This week Nazi Shithole Trump called immigrants subhuman “animals”: “We have people coming into the country, or trying to come in…. You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are. These aren’t people. These are animals.”

Leave aside Trump’s hollow excuse that he was talking about gangs. He was talking about people—immigrants, in many cases driven here by what the U.S. has done to their countries. And everyone knows that’s who he was talking about—especially the fascists who follow him.

But okay, Trump. You want to talk about “animals”? Who are the real animals, the world’s most savage, monstrous beasts? Let’s just look at this last week’s news to answer that question.

Hey Trump—Want to Talk About “Dangerous Animals”? Look in the Mirror at the Blood Spilling Out of Your Mouth

Look at Gaza this past week. What dangerous animal backed the creation of Israel through the violent uprooting of 750,000 Palestinians from land they’d lived on for centuries, backed stealing their land and turning them into refugees? What vicious beast supports locking them up and then starving them in the open-air, unlivable concentration camp called Gaza? What kind of animal arms and backs Israel—even smiles and celebrates putting its embassy in the captured city of Jerusalem—as Israel massacres scores of unarmed Palestinian protesters, on top of the over 2,000 people Israel massacred just four years ago? America—so its vampire empire can control and feast off the entire Middle East!

Look at North Korea. What kind of animal would burn down whole villages in North Korea with napalm and murder over 3 million people there between 1950-1953 to keep its claws dug into the Korean Peninsula? What monstrous beast would isolate, blockade, impoverish, and menace the small country of North Korea for the last 65 years, and now—as it’s about to “negotiate” with it—threaten to “decimate” the country’s 25 million people and kill its leader if he doesn’t go along? America, whose monstrous capitalist-imperialist system can only function by threatening and even obliterating rivals so it can be the region and world’s number one dominator and exploiter.

Look at Iran. What kind of creature overthrew that country’s first elected government in 1953 and installed a murderous puppet, an absolute monarch who tortured resisters in front of their families, in order to plunder Iran’s oil and turn it into an outpost of empire for controlling the Middle East? Then, when that puppet was overthrown and a reactionary Islamic fundamentalist regime took power, what kind of vicious beast clashed with that regime for decades over who would get what share of the spoils and dominate the region and its people and now threatens that whole country with nuclear annihilation? Once again, the world’s top predator, U.S. imperialism, now headed by fascist shithole-in-chief Donald Trump, who warns that Iran would “pay a price like few countries have ever paid” if its leaders didn’t cave in to U.S. demands.

Fascist Rhetoric from a Fascist Regime

Trump claims he was only referring to MS-13 gang members when he said “animals.” The transcript (available with an analysis of it here) shows this is just another lie, and in any case bringing up MS-13 at all is just another barely disguised racist code for smearing all immigrants, like the occasional Nazi claims that they were talking about Jewish “criminals” and “Jewish bankers.” Everyone knew this meant the Jewish people, and before too long the Nazis made it impossible for the Jews to live day to day, then drove many out, and finally exterminated six million of them.

The Trump-Pence regime’s relentless efforts to demonize and persecute immigrants, to slander and demean and repress Black people, to turn all Muslims into pariahs—its unapologetic white supremacy blatantly put forward in tweets, speeches, and in the mouths of its supporters—is a hallmark of fascism. And this must be stopped—and as part of that, called out and fought whenever it rears its head, and driven from power by a movement of millions, in the streets.

Multiply by 100 Everything Anyone Accused MS-13 of Doing, and It Doesn’t Come Close to a Tiny Fraction of What the U.S. Did to El Salvador

And as for the MS-13, even if they had done every single thing that notorious liars like Trump accuse them of, they still don’t come close to the gangsters who rule this system. Again, who is the real dangerous animal? Who created and uses MS-13 and gangs like it?

MS-13 wasn’t founded in Mexico, and it wasn’t founded in Central America. It was founded in Los Angeles, California in 1980 by immigrants and refugees fleeing El Salvador. What savage beast had driven them to LA? America, which turned their country into a blood-soaked killing field between 1980 and1992 by arming, organizing, and directing counter-revolutionary butchers who massacred nuns, raped women and children, and mass murdered some 80,000 people and disappeared 8,000 more—all so the U.S. could keep its bloody jaws on Central America. Bodies were found every day on the streets of San Salvador, murdered by these U.S.-sponsored death squads.

What drove these traumatized, impoverished young people to form a gang in LA? Again, America’s capitalist-imperialist system whose operation and relentless drive for maximum profits has robbed millions of inner-city youth, especially Blacks and Latinos, of any hope and any future and put them in situations of misery and degradation. So many, including Salvadorans, are forced to turn to gangs for protection and survival. They take up the system’s values to do this, and then this same system turns around and uses them to turn the masses against each other, to preserve their dog-eat-dog system and to blame the people for the horrors this system creates—and then calls them animals!

You can look anywhere in the world and find that the animals who run America carry out illegitimate and murderous violence, slaughtering people by the millions, driving them from their homes by the tens of millions, all in the service of their capitalist-imperialist empire. Add up everything that MS-13 and all the world’s street gangs have ever done and multiply it by a thousand or even tens of thousands, and you still won’t get close to imagining what this system ACTUALLY does to people—not just a few people, but millions and billions of people all over the world. A system that is even threatening to extinguish humanity and many thousands of other forms of life on earth.

Enough already. This system is intolerable. This system is unnecessary. It is this system that treats and views human beings as beasts, and it is this system that must be overthrown for humanity to be emancipated.

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