VENEZUELA: Westerners have lost the ability to reason! (PART 19)

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Venezuelan Embassy Assaulted 

After having recognized a guy (who was even not a candidate during the last election) as President of Venezuela, and while watching its dumb plans against Venezuela falling apart, one by one, the US administration decided to play a very dangerous card: to pressure Venezuelan diplomats to leave the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington and give room to “diplomats” representing the non-elected Venezuelan non-government kind of “ruled” by Juan Guaidó, a proven US puppet!

The Venezuelan personnel following orders from the official government (of Nicólas Maduro) did leave the Embassy, not before inviting some of their North American friends to watch over the Embassy. These friends organized themselves as the Embassy Protection Collective and remained inside the Embassy in full respect of the US law, the Venezuelan law and the International Law; if I am wrong please tell me why.

Not satisfied, the US administration continued to push, acting against International Law and US law, committing, ordering to commit and letting commit a series of crimes.

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