Shujaat Bukhari’s Killing And UN Report on Human Rights Violations in Kashmir

Shujaat Bukhari

When, then US President, Clinton visited Kashmir, Chattisingpora massacre happened in which atleast 44 sikhs were gunned down. During Zubin Mehta’s visit and musical event at Shalimar, four innocents were silenced in Shopian and later dubbed as militants. When United Nations Security Council was discussing Kashmir in 2016 after massive uprising and revolt against Indian occupation, Uri attack occured in which dozens of army men were killed. And when yesterday, UN Human Rights Council for the first time in history released a report on human rights violations in Kashmir, a senior Journalist was silenced and shot dead in Srinagar. Whenever there is any possibility of getting International media coverage viz-a-viz Kashmir issue, a ‘terrorist’ attack is planted or takes place in Kashmir. All this can’t be a mere coincidence.

Who benefits from such killings, India or Pakistan?

There is a motive behind all these concurring incidents. On such occasions, there is a dire attempt to shift the attention of world and international media from Kashmir’s struggle for RSD to so called ‘Kashmir terrorism’. The report shames and exposes Indian democracy before the world when it comes to Kashmir. The big bold headlines and front page covers that would have earlier focused and given maximum space and coverage to UN Report and developments aftermath had to unfortunately give little space to this major development amd breakthrough. The Indian TV Channels got a news in order to blackout UN Report and run a parallel anti-movement campaign and malign Kashmir movement with terrorism, the moment for which they are always blood-thristy. There is a deliberate attempt to change the Kashmir narrative locally, nationally and globally.

Further, after the death of Shujaat, no cordon was established in Srinagar to nab the assilants. When Naveed, a LeT militant escaped from SMHS hospital, all the entry and exit routes of Srinagar were closed. The reverse happened in Shujaat’s case.

At the first place, how could assilants break the security cordon at different places and reach the press enclave?

Shujaat was a fearless voice, a human rights campaigner and died in the line of duty. The ads to his newspapers were stopped by Indian government long time ago. He was vocal against human rights violations and had pleaded Kashmir as a political issue in India and globally. It is quite visible for whose interests his death will serve. May he rest in peace.

Abrar Reyaz is a columnist and an analyst and can be reached at: [email protected]

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