When the outgoing vice president Mr. Ansari expressed that Muslims feel a sense of unease  (Sense of unease among Muslims:  Hamid Ansari in his last interview as vice president www.ndtv.com posted in kracktivist.org August 10, 2017) there was a furore in the BJP circles and many leaders started to hurl jibes at him. (Shame, shame, SHAME on PM…..  www.hindustantimes.com posted in kracktivist.org Aug 11,2017) . Even the incumbent vice president said that there is no intolerance. This reflects the mindset of the government and it’s attitude to Muslims.

Right of expression

As a citizen of India, Mr. Ansari has the right to air his views on any subject. He has not pointed out any specific person or party and he responded to a question from the journalist. He has projected the fears of minorities as he is involved in the community and faced situations in the past three years which made him feel isolated like most other Muslims in the country.

Dangerous portents

The outburst to the statements of Mr. Ansari from all sections of right wing indicate their irresistible retorts on anyone who expresses his feelings in general and Muslims in particular. The lynchings of Muslims on the pretext of possessing beef is a fact and Dr. Ansari was pained at the growing intolerance . Attributing political motive to his last interview is deplorable.

The rulers must realise that just by silencing any person who questions the atrocities and shouting out cannot solve the problem. Unless the Hindutva forces stop cultural imperialism and restricting food habits, the problem cannot be solved. They should accept that Muslims constitute about 14% of population (2011 census) and that is a sizeable population that cannot be overlooked or harassed.
Instead of criticising Ansari and trying to ridicule him, the rulers and the party should conduct serious introspection’ of their policies which are dividing people on religion, caste and gender basis. They should admit their blunders in imposing Hindu fanaticism on entire country. They should realise that their agenda cannot be enforced. Sooner or later, their attempts will end in failure and they will face people’s ire.

Kudos for Ansari for expressing his views .

Sheshu Babu is a writer from anywhere and everywhere

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  1. Liaquath Mirza says:

    There is practically little difference between the troll army spewing venom on behalf of its masters and the masters of rabid right wing organizations of various hues. Mr. Ansari’s interview had dignified responses of a wise and a well read man as opposed to the dumb and morose reactions of the stung BJP leadership. While the PM could not resist himself with his snide remarks and obliquely advising the outgoing VP to mind his own business thereby betraying his true colors his other colleagues didn’t have even that compunction of maintaining the charade of dignity and hence the vile attacks and direct threats. It is indeed a sorry state of affairs to learn that any one having a contrarian opinion can be asked to leave the country no matter what August position he might have held and served the nation.

  2. Sally Dugman says:

    Thank you for writing this evaluation, Sheshu. We have the same problem in my country, the USA, and it takes courage to stand up and speak up against these sorts of wrongs.So I appreciate Mr. Ansari and your doing so.