Why Indian Badly Need To Be Communists?

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“The only way we’ll get freedom for ourselves is to identify ourselves with every oppressed people in the world”. ~ Malcolm X

From more than seventy years of our Independence, the Parliament is being ruled by the leaders who cannot lead without the help of a vague support. The vague support can be religion, caste, gender or class. They need the help of these social norms to blindfold a population to never make them witness the false promises and palpitating fascism. Electoral system of India too works on the basis of who is desperate to work for a particular religion as it is one of the vital playgrounds of politics. Rightist and Centrist (opportunist) ideologies follow the trend of being in a container full of grain (population) and to hide all the defaults present inside one particular grain. Party politics or parliamentary politics for years work on the single structure of religion, caste etc., built over the bodies of the civilians.

Communism denies to follow the social norms which can perforate the nation and so, communism has been said as the best ideology for leading a developing country. The issue of Left versus Right which is burning the nation has been introduced by the Right wing politicians to overrule the fight of the working class in the name of religion. India even after 70 years of Independence could not make its position in the top 10 rank in the field of economy, education, health. The reason lies in the presence of inequality which is way more than equality. A nation which has got more than 60% illiteracy level, runs for digitalisation and capitalism. The question herein may arise as, if digitalisation can solve the communication facility then how come it is a bad option? It has got a very simple answer, and that is people who cannot gather basic education can use digitalisation but only in a diminishing way. Basic education gives logic and without logic use of digitalisation would just be one big hazard.

Similarly, to build a nation it is very essential to understand what can be the impact of introducing new dimensions to an unequal field. The dimensions would either break the structured progress or it would be of no use. We can see that in the usage of mobile. India today stands as the highest mobile using nation and the usage of mobile has brought more hazards as compared to the western nations or educationally structured nation. From politics to religion, crime to fake news everything spreads like wildfire due to the use of technology in a wrong way. When writer, Arundhati Roy, talked on digital detoxification she widely meant that the use of technology to build politics over fake news is what is the consequence of an ideologically poor nation.

Whenever we use the word “Communism”, the term “working class” comes with it. Working class in Communism is someone who works for building the nation from multiple facets. It can be a tea seller or a rickshaw puller or a industry worker or anyone who earns by draining sweat. No other ideology triggers the mind from this perspective. The working class is being oppressed by forcefully closing industries, companies, draining money over foreign industries without putting them in farms forcing farmers to commit suicide, providing non uniform wages to female workers.

India today is going through a stage where researchers are being given less than half scholarship to carry on their research forcing them to leave the course. The nation which once had ample amount of jobs today is jobless. It is not just about the inequality that Communism speaks about. Rather it speaks over the inability of leaders to work for the foundation of a nation because Communism lives in the working class and every working human being of a nation falls beneath the umbrella of Communism.

Change is something which is present in a human being from his/her birth. With development we start to think of social norms and we find out the shortcomings of the norms. The word change is something which keeps rationality alive and with blind faith over religion, rationality dies. Every political party in India has got religion deeply inculcated in it which presents a vulnerable spot where the politics and religion would fail rationality.

One party would think of a particular religion denying the other. Similarly, it would give importance to a particular caste or utilise the caste card to win an election. That is the spot where politics of democracy shifts to fascism. Fascism can only be introduced by a binary system and religion is the most easy way to bring on the binary system of “this or that”. With binary system, the idea of change can be seen in only two platform which is presently happening in India: Congress or BJP. For years, whenever a person has spoken for change, the world has seen him/her as a Communist. No matter whether it was Galileo or Newton or Einstein or Bhagat Singh or Charu Majumdar.

Youth of this nation today are voluntarily accepting the title of “anti – national” which the present Right wing leaders are fond of introducing to anyone who speaks against them and that is what the nation needs to understand.

Many people who believe to “go – with – the – flow” in this era should understand that the threat hangs above our head. Fascism is not something which will rush out from the nation without causing any calamity. History has witnessed fascism and it tells us that every nation which has been a victim of fascism has seen a culture and population being wiped out by fascism. Presence of extremism or fascism in the present situation is way more penetrative and vicious to democracy because in a country which has got inequality in every field, introduction of technology which limits rationality can increase fascism.

Right wing politics uses class barrier in a very cunning way. The development happening in the nation mostly reduces the burden of the upper class thus developing the position of the upper class while the lower class is being fed development in the name of extremist religion (temples and mosques) and creating more burden with useless policies. Introduction of useless policies have always been a colonial method of right wing politics to break unity. India, today needs to understand that courage lies in identifying the burden of useless policies.

Left wing politics is a method which believes in structured development since with time left wing politics has adopted many things to understand society. A nation which has got a weak foundation cannot grow into a developed nation. No matter how much we try to introduce capitalist industries and highly proficient technology, if the education is not upto the quality level, the usage of capitalism won’t be in a fruitful manner. From the perspective of Communism, education should not be confined to “name writing”. Rather it should be to a quality level so that independence and rationality can be established. Kerala today has the highest literacy level and the education is to a quality level.

To defeat fascism, Communism needs to be introduced in every field and it should be true communism. Today when authors climb above with the help of government, more books should be written against the government. Contents of a book or a film should not obey any ideology, rather it should speak for the mass and whenever a content comes with the issue of the mass, it itself is a beacon of Communism. No matter whether the content is on the limitation of right wing economy or opening the door of sexuality, everything which breaks regularity and social norms fall under communism.

Youth of this era should not fail to be a Communist because to break any kind of vaguely established foundation over the belief of human beings, communism is essential and we cannot deny that. Today the nation is facing the worst kind of oppression because when a writer and protester feels choked for the leaders sitting on the throne and their religion, it is the era of fear. Fear of religion can only be broken by a change which believes in revolution and that is communism. Though history has seen many shortcomings of Communism but what the history has seen more profoundly is the power of red flag to free Syria, the power of a red flag in the French revolution, the power of a red flag to defeat Hitler, and the power of a red flag in the hands of youth flying to establish a change.

Kabir Deb is a published writer and poet. Born in Haflong and completed his Masters on Life Sciences from Assam University. His work has been published from different national and international magazine like Different Truths, Counter Currents, Reviews, Cafe Dissensus, Spillwords magazine and his works rely on political activism.


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