Wake Up India: Essays for Our Times – continued


  1. A democracy needs at least two big parties and to rotate them. Time to rotate and give the baton to the Congress and its allies now.

  2. Demonetisation failed to bring back any black money. In fact, the BJP government is being asked to give an explanation for the excess money it brought back in.

  3. The biggest terrorist attack ever in India took place in this BJP rule.

  4. No one has any doubt among those who know how to think that the Rafale deal was fixed for the sake of Ambani by none other than Modi himself.

  5. The BJP government has the policy of favouring only the rich, corrupt or not, and the Hindu upper castes.

  6. The government has brought down economic growth for the sake of industrial growth, jeopardizing natural resources and privatizing everything which captialist model will soon make India a land of only a few haves and everyone else as have nots and vast poverty for the majority.

  7. The youth have no job.

  8. Farmers, tribals, urban poor, the Dalits in all religions, and the urban educated as well as Muslims are all dissatisified.

  9. Human rights are violated openly, and flaunted daily, as if it is the norm, as in the Kathua case where justice has not yet been served.

  10. No government before has openly used government money or government machinery to further its own agenda and advertising and policies in such a corrupt, ruthless and high handed, shameless manner.

Enough said. The best thing that can happen to safeguard democracy now it to vote only against BJP whoever else one vote for , with a rethink needed, if at all, if ever, only after five years; for not caring for the basic needs of India, us Indians and its people but instead for things of absolutely no relevance to the common man and his family.

Dr A.V. Koshy is an established author and writer who is a poet, critic and artist. He has a doctorate in Samuel Beckett’s Poems in English from the University of Kerala, now published. He has co-authored and published a monograph of essays called Wrighteings: In Media Res and has several, published research papers to his credit. His greatest desire is to build a village for people having autism where all their needs are met. He runs an NGO called “Autism for Help Village Project” with his wife for this dream to come true. He has fourteen other books out now as fiction writer, literary critic, poet, academician, literary theoretician, essayist, editor, anthologist, co -editor, co-author and co-contributor. His latest and perhaps best book is a collection of short stories Scream and Other Urbane Legends.

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  1. Kartik Ayyar says:

    Didn’t expect such article on countercurrent!! Why ur point number didn’t come during congress second tenure after Atal ji

  2. Ampat Koshy says:

    Thanks for publishing this.

  3. Ampat Koshy says:

    After reading my article many people have said that while they are all for voting out the BJP they don’t want to vote for
    Congress but to vote against someone can only be done by voting for someone else in the Indian voting system. So I am forced to ask you to vote against the BJP in the only way possible which is by voting for the Congress at the national level as all other votes are a waste, and then for your favourite party – not the BJP – but that at the state level. This is the only way to ensure democracy for the next five years and it is democracy I am after and not either of these parties. For democracy to exist each state can have a two or three party system like the Whigs, Tories and Labour in UK but for a large country like India we need at least four such parties and we have only two and the only way people can get them to behave and to give them what they want is to keep them both in fear of losing the power to govern by alternating between them, the system we have in Kerala which is also failing as we have only two parties. Meanwhile after Congress wins this time, we need to make AAP and Left come up again to rival BJP and Congress but we need five years for that or for a new national party or coalition to emerge and that means it is imperative that if democracy is to win out BJP has to lose this time and not by leaving things hanging but by letting Congress win instead. It is more than ever vital at this point in time to remember the gains the country made over seventy five years and not just in one year or five, the last ones, as BJP will claim so that their lie that something good took place only during their rule can be nailed, to defeat them.

  4. AVK Sir has shown the best option possible instead of NOTA. . But at the same time the left and other parties without wasting any further time, should develop an alternate to both the National parties.The country has lost many many years in without any alternative. Seat adjustments by Left and
    other parties , including Regional parties should only tactical move, but their strategy should be to build a strong third alternative. R Gopal

  5. Ampat Koshy says:

    Yes, I agree, Gopal

  6. Never seen stupidier post than this. . Just vote for Congress for the sake of rotation. . . Really?

    Don’t compare the work done in previous governments, don’t validate the leadership you will get. . . Just vote against ruling party.

    Where were you when Congress was in power for 50-60 years. . . Oh sorry you were licking their boots.

  7. Pavan Kumar Josyula says:

    I am neither a bhakt nor psuedo liberal but your post doesnt make sense at all. You have not built your points on logic and evidence. These are just your opinions. Dont even get me started on “largest attack”