The problem with our left and secular forces is that they don’t take the warnings of the communal fascists seriously and respond to such situations in a timely manner’ with consistency’. Before every disaster created by the communal fascists, proper signals are given. But yettimely’ and consistent’ responses are rarely undertaken by the left and secular forces. This is where the Hindutva forces win over the left and secular forces. Take the beef issue for example. Like every notification they have introduced it without much public discussion on the subject, knowing very well that the five states where the consumption of beef is legal would resist to such notification. But it seems that the Central Government had sent the copy of the Notification to all the State Governments including Kerala Government also. So why didn’t the Kerala Government respond against iton time’?

Take the case of Gujarat genocide for another example. Teesta Setalvad had written in Communalism Combat 2 years before the genocide in Gujarat that a major communal violence is going to happen in Guajarat soon. Nobody took it seriously. And now, the consistency of fighting for the rights of the survivors have been left to Teesta and her team, facing all kinds of harassment from the Government.

Take the Kandhamal violence as another example. Angana Chatterjee had given proper warning much before the 2008 genocide of Dalit Christians and Adivasi Christians in Kandhamal. That was reported in Counter Currents also. But again, nobody took it seriously. And now, the job of fighting for the rights of the survivors of Kandhamal has been left to a small group without any resources to fight. And every year on August 25, Kandhamal Day is observed. In Kerala it is only observed mainly by the Muslim youth and some Dalit Christians and not by the mainstream church or the mainstream left and secular forces.

The Hindutva leaders came to Kerala and claimed that the Arabian Sea belonged to the Hindus. Neither the established fisher people’s unions nor the left and secular leaders responded properly to such a claim. Last year, the RSS gave an announcement that by 2005, this country would be made into a Hindu Rashtra’. The left and secular forces were silent. The work for the agenda of Hindu Rashtra is continuing both on the ground and through notifications like the recent one. And it is only another eight years more to fulfill their agenda. It is time that we prepare ourselves whether we should live in a Hindu Rashtra or a Secular State, so long as our secular leaders do not acton time’ and `with consistency’.

The above are only some examples. But there are many more examples of this kind. The attitude of the left and secular forces seem to be if somebody works on such issues, we can support such actions and perhaps we can also come forward as leaders also’. This attitude must change.Timely’ and `consistent’ actions must be proven if communal fascism has to be resisted.

Whatever has happened so far has happened. A positive approach to this issue is to strengthen this appeal to all secular forces in India and abroad. And since the public dissent against the banning of beef is taking place strongly in Kerala, it is the responsibility of the Kerala Government to convene a meeting of the representatives of all six states which are against the ban of beef. There is a need for common actions irrespective of political differences on this issue, keeping the interests of the farmers as well as consumers. It should also to be brought to the notice of the Central Government that the stake holders are not just the State Governments but also people in general. Therefore, imposition of such a notification without proper public discussion must be opposed tooth and nail.

Hitler banned kosher slaughter in Germany as a strategy to weaken the Jews. Beef is still eaten by the Germans. Now let us wait and see whether beef eaters in India can maintain their food rights.

K.P. Sasi is a film maker


  1. Avatar Dr. P.S. Sahni says:

    We are witness to a grim situation in India which has the potential to rip apart the social fabric of society. Over the last three years communal attacks have been on the rise; this fascist communalism has to be fought by all those who value and respect the provisions enshrined in the Indian Constitution.

    We are at the crossroads of history. In the early seventies Jayaprakash Narayan – based in Bihar – mobilized and geared up the people of India for a total revolution. Sampoorna Kranti Manch was launched. Earlier on, the Gujarat assembly was forced to be dissolved when a mass movement emerged against the corrupt practices of the ruling party.

    We are in agreement with the Editor of, Binu Mathew and K. P. Sasi (Film maker) that in this round of socio-political upheaval the states of Southern India in general (and more particularly Kerala) and the Northeastern States would have to rise to the occasion and perform their historical role – which they have already started. In this round there is no visible Jayaprakash Narayan; someone in Southern India will have to fill in this vacuum. A ‘J.P.’ like personality will have to be invented, if needed.

    Already there are protests in several states in India; several High Courts have taken cognizance of the issue. Chances are that the Supreme Court sooner or later would get transferred all these High Court cases under its own jurisdiction and pass a judgement which may not be to the liking of those who value secularism, federalism and freedom to eat what one culturally is accustomed to. In return the Supreme Court judges due to retire in the near future would be awarded with plum post-retirement posts by the government. Lastly, there is a chance that a formal Internal Emergency may be proclaimed though the central rulers are doing everything without even a formal declaration of Emergency.; its Editor and the few people who are running the online journal for over fifteen years have done a yeoman service by sounding the bugle call.

  2. Avatar K SHESHU BABU says:

    ‘ Unite all the forces that can be united’ ! Even Mao said that identifying enemy is crucial in the struggle for proletarian revolution. The preent enemy is fasvism in the garb of hindutva forces. All the activists should come forward irrespective of their left groups and defend right to freedom and food rights. People throughtout the country should ruse to the occasion