The US President Donald Trump has signed executive order to impose sanctions on Russia, though he did so reluctantly. He was not in a position to prevent the Congress decision.

This is a bizarre situation in USA. Since the election of Trump the foreign policy front is highly volatile. Relations with Russia are the most complex front where Trump is under attack. His choices are being resisted, not only the media but also the political opponents are in league to put pressure on him. No other President in USA has been dictated by the extra government forces as much he has been. This is a bizarre situation for the country.

Its impact is visible as Russia has decided to expel the US diplomats and has termed the sanctions as the Trade War. Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered US diplomatic to reduce its staff by 755 people in Russia.  The Russian action comes in wake of US lawmakers shortsighted approach to the global politics where they treat Russia as their main adversary; surprisingly they fail to understand that main enemy is China not Russia with which the cooperation needs to be developed. Equally true  is that US lawmakers have failed to contain the expansion of Russia in the global politics mainly after the win in the Syrian war where Russia backed Assad government has survive defeating the larger goals of USA. US politicians are worried and unstable after the Russia’s increased control in the neighbouring areas where US interests have been at stake. They have to weigh between Chinese aggression and increased Russian influence; unfortunately they failed to view the real threat and has been attempting to contain a power which may be use to them in long terms. Trump is wiser than the seasoned politicians.

US President appeared to mend the fences with Russia in order to checkmate the rising China. China is a major threat to USA in overall power structure and the North Korea is its manifestation of threatening US with Chinese support. For Trump In fact Putin has become a sort of necessity as the power structure is on change in the world.

The US lawmakers albeit took a narrow view of the national interests and decided to prevent US-Russia cooperation. They still lived in the age of doubts where NATO and US decided to contain Russia after the Ukraine crisis. They could not appreciate the real changes which have occurred in the world in last two years where US power has shown decline after the disastrous policies of Obama and Chinese power in terms of military and economy have increased rapidly.  Russian influence has also increased in the world and there are increased contacts and policy alignments between both countries. These realities have been placed at the back side by the US Congressmen.

Donald Trump in the meantime took strong decision to control the terrorism as Pakistan was put under pressure. Obama though expressing himself as pacifist never did so. Trump also decided to befriend Russian government but his ambitions are now dusted at least for some time.

In USA foreign policy domain has always been prerogative and exclusive right of the President. The emergence of Congress in the name of the separation of power and the Check and balance principle is not going to serve the US national interests nor it will do good for the world. In fact the need is to allow US and Russia to come closer in order to check the uncontrolled expansionist ambitions of China and also there is deep need to dismantle the authoritarian Chinese government which is suppressing own people and pressuring the democratic countries like India on the issue of Doklam. These realities need to be appreciated by every sane person.

Dr. Vivek Kumar Srivastava is Assistant Professor, CSJM Kanpur University (affiliated College) and is Vice Chairman, CSSP, Kanpur; e


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  1. K SHESHU BABU says:

    Role of Russia in US politics has become crucial and Trump is unable to handle the affairs with consistency. Even the lawmakers have not been able to assess the impact of Russian power especially since China has gained control on the world politics matching USA

  2. rosemerry says:

    I am surprised at the vehement criitcism of China, which avoids wars and attacks on others and should be considered a successful rival, not an enemy of the USA. Trump’s threats to China are unwise, as of course are the sanctions on Russia, Iran and DPRK.

  3. It is learned that Trump had opposed the ban. He said, Congress is going to make a mistake. Expressing dissatisfaction with the congressional decision, Trump further said: “As President, I understand better diplomatic relations with the international community than the Congress.