Paris Quartet


One: An angry, malcontent species is making an angry, uninhabitable planet.  A violent species is making a violent, uninhabitable planet.  Political power craves greater power.  Flexes pleasure in being above law and question.  Flexes pleasure in domination.  Corporate wealth craves greater wealth.  Buys security through dispossessing.

Time in a quantum theory may not be linear.  Yet a straight line might be drawn from the industrial revolution to omnicide.  So much depends on solidarity.

A greed addicted species is depleting and despoiling the Earth.  The opposition seeks conscious responsibility.  But destroyers are in power.  This accounts for climate change.

Cannibals eating children, their own as well as yours and mine.  The outcome of extravagance and technocratic devolution.

Two: Trump is a figurehead, no more than a figurehead.  His face is a face of contempt.  His face is a face of rage.  He thinks he can force people through fear to love him.  This explains American foreign policy.

Trump Is nothing but a figurehead.  The made in USA big mouth barker and pitchman for the carnival of deception and death.

Political power craves greater power.  Corporate wealth craves greater wealth.  Power and greed are insatiable.  Through incessant copulation Fascism is born.  Beware of snakes in suits!

Three: Donald J. Trump embodies major characteristics of the collective American psyche.  Don’t blame him solely without checking the Parties, calling out the system, taking critical account of your personal lifestyle.

Trump is a bully and America bullies the world.  Bullies in the name of democracy.  Bullies with a gun.  Bullies with a shadow.  Bullies to be top dog, king of the hill, Thor of the golden tower, hammer on the poor of color.

Bully Trump is a thug. Bully Trump’s style, in business and in politics, is thugism.  America plays paramilitary police force over the world.  The Empire is true to itself with “good cop, bad cop” double speak.

This explains the Floating World of the American Dream.  This accounts for the Shadow World of the American Nightmare.

We are of an impotent democracy. We are in a reckless and overbearing empire.  The American Empire has everything in common with the typical American tourist.  We are better at paying cash for collateral damage than seeking justice.  We are better at making war—antiseptic war from drones above—then getting messy with preventing world hunger or ending chronic poverty, and making peace.  We are better at making enemies among those who “want our stuff and are jealous” then at making friends among those who desire recognition and whose survival needs include the human universal of freedom.

This explains how others view us.  And why we want to bomb out their eyes and silence their tongues with aerial fire.  The while, calling our harm good and their harm evil, never seeing that all crimes of hate are crimes against shared humanity.

Trump is a narcissist and we, with our cyborg brains and overweight bodies, are ever more a nation of narcissists, petulant, permanently adolescent, and robotic.

Trump lies with the regularity by which other people breathe.  Together we lie, brashly, tacitly, any which way, to avoid facing the truth about what is really happening, and what is wrong.  This explains our collective addictions.  This accounts for our collective madness.

Trump is the mask of our madness: sometimes a self-afflicting clown, sometimes a monster of pretense and sentimentality, sometimes a bad joke going horribly wrong.  Behind the mask is the face of a people.

For how many generations have Americans smiled, yet hardened themselves into being “a breed apart?”  Is there any surprise that this President is a rude—a callous–thing, a hallow man, appearing overstuffed, with a huge appetite to eat even the bowels of creation, and spread chaos, rancor and distrust for ego and show and profit.

Donald J. Trump, The Donald, is a racist, standing in his racist father’s shoes. Deceive, discriminate, inflame, humiliate and bring low: this is his creed.  And we are a nation of institutionalized racism.  A nation of racism without racists (“believe me”)!  That is American exceptionalism.

Trump validates and empowers the boys being boys and sexual exploitation of women.  And we are a people fully participatory in trickle down crime, ourselves the while becoming more motherless, homeless, futureless; bored and weary of our broken freedom.  Accepting the withdrawal from the Paris Accord, accepting in the lust of greed our never repentant rape of the Earth—USA, USA!—with our mushroom headed nuclear arsenal at the ready to shoot and impregnate global death.

Power craves greater power.  Power, forever and a day, corrupts.  Corporate wealth calculates the profit and loss of apocalypse….

Four: Ideology does not need mythology. Ideology has fake news to water its weeds.  Ideology has alternative facts to cultivate its thorns and plant its dragon’s teeth.

The blood of civilians in Mosel and Kabul is not less human than blood of civilians in London and Manchester.  But this is how terrorists draw lines, build walls, and divide the world into armed and killing factions of us and them.  Power craves. Power corrupts.  Corporate profits are measured by blood index.

The sins of the fathers are visited on their children for end-time generations.  Sins too of mothers for going along.

Terror waves more than one flag.  Terror exploits more than one religion; propagandizes and preaches in more than one language.  Dialogue is an early casualty of politicized hatred.

Stop!  Isn’t it disturbingly past time to find a way out of this? Destruction is the status quo.  To find a way out of the pandemic without getting out of here.  Changing that is, in the Einstein way, inside to out, before we lose our one only planet home.  Family and our planet home.  Isn’t it time?  Isn’t it?

David Sparenberg is a world citizen, environmental & peace advocate & activist, actor, poet-playwright, storyteller, teacher and author.




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