The Gang and  Homeless College: Miracle in the Works


Dedicated to my new community… with the intention of providing a model for many communities across the globe.

One way I can contribute to reducing gang violence, securing shelter for the homeless and/or helping local citizens to provide better for themselves is to open a Free Gang and Homeless College that would include tutoring and other socially-conscious services gratis.

I could secure the services of enthusiastic and professional volunteers in the realm of education, psychology and other disciplines, and provide a singular feature which is not offered anywhere in the country. That is, I could guarantee all members of the community that — at any hour of the day or night, any day of the year — there would be a caring voice to connect with if a phone inquiry were made, or a problem arose. In other words, no one would ever have to rely on a generic reply or be forced to leave a voice message. Always, a real human being concerned with them would greet them with loving open arms and ears. Their tears, suggestions, etc. would be — they would know — important.

I’m tempted to say would be — they would know — important, for once. For I know that there are many sweet souls out there who never get that positive message from others these days. [Pause.] It’s way past the time to turn that dynamic around, yes? Yes.

I’m writing this for the benefit of one and all, but I’m particularly interested in appealing to the Police Department of Lodi, California, where I will be relocating this month. I believe it should be obvious how members of law enforcement — to say nothing about the members of the community who they have pledged to serve and protect — will benefit by my volunteer gesture.

In fact, my ulterior motive is quite ambitious. My goal — truth be told — is to reduce crime in general to record lows, and to improve the lot of the homeless in unprecedented fashion. And quickly. I honestly believe that if I can secure a brick and mortar setup in Lodi that I can inspire folks all across my country and the world to make a difference. I’d consider it a supreme honor to make myself available around the clock. [Oh yeah — almost forgot! — I’ve got a world class library which I could donate myself, a singular collection which I put together over years in academia and during worldwide travels.] I’m over-the-top excited at the prospects ‘cross the board.

Years ago, there was a popular song produced by Credence Clearwater Revival that lamented getting stuck in Lodi. Fact is, neither John Fogerty nor his band members had ever spent any down time in that small northern California town; songwriter Fogerty merely penned a ditty bouncing off of the name which had caught his fancy. Well, I intend to — on a zero budget — pull off a miracle of a dance there.

Miracles don’t cost a dime. They only require time, energy and faith.

Richard Martin Oxman has been a professor and worldwide educator on all levels for half-a-century, and a proactive concerned citizen for longer than that. He plans to devote his remaining heartbeats to encouraging miracles… to honor the grand miracle we know as Life. He can be reached at


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