Earth for Children

earth children photo
Photo by woodleywonderworks cc

The earth is tired

Of rotating around the sun

For so many years

For so many decades

And for so many centuries.

`Give me a break’, she cried

`I am tired of this routine

Going on serving others

Like a selfless house wife

No more will I withstand

your marital rape

You are not my husbands

You are only my children

You have destroyed my fertility

And many of my children.

Many have vanished from my body

From the times pests like you

Who invaded my fertile body.

So, tell me a reason

Why should I serve you?

The burden of the humans

Have even affected

My reproductive capacities

At a time when you hail

Your reproduction as your identity.

No doctor from your side can cure me

So let me halt for a while!’


Thus spoke the angry earth

And she stopped rotating

Around the sun.

The humans were in distress

One side of the earth became bright

And the other side became dark.


The Americans started living in darkness

The White House had no light

They burnt toilet papers for the light

To discuss in a seminar with CIA, Defense

And the experts of the scientific community.

In the darkness they touched each other

To find out who is who

And the Guinness Book closed its shop.


The Indians could not sleep

The rivers became dry

And ocean stopped moving

Dams and nuclear plants did not work

The roads were empty

The metros did not run

Offices and shops were vacant

Water became vapour or ice

Food became a dream

And hunger a nightmare.


The Sanghis started killing each other

`it is not a question of our nation

It is a question of a borderless human

Mother earth cannot be killed

So we will kill anybody who questions her’.


Citizens of many nations burnt

Their flags of nations and parties

The cows ran wild in search of food

And ate saffron clothes for a change.


`It is all due to capitalism’ said the Marxists

`Only class struggle can make the earth move’.


The indigenous people prayed and prayed

`Oh Great Mother of All Mothers

You are aware that It is not our fault

You have created these lunatics

Now, please save us from this disaster

We are your children and we will remain so

But please instill wisdom on the lunatics’.

The Great Mother did not move.


But the God of Development looked down

`Oh my God, what have I done,’ he exclaimed.

`Perhaps the learned experts

In the Indian Institute of Science

Or those in ISRO and IITs can solve the problem

Even if MIT does not know the answer.’


The scientists thought and thought

`If Mother earth is against us,

We must send a virus to deal with her,’ said one.

`Rubbish, it won’t make her rotate’, said another

“Then we must rotate among ourselves’, said another

And for the first time, they started holding hands

And started singing and dancing with the Adivasis

The burnt out Earth opened her eyes

With the tune of the song

`It is a song that I know,’ she smiled

`And I feel like moving’!


To surprise the heaven

She moved with the pace

Of the rotating Adivasis

Around the sun .

And the God of Development

Hid Himself behind the clouds.


K.P Sasi is a film maker, writer, activist and cartoonist. He can be reached at [email protected]


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K P Sasi

K.P. Sasi is a film maker, cartoonist, writer and an activist

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