Go Talking “Too Loud”… You’ll Cause A Landslide



(U.S. Coast Guard photo)
(U.S. Coast Guard photo)

“Do you know what it’s like on the outside?” — from the Bee Gees’ New York Mining Disaster 1941

The mudslides in Montecito and elsewhere throughout southern California are far more horrifying than anything being reported in the press. The devastation is simply one of those things that not only goes beyond words but exceeds what is possible to project through pictures. That’s partly because lots of the victims were just recovering from escaping the recent wildfires around their homes when they received the first warnings to evacuate over flash flooding. Many had been running on empty for quite some time, so exhausted from blood to bone that they couldn’t conceive of having to leave their quarters… and didn’t.

BOOM! went the boulders as big as Buicks by fiat of Mother Nature. God? What is going on? wondered many in the few minutes of clarity that remained before the remains of the nearby mountains buried their loved ones and/or their prized possessions… or carried them all away midst the deafening roar of debris.

Even seasoned rescue workers cannot fathom what they’ve been forced to deal with. And those who were not bent out of shape, escaping by a hair’s breath from the wrath of the elements, will not recover for a very long time, if ever.

We must talk loud and clear and act intrepidly (not timidly) in confronting those who hold the public purse strings which must be opened for victims.There’s a clear need for talk which centers on our making public funds available for both routine and emergency needs among the general population. Domestically and worldwide.

But not talk talk, walk talk. Meaning, squawking bootless cries in protest is passe. Out of date. It’s obsolete, the notion that begging career politicians on bent knee is the way to secure access to medical care, financial relief support and/or quality of professional treatment for affordable prices.

There are many other issues to address, of course. But one can do worse than to begin movement in solidarity focusing on health care. And the U.S. is an excellent place to begin efforts, California ideal on many counts.

A colleague of mine recently wrote an article which spotlighted the viability of a third party based on universal health care. The only thing I’d question in what she proposed is the working name of The Health Party. I’d recommend embracing The Healthy Party… to distinguish it from the two dominant (unhealthy) choices at present, the Democrats and Republicans.

I submit that the “talk” should be over-the-top, bold, unprecedented, disturbing to those who have invested their whole lives in maintaining the charade that concerned citizens should play out their civic responsibilities by pulling a lever or making a mark that is a stark reinforcement of the delusion that Democrats or Republicans are our only choice.

It is, admittedly, a Dark Day with daunting odds staring us in the face as we stare at the abyss. But what I pray people will not miss is the opportunity on the gubernatorial level in California now to take the bull by the horns with a singular bullhorn. For an authentically healthy electoral effort could create a watershed in history worldwide.

The federal level could be dealt with as a second step, but the ball could get rolling in the Golden State quite quickly, moving disgruntled health professionals and uninsured citizens to mobilize rapidly, forming a formidable entity to inspire one and all… regardless of what their pet issues might be.

There are way too many people now really feeling — viscerally — that they’re on the outside.

I see a landslide victory.

Valleria Ruselli is a member of the Oxman Collective. She can be reached at [email protected], and she urges readers to review the gubernatorial game plan –alluded to above — delineated toward the end of a 2016 interview with Richard Martin Oxman.


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