Mass Arrests in Ahwaz


Iran is taking advantage of the attack to unite the ranks behind the besieged regime, but they have bigger worry than a single armed operation in Ahwaz as the incident is just another terror attack done by the Iranian regime.

But the Ahwazis are paying a high price for the attack. Iranian regime continuous their systematic crack down on Ahwazi Arabs, continuously spreading fear among Ahwazis. Iran under the universal obligation must treat its own people fairly but are they following that? bearing in mind that the Iranian regime harass/arrests/torture and execute people for their political/cultural and environmental activities.

Even though Ahwaz region accounts for 90% of Iran’s  oil production, standing as the backbone of Iran’s economy, yet it is one of most underdeveloped borders in the world’s most polluted areas. Our sources in Ahwaz said around 400 people were arrested.

So, the arrestees include civil, cultural, religious, human rights and political activists.But the issue has gone further, and in some cases, children and women have been detained as hostages. Some of the detainees have been transferred to Tehran. Meanwhile, no one dares to inquire about courts or security forces departments because they are terrified that they may get arrested.

The security forces seem to do whatever they want with the Ahwazi Arab people as they can blame them with the “Military parade attack” label. They try to eradicate any kind of independent cultural and civil activity in the province by creating a climate of terror and imprisonment/torture and execution.

The names of some of the detainees who have been identified by ACHR members inside Ahwaz are as follows:

Seyed Ghasem Mousawi
Fazel Shamousy
Sohrab Moghadam
Karim Mojadam
Mohammad Temas
Seyed Jasem Rahmani
Majed Cheldawi
Seyed Hamood Rahmani
Hatam Sawari
Jafar Hezbawi
Ahmad Hezbawi
Aref Nasseri
Esameh Temas
Ahmad Temas
Jasem Koroshat
Jafar Abidawi
Ahmad Bawi
Ali Shajeerat
Jemil Heidari
Majed Heidari
Ahmad Hemreh
Ali Sawari
Mostafa Sawari
Khaled Obidawi
Abbas Heidari
Mortezah Yassin
Wally Amiri
Sadegh Heidari
Jalal Nebhani
Ali Sawari
Hamdan Afrawi
Ahmad Amin
Shani Shamousy
Khalil Silawi
Fars Shamousy
Ali Mazraeh
Sajad Silawi
Jawad Badwi
Samir Silawi
Riaz Shamousy
Jamil Silawi
Sadegh Silawi
Ali Heidari
Yousef Khasraji
Jawad Hashemi
Alireza Drees
Maher Masoudi
Seyed Jalil Mousawi
Essa Badwi
Hadi Abdawi
Seyed Sadegh Mousawi
Ahmad Heidari
Riaz Zehiri
Farhan Shamousy
Mohammad Amouri
Naeem Heidari
Aref Ghazlawi
Kazem Ghazlawi
Ali Al-haee
Khaled Silawi
Mokhtar Masoudi
Ali Al-baji
Mohammad Masoudi
Jader Afrawi
Aghil Shamousy
Abbas Badwi
Mohsen Badwi
Shaker Sawari
Mahmood Doraghi
Aziz Hamidawi
Omid Bechari
Noori Neisi
Hussein Heidari
Adnan Sawari
Zamol Heidari
Majed Sawari
Ali Sawari
Mohammad Sawari
Ali Mazbani-Nasr
Ahmad Kazem Koroshat
Ramin Bechari
Jemil Ahmadpoor
Fahad Neisi
Amir Afrawi
Ali Afrawi
Ghasem Kaebawi
Danial Adel
Moosa Mazraeh
Abdulrahim Kharaji
Mehdi Mazraeh
Ahmad Sweedi
Adnan Mazraeh
Hassan Herbawi
Ali Sweedi
Faez Afrawi
Mohammad-Amin Afrawi
Abbas Moghinami
Mortezah bait Shekh Ahmad
Mortezah Moghinami
Aref Moghinami
Lami Shamousy
Adel Afrawi
Mehdi Kuti
Ali Kuti
Satar Kuti
Ali Mansour
Ali Saaki
Abbas Saaki
Abo Shelan Saaki
Khazal Abbas Tamimi

We, Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights are calling on all human rights organizations, including Amnesty International and the European Parliament to address the situation of Ahwazi Arabs prisoners and put an end to torturing human rights and political prisoners and stop human rights violations towards Ahwazis and other non-Persian nations, human rights and political prisoners.

Hossein Bouazar is a human rights activist from the Ahwaz region in Iran. He writes about human rights abuses committed on the Arab Ahwazi.

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