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I have been watching silently some ‘fake’ nationalists on social media and news channels for a few days now. I can’t anymore because now things are on a non sense level.

First of all, some of these people don’t even know that CRPF is not army. It is paramilitary force which comes under Ministry of Home Affairs. Jawans of CRPF live in worst conditions than Indian Army. Salary of the lowest ranked CRPF jawan is 1.5 times less than that of lowest rank army jawan. According to the data provided by Ministry of Defense (MoD), from 2012 to 2018, total 175 jawans from CRPF were martyred. Shockingly, same data show us that during this period, total 189 jawans committed suicide because of bad conditions, low pay and ill treatment by their superiors. Did these fake nationalists protest against that? Why didn’t they demand better conditions for them from the government? Why does their ‘nationalism’ wakes up only when they are martyred?

Secondly, we should never forget that there are 3 groups in Pakistan. Pakistani people, Pakistani govt. and Pakistani army. If these self proclaimed nationalsts had any knowledge about that country, they would have not spread hatered against all these three groups. It’s a well known fact that Pakistani Army is the strongest and most powerful authority in Pakistan. Even the government kneels before them. They are also prominent Industrialists there. It is also a fact that the Army there are sympathetic towards terrorist groups. Probably because they will loose their authority if Pakistan resolve issues with India and there will be peace. It is not good for their personal gains. There are a lot of people in Pakistan who criticize or at least acknowledge the evil character of it’s Army. We must protest against Pakistani Army and to some extent it’s government, but blaming Pakistan as a nation is ridiculous.

Thirdly, we all are watching in news how Kashmiris are being targeted and some incidents of beating of Kashmiri people has been witnessed. By doing this, we are creating more problems. Social exclusion promotes radicalization. It’s a social fact! If we keep harassing them, keep telling them that they should go back and that they are terrorists, these very people will become soft targets to be recruited by terrorist groups in future.These radicals are assaulting Kashmirs because CRPF jawans are martyred on the other hand CRPF provided helpline number for all Kashmirs for assistance. Irony!You cannot label all Kashmiris and target them because of their ethnicity. Fourthly, I hate people who are taking advantage of this attack to disseminate their propaganda on social media via fake news. Political parties, be it any, are using social media with the help of their it cells, to disseminate fake news and spread hate among people. Please ignore all the forwarded whats app messages, posts on Facebook and Instagram regarding this attack as their are a lot of fake news out there. Instead, we should focus on important issues regarding this attack because we are ignoring some important questions to ask from the present government. Some of these are:-

  1. How does explosives weighing over 250 kgs make their way to the most protected highway in the country?
  2. An attack like this requires months of planning. Has the intelligence network so completely broken down that it couldn’t issue alert notices?
  3. All civilians vehicles are supposed to be checked thoroughly. How did a private vehicle driven by a teenage suicide bomber managed not to raise a suspicion?
  4. How could terrorists know when and where to strike? Were some internal forces a part of it?

Lastly, we all must criticize these terrorist groups and the Pakistani army who facilitates them. Our government must take strong actions. War is not a solution because economic, social and psychological consequences of war are always dangerous.

Don’t let people spread hate amongst us. Don’t let them spread hate for Pakistani civilians who are as innocent as we Indian people are. Blame those who are behind these attacks.

Mohammad Saad is a research scholar in Sociology.

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