions, but this proves to be the rule.

Matriarchy is a hypothetical form of society in which women and female culture, particularly based on their motherhood, dominate. A society in which women play a leading role in the economic, political, social spheres and civic matters.

Egalitarianism usually refers to the belief that people are the same or should be in some way related to political decisions. More specifically, the belief that there are no relevant differences between humans, it can be assumed that one person would have no greater inherent right to something then another. This equality can take different forms, from political equality, social equality and equality of opportunities.

A society that is not impregnated with power, but in which women play a central role. Where the sexes are equal to each other and where love and respect play a prominent base and are foundations of a fairer, more equitable society. With universal social development and universal truths. Cultural evolution and belief in progress.

An evolution, not a revolution, because revolutions often lead to anarchy and open the way for possible new dictatorships.

The role of women in some revolutions is remarkable. The French woman’s role in the French Revolution, especially between 1789 and 1795.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women_in_the_French_Revolution.                         At the Russian Revolution, there was a series of revolutions.


The basis is the struggle for human  rights and the fight against the  royal absolutism. By a big increase in prices, major lack of food, less fuel, there was growing a great dissatisfaction.

Let  women and men march together again, in a peaceful way, in order to achieve real changes. When there is a women demonstration involved, other energies become disengaged, less aggression, and it also generates less aggression, by law enforcement officers.

We are right in the eye of drastic and determining future events, which could have dramatic consequences for the whole world and the Earth.  Sometimes it seems that the tide can turn, to the benefit of society, by saying  “We  give the power back to the people”.

We are more than ever in history, fueled by very evil world  leaders who use the wrong  ingredients, such as hate, fear, anger, selfishness, power, greed, oppression and poverty. Society is unfortunately not fed by good leaders that love, have empathy, desire prosperity, give respect, pursue individual freedom and who take responsibility for the wealth and prosperity for all living things.

In the animal kingdom are matriarch a regular occurrence. For example, elephants live in family groups that are led by a matriarch. Notable examples are found among bees and ants. The bonobo monkeys are the matriarchal species most closely related to humans.

We humans can  learn a lot from the Bonobos.  Bonobos have a female structure, where social problems (sexual) are dissolved. If after correcting behavior, the troublemaker / star, still affects the community, he or she will be collectively taken by the female deputies from the group and will not be allowed to return again, until his or her behavior is acceptable to the community.

Final words:

According to my relative truth we live from the beginning in lies and in lies, we will not find truth. Therefore, we are wanderers who have lost our way. Blind in the land of the blind.

Let me end by saying that an evolved future for humanity is possible, when wise people are ready to rewrite the twisted history, and uncover truthful findings, so that humanity can finally truly evolve. Otherwise history will repeat itself, because humanity has not really learned, or will learn from its repetitive errors.

Let now be the time to rise to greater truths, and become truly free.

Lanaria Amberkira.   https://www.facebook.com/stoptheselfishnessofgreed                                                                                                  Blogpost: http://lanariaamberkira.blogspot.nl/

Video peacemessage:  https://youtu.be/jh142luEszg



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