The American Bu$ine$$man’s Ten Steps to Product Development



There are sixteen teens studying History, Journalism and Creative Writing at Flannery O’Connor Academy at present, and the other day we were all engaged in addressing serious issues related to product development. We conducted an experiment which I’d like to make you privy to, hoping you’ll put up with the humor used in this light presentation of a very heavy topic.

We divided ourselves into four groups of four each with the aim of coming up with — independent of one another — three questions a developer might ask herself/himself prior to launching a new product. The idea was that if any offerings were duplicated, one of the groups would go back to the drawing board to come up with something else… so that we could come up with a dozen different “steps” that a product developer might go through. Turned out we came up with ten, but that should be sufficient to make you laugh (I hope) and — simultaneously — seriously consider what we’re spotlighting in this post (I pray). Maybe even move some to DO SOMETHING new about this daunting dilemma.

The American Businessman’s Ten Steps to Product Development:

  1. Can I cut corners in the design to get it onto the market ASAP?
  2. Can it be shoddily built so that purchases of it must be made more often?
  3. What are the cheapest materials I can use?
  4. Will it force smaller competitors out of business?
  5. Will it harm the environment without that being apparent for awhile?
  6. Can I evade the safety laws, creating non-litigious hazards for my workers?
  7. If children die from it will their demise be relatively painless and not attributable to my company?
  8. Can I overprice it?
    9, Can it be falsely advertised?
  1. What governmental agencies might I have to pay off?

Flannery O’Connor Academy serves youngsters who have committed to home schooling. They write anonymously and exclusively for CC. Each young author posted here asks for feedback at [email protected]. In this case, there are sixteen youths eagerly looking forward to your responses. Their mentors always check in on the public’s take of their students’ work, of course,.





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