award binu has been awarded this year’s Solidarity Media award initiated by Solidarity Youth Movement. Countercurrents receives this special award for ‘its courageous interventions in upholding Human Rights and Citizen’s Rights’. Countercurrents editor Binu Mathew will receive the award on October 31, 2018 at Press Club Hall, Thiruvananthapuram from veteran journalist Thomas Jacob. The award carries Rs 10,000 and a plaque.

The other recipients are K. Sujith and P.T Nassar. K. Sujith receives the award for his series on persisting caste system in Kerala published in Mangalam daily. He is a sub editor in Mangalam daily. Media One Coordinating editor P.T Nassar receives the award for his video report on the exemplarary communal harmony prevailing in the Kasargod district of Kerala. The report tittled ‘Myth and Reality’ weaves around the cultural and historic mosaic that engenders the unique communal harmony of the district.

The awardees were selected by a jury that comprised senior journalist N.P. Rajendran, Prof. Yassin Ashraf, N.P Chekkutty, T.P. Cheruppa and Dr. Ajay Shekhar.


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  1. Farooque Chowdhury says:

    Congratulations, Countercurrents. Congratulations, Mr. Binu Mathew. Your Tomorrows will find similar role.

  2. I dedicate this award to all the writers of who made this award possible. This award belongs to all of you. I also dedicate this award to all the human rights defenders around the world.

    • Farooque Chowdhury says:

      I feel honored with your commitment to writers of Countercurrents, dear editor, I also feel proud of you as you share the honor. I like to say: the role played by Countercurrents, and the e-journal’s writers would not have been possible without your editorship. Beloved readers of Countercurrents also have a role. Their regular use of this e-journal makes it vibrant. They form opinion, and convey that to broader society. They encourage us all. Thanks also goes to the honorable contributors. Their dedication helps Countercurrents operate. Thanks also to all involved with Countercurrents at different levels and in different capacities beginning from planning and conceptualization. Again, thanks, editor.

  3. drgideonpolya says:

    Congratulations to Countercurrents and its editor Binu Mathew for the award, for humane truth-telling and for providing an exemplary medium for those who seek to maximize happiness, opportunity and dignity for all of humanity.

  4. MK Adithya says:

    It is very good news. Encourages countercurrents, and its Editor Binu Mathew , to pursue its mission with the spirit of struggle and sacrifice that has been its hallmark. The contributors will also be encouraged.

  5. K SHESHU BABU says:

    Kudos for the achievement !! The motto shoild be ‘ Long live peaceful co- existence’ . ‘ ! The struggle should continue till exploitation of all sorts is eliminated .
    ‘Sweee are the fruits of adversity ‘ …. Even in hostile conditions, your hardwork is bearing fruits! Congrats!

  6. Dr. P.S. Sahni says:

    Congratulations on receiving its second award in the last two years. The first was conferred when on the eve of World Human Rights Day i.e. 09/12/2016 the Editor had written on the Facebook:
    “This is one of the most difficult and most heart-breaking news letters I’ve to write. Defending what I’ve been doing for the past 15 years believing that this would make this world a better place and give our future generations a dignified living. It seems all my efforts have come to a nought. has been blacklisted by an anonymous website and it has been trumpeted by a ‘respectable’ news paper like Washington Post.”
    One sees this as an ‘award’ because it conveys that the establishment feels threatened by CC.

    On 31st October, 2018 a second real award would be bestowed upon This award has been initiated by Solidarity Youth Movement which is the youth wing of Jamaat-e-Islam Hind in Kerala; the latter organization has a glorious past when its leaders were arrested by Mrs. Indira Gandhi during the Internal Emergency years and the organization itself was banned!
    The date 31st October brings back memories of genocide of Sikhs following Mrs. Gandhi’s assassination. The award being bestowed on this day would ensure the strengthening of human rights movement in India and assure the minorities about their safety.

  7. Janet Surman says:

    Well deserved.

  8. Edward Curtin says:

    This is wonderful news. Congratulations, Binu!

  9. Truly well-deserved Binu and the Countercurrents team. Bravo.