Facebook Makes Everything Worse


Here’s how “awareness” works in 2017: 

  • Something happens. 
  • We post about.
  • Until something else happens.

We revel in the likes, shares, or comments. Or we wallow in self-doubt about the lack of likes, shares, or comments. Meanwhile, “stuff” keeps happening. For example: 

  • The rich get richer. 
  • The eco-system moves one hour closer to complete collapse. 
  • Patriarchy and white supremacy grow one hour stronger, more deeply entrenched, and less identifiable. 
  • Our denial and delusion expand exponentially.

Breaking news: Your Facebook posts don’t wake people up or inspire sustainable social change. On the contrary, our collective addiction to all forms of social media guarantees more — lots more — of the same.Facebook makes everything worse.

But look what I had for dinner! #nom

Look at how much weight I lifted! #swol

Look at me!!! #selfie

Contrary to social media programming, 99.9 percent of your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, dreams, fears, and desires are not particularly significant or unique. Virtually none of your private life choices merit public documentation. 

And, for the purposes of this article, a reminder: Facebook is the opposite of “activism.” Facebook is ground zero for virtue signaling. 

“Activism” as Hospice Care
I’ve been doing this a long time. An embarrassingly long time. Yet I still get asked some version of this often: “So, Mr. Know-It-All, what should we doing (instead of marching, chanting, hashtagging, sign-holding, virtue signaling, etc., etc.)?”

During a recent radio interview, I was again asked about the common tactics of “activism.” I spontaneously replied with something like this: 

We’ve allowed things to get to the point where the best role any activist can play is like that of a hospice nurse. Such nurses don’t come to work each day dreaming that their patients will suddenly get better — or even live. Instead, they do the essential, noble work of helping the people they are capable of helping. No symbolic gestures. Just action. Direct action.

This isn’t to say activists shouldn’t consider how to create systemic change and a less oppressive society. But it is to say that if we waste all our time and energy pondering grand strategies (sic) and “debating” on Facebook, we won’t even notice those in need. We’ll walk right past the vulnerable souls who are begging for our help.

If you want to give your daily life meaning in a social-justicey sort of way, I strongly suggest you start thinking like a hospice nurse. And spend WAY less time on social media because… Facebook makes everything worse.

Mickey Z. is the founder of Helping Homeless Women – NYC, offering direct relief to women on the streets of New York City. To help him grow this project, CLICK HERE and make a donation right now. And please spread the word!

Facebook makes everything worse by Mickey Z. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at http://worldnewstrust.com/facebook-makes-everything-worse-mickey-z.


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