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“Transparency creates trust. At Bayer, we embrace our responsibility to communicate how we assess our products’ safety — and we recognize that people around the world want more information around glyphosate. This month, we published more than 300 study summaries on the safety of glyphosate on our dedicated transparency website. “

Mason is scathing in her response and begins her letter by saying, “Bayer CropScience has never been transparent in its life.” She makes it clear to Baumann from the outset that she considers Bayer CropScience and Monsanto “criminal corporations.”

Her letter outlines a cocktail of corporate duplicity, cover-ups and criminality which the public and the environment are paying the price for, not least in terms of the effects of glyphosate.

She has sent her letter to various mainstream media outlets. I recently received it and have placed it here, so anyone can access it in its entirety. I urge everyone to read the letter and circulate it on social media.

Access it here: Open Letter to Bayer CropScience

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  1. goldenfig says:

    GMOs are unnatural and therefore evolutionarily untried. GM is unacceptably unworkable as has been proved with for example Bt cotton in the field and as rigorously proved scientifically. See Is Justice In or Out?
    With 7 Billion plus is Justice In or Out?
    By R. Ashok Kumar, B.E.,M.E(Power), Negentropist at the link:
    One has but to agree with the author and Mason. But reading Is Justice In or Out, GMOs are just witchcraft and will remain so forever. The most fundamental way of growing food in such an instance where everything is interconnected by nature over evolutionary time scale as to make the living beings rigidly successful in nature is nature’s way! See my website on modern and normal civilizations. Transcending all is the unknowable. Thus design around it with small self sufficient communities. Return all you took back to the soil! There is no need to study the micro-details because they are unknowable. Period.
    As far as safety goes, glyphosate and uranium have great affinity for one another. Uranium has infinite biological effectiveness(ECRR 2010). Thus uranium sits with glyphosate in our bodies and in crops and uranium has infinite biological effectiveness! Thus the cancer epidemics and bad health with kidneys and brains affected. Read and get the facts regarding the pollution and extinction possibilities and ground realities at
    There should be relevant education of each and everybody NOW.