A lunatic is on the loose
All chains are broken
No medicine will affect him
Electric shocks will make him laugh
All stones on him will bounce back
A lunatic is on the loose.


One hundred and fifty died
With an overnight order
Millions suffered
With an overnight whisper
With corporate and media backing
We will hear the whisper again
A lunatic is on the loose


Now we have heard the whisper again
That India may change
Its no-first use-nuclear policy
It is enough for counter lunatics
To convert sanity into lunacy
To transform the meanings
Of  `peace and harmony’.


A lunatic is on the loose
NIMHANS and AIIMS cannot cure
Any conscious political lunacy
Gods in the sky may move far above
Fearing the threat of radiation
Unable to watch the blood spill
On the bodies of innocent children
With  breakfasts and dinners
Filled with nuclear radiation
With cancer and down syndrome
In every smell of wind and water.
An arrival of the end of generations.
A lunatic is on the loose


If you try to prevent him
They would say: `You are the lunatic!’
Words of sanity
Are toilet papers
Words of power and money
Become temples of worship
A lunatic is on the loose
All chains are broken
No medicine will affect him
Electric shocks will make him laugh
All stones will bounce back.


Seated on top our heads
With tonnes of excretion
Dripping on our faces and lips
With thousands of paid trolls and media
Making us believe it is for social good
Making us demand: `Give us more’
A lunatic is on the loose !


So, clean your face
For the sake of our children
And for those who are yet to be born
Straighten your spines
To spit voices from our hearts
To say loud and clear: `Enough is Enough!’


A time will come
When sanity will rule
What we lose
Will become poetry of the future
The lost memories
Will become text books of history
A lunatic is on the loose.


And everything that goes up
Will collapse with a great thud
A time will come
Of sanity and wisdom
To separate truth from lies
It is just a walk
Between winter and spring !

(With apologies to all genuine lunatics in the world)

K.P. Sasi is a film maker. He can be reached at

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  1. Farooque Chowdhury says:

    no need to apologize, dear poet. your readers realize the pain and anguish you continue to bear.

  2. Farooque Chowdhury says:

    yes, It is just a walk / Between winter and spring. yes, It is just a walk, through winter and to spring.

  3. K SHESHU BABU says:

    History would record
    ‘ A lunatic was on the loose!’
    When corporates decided to install
    A stooge to violate every rule in the book
    To provide everything they wanted
    And they let ‘ a lunatic on the loose!’

    But then, people awoke
    All ‘ lunatics’ poured out
    To drive the ‘ lunatic’
    With their ruthless struggles and protests
    Into a hospital with the only patient
    That ‘ lunatic’ who ‘ was’ on the loose!

    Now, there are no lunatics’ left
    Everyone enjoys sunrise and sunset
    And all the nature’s beauty
    Equal work and EQUALITY in every respect …

    ( With a hope that there will be no lunatics’ in the world. Most lunatics’ are a product of socio- economic conditions. Almost all can be treated by appropriate medical care, psychological and psychiatric help. )

  4. Pratap Antony says:

    K,P, Sasi. Nice!
    Hope sanity and wisdom will separate truth from lies. And i hope it is sooner rather than later.