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Kairana results have signalled to the mighty that the public can wash them out in the 2019 elections. For the first time, RSS spokes person was speaking that government’s come and go but we must protect institutions. He was defending election commission but how come the Sangh Parivar now saying this. Why is Pranab Mukherjee invited. Why did the Sangh say that they dont believe in Congress Mukt Bharat are the question to seriously ponder over.

Has the RSS realised that the wind is blowing against Narendra Modi or it does not follow him and feeling superseded by over ambitious Modi whose supporters have disappeared in silence now.

The public can be very brutal and we have seen the might empires collapsing but it is a fact prior to this government, none has behaved in such a brazen faced way as this one. If we want to respect institutions then we must question as who killed the institutions in India. Is RBI autonomous ? Is election Commission really autonomous.

I have always believed that if opposition parties of the like minded ideologies come together BJP can bite the dust. We are happy that Samajwadi Party, BSP and Lok Dal joined hand in Kairana and Noorpur and the result is that it is a kind of liberation for people. It is so relieving that Kairana has assured India that people have realised that Jinnah’s chela will have to close their shops and it will the Ganna, which means the issue of common people, the bijali, sadak, pani, makan, rojgar that will dominate. Ask Narendra Modi the promises he made. We did not elect him to divide us, create chaos and anarchy amongst us and pose threat to our national integrity in the name of nationalism.

I request the opposition parties to make their ‘gathbandhan’ longer and ideological. Trash BJP on the governance ground. Both Akhilesh and Mayawati’s track record as administrator is far superior to Yogi Adityanath. They have upheld constitutional values all the time and worked for people. The roads that Uttar Pradesh witnessed is thanks to vision of both Ms Mayawati and Mr Akhilesh Yadav.

What is more important from both Kairana and Noorpur that people have rejected jointly the attempt to divide them again. The speeches by Yogi Adityanath and Narendra Modi, the road show by Narendra Modi violating all the ethics and even the code of conduct have been well responded by the ‘poor’ and ‘illiterate’ voter of Kairana that they know well what is happening.

As I mentioned yesterday that it is not the question that we oppose EVMs. Frankly, it is the risk of easily manipulated. Machines to not manipulate themselves but it is done by those in power who have corrupted bureaucracy and communalised the system. Merely, because parties are winning does not mean that we all are satisfied. Election Commission must come out clean as why all the malfunctioning EVM was voting to BJP everywher from North to South, East to West. What is the reason that EVMs were brought from Gujarat both in Karantaka as well as in Uttar Pradesh. Who are manufacturing these EVMs ? There are serious questions and political parties must seek credible answers from the Election Commission.

Kairana has ensured that idea of India has not died. Kairana has assured us as a nation that Muslims are our fellow citizens and that the farmers, the poor will not tolerate them to be isolated and sidelined as a second class citizen. It is a slap because the Hindutva experimented its communal politics and made it its laboratory. India’s farmers were never communal which was more a urban phenomenon. Even a village person like Mahendra Singh Tikait used to speak of communal harmony but then people like Yogi Adtiyanath have not understood it. BJP has failed to provide a stable and secure government as from day one its cadre went over board and thrashed its own government. Encouraged by its own leaders, the Cadres were keen on issues which people were never interested. Kairana has shown that people have understood the game plan of ruling them on the basis of divide and rule.

We congratulate the people of Kairana and Noorpur for their coming together. It is now upto poliltical parties to show more maturity and dont take any risk further. Build up your alliance on long term basis. Fight elections on the basis of citizenship and dont divide them as being done by Hindutva. Kairana shows that people will vote rejecting caste and religious lines. Muslims will be elected from Hindu areas and vice versa. It is a good sign. India can not progress unless we have enough Muslims, Dalits, OBCs, adivasis and other communities in its power structure. You can not make 14% population leaderless.

It is important for opposition to keep their focus on issues of the people. Make a long term plan. Fortunately, Jayant Chaudhary of the RLD has shown great sense of maturity when he responded Yogi Adtityanath’s attempt to communalises people. We have more faith in our young leadership who are forward looking and want to take India further. An India can never progress if any of its citizens feel denied and not attended.

Elsewhere too we have seen good results. Good that Congress succeeded in other places including its victory run in Karnataka. Bihar’s important seat is snatched by the RJD from Nitish Kumar and now Bihar has a new leader in Tejasvi Yadav. I am sure he can provide a much better leadership. He is young and so far behaved very sensibly.

As far as Congress is concern, it must continue to focus building its own structure. It should not take too much in Pranab Mukherjee’s visit to RSS headquarters. These are attempt by a retired politician to be in limelight. Pranab was never a mass leader and overhyped as a politician otherwise stand nowhere to leaders like V P Singh and Arjun Singh who took stand on issues. It is better for Congress Party that such people are exposed themselves. Pranab has always harped his relations with all. He did not feel ashamed in approaching Bal Thackrey and during his years as President of India, we never saw him taking a strong stand like our former president K R Narayanan. Pranab can spoil Congress’s game but it is time for Congress leadership to become more mature. Build p coalition and ensure that 2019 does not become a Rahul verses Modi game as latter would like us to believe. A BJP verses Congress fight will help BJP because of various reasons. It is time Congress fight along with other political parties and other opposition parties elect Ms Mayawati as candidate for the prime minister of India. I can say with confident that Ms Mayawati can deliver India much better than Mr Narendra Modi. More over, it will give country a new respite from all those forces who have damaged it.


Will the regional parties and other Non Congress-Non BJP forces join hand and declare Ms Mayawati as their Prime Ministerial candidate for 2019 ? A Pranab’s attempt to become leader of this non Congress non BJP formation must be discouraged and rejected. Non BJP-Non Congress formation will have to speak to a secular congress for power sharing as well as it does not need a leader who is hobnobbing with RSS and Hindutva and unable to take a stand against them in crucial time.

Vidya Bhushan Rawat is a social and human rights activist. He blogs at www.manukhsi.blogspot.com twitter @freetohumanity Email: [email protected]


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Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Vidya Bhushan Rawat is a social and human rights activist. He blogs at www.manukhsi.blogspot.com twitter @freetohumanity Email: [email protected]

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