Roger Waters Says, “Hands Off Venezuela”

Roger Waters

Good morning. My name is Roger Waters. I’m in Europe and today is the day of action. It is the 23rd of February, 2019.

There is a story here. It’s about Venezuela. In 1998 after the Venezuelan people democratically elected a socialist government, the government nationalized the oil industry that is maybe, where the story starts.

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This did not go down well in the corridors of power. So four years later, aided and abetted by the US government, there was an attempted coup to remove Hugo Chavez who was the President of the country then. The coup failed. It lasted two days. There was an enormous uprising of protest from the people of Venezuela in the streets who demanded the return of the President so he was reinstated after two days. That was in 2002, so what to do next.

Well, what the United States did was, Obama declared that Venezuela was a strategic threat to the United States and they imposed economic sanctions and a blockade through banking systems of the country 16 years later. Those illegal sanctions have borne the fruit that the US required them to bear. They want it to, for it meant dissent in the country by destroying the economy and by encouraging inflation and they have achieved that in various dissent without question in Venezuela. People are leaving Venezuela. Life is hard in Venezuela, particularly for poor people, mainly because of the inflation. It’s a lie that there’s no food, that’s just wrong. There is tons of food, but it’s too expensive for people to buy so they’re having another goal at a coup, right now the groomed a puppet, his name’s Guaidó or something like that and they’ve been grooming him for 10 years. It’s very well documented so now he is meeting with his puppet masters who are on the other end of the bridge in the country of Colombia with a big line of C130 American military transport planes pretending that they are coming as saviors to save Venezuela from a crisis created by the current government.

This is absolute nonsense of course it is absolutely charade in order for them to achieve what they try to achieve in 2002 and failed in regime change, because that government back in 1998, did something unthinkable to an abandoned American administration. It took the revenue from the oil industry and distributed it to all the Venezuelan people in social programs. Even the poor people… giving money to poor people. Because this is the main thrust of what I’m speaking to you today, but I am running out of time. I have a message for the puppet and for his masters from Washington DC… hands off Venezuela. What you are doing is immoral and illegal.

We support you, people of Venezuela, millions of this, all over the world. Millions, despite what you might read in the newspapers, we love you. We each wish you well, history will probably show that socialism in Venezuela was a light shining for the way we should possibly organize politics in the rest of the world. All right, we’re with you.

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Roger Waters is a rock singer best known for his years with Pink Floyd


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