Privatisation of Education is dis-empowering the Poor


The pillar of a society that ensures the all round development of its members is ” EDUCATION ” . It enlightens the mind from darkness towards the path of right ideology, right concept and also right decisive action. Education has been framing the minds which is the integral instrument to make true person . In old days, the relationship between teacher and student was sacred, bond of knowledge, cohesiveness of intellectuality.

The mentors were imparting holistic education to their disciples selflessly or by levying minimal charges .

So, the disciples were trained all sorts of essential aspects of life , skills not merely for professions or earning rather enabling them to challenge the difficulties of life. As a result, the parents of disciples were well convinced about the doctrines, methodologies of mentors who were really shaping the right minds of their disciples . The doctrines comprised of both corporal as well as intellectual training.

The above ancient academic scenario was found during the periods of kings , emperors. Later on, it took a drastic change with the flow of time. Many schools, colleges & universities were set up to impart various courses namely vocational, legal, medical, agriculture, engineering etc to aim at making the students job ready.

After the independence of India, Union government brought certain policies on education , set up commissions , formulated programs for educational awareness among rural masses , removal of illiteracy etc for educational transformation in the entire country.

The educational system was designed in such a way so that poor parents could send their children to schools , aspire for higher education in colleges and universities . Initially, the standard of education was satisfactory. The government run institutions were affordable for most citizens. It was even free for poor students. This was the time when the faculties, students were sincere to their respective duties. As a teacher, he/she had to be honest in his duty & tried his best to provide quality teaching . The students could highly benefit from the government institutions. The government schools produced millions of doctors ,engineers, bureaucrats, politicians, writers for building the nation. There was no concept of special coaching , tuition or handy notes available in market these days. Notwithstanding , the educators were strict disciplinarians and concerned with all round developments of pupils. This opened the door for all communities to gain education as it’s mentioned in the constitution that guarantees equality of opportunity, right to education to all its citizens.

Article 021A declares right to education. Here, the concerned article makes it mandatory for all states to provide free and compulsory education to the children of the age of 6 to 14 years. It has bestowed an opportunity for poor , marginalized children who dreamt of schooling . However, the system in government schools has deteriorated. It merely keeps its promise of providing education but not quality education. It has been felt essential to bring it to the notice of public. The issue emerged the day when the schools, colleges, universities were mushroomed with privatisation .

Today, there is a scenery of exponential growth of private institutions ranging from nursery to post graduate level which are owned by capitalists , businessmen who have colored the educational system with the identity of commercialisation . There’s agitation in some corners of particular cities to ban private institutions. We live in a country where rich is getting richer but poor is getting poorer day by day. So, this luxurious, well furnished , full of amenities are seen in the schools, colleges which are privatized & mainly established in urban areas where high income groups can invest without a bit of hesitancy for their children .

But nobody is concerned with the miserable situation of the poor. Can a student dream of such school when he strives for two meals a day? Can the parents send their children to such schools   who devote their labour & time only for  two square meals a day? Here, the question arises – why there’s educational discrimination between private & government schools ? We know that quality education isn’t imparted in government school but the teachers are paid high remuneration. It’s peculiar that a teacher working in government school earns handsome salary but sends his own children to private school because he’s well aware that only the private schools can meet his educational expectations. Only the people of high income groups such as jobholders, businessmen can give their children better education as it requires huge amount of money whereas a common man fails to satisfy the desires of his own kids. He surrenders his debtridden life in servitude to landlords .

It’s miserable, pathetic that the education sector take such steps .There is the dream of education for poor children. They’ll lag behind all kinds of competitions. The government of India should frame such educational policies which should be equal for all irrespective of caste, colour, creed, sex, place of birth, economical status etc. The mushrooming of private institutions must be curbed & rebuild all government institutions that must be accessible to all. Egalitarian educational set up must be maintained by the government in the country. Let not the flavour of education be enjoyed by a handful of people .

It’s high time for intellectuals, educationists, social activists to wake up. Let all the children of this nation be provided education of equal standard & quality . Discrimination in educational set up should be removed. If the above tasks can be accomplished in due time, then there will be a dawn of a healthy, transparent, equal, sustainable educational system across the nation.

Manoj Suna, MSW (Utkal University), Tora- Bargarh


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