Kindly Ponder !!

house wife

Most of the women in conservative environment spend all their time in service of men; especially to their husbands ― Making them breads, meal, chae, coffee in return they get abuse, subjugation, beating, rape (my husband), & insults.

They will rarely give them daily or monthly remuneration as prescribed by God and when do so, that too with insulting remarks ― their women are supposed to say yes to everything they ask, they are supposed to obey whatever they order them to do so, even though if that order includes cutting off relationships with their own mothers and families.

Sometimes they dare to ask questions, which are returned with reprimand and taunts as how they will become fuel for hell if they do not serve their husbands ― when asking about the rights of wives; they will start lecturing you how their wives are mistreating them and how they are unsatisfied with their intimate relationships as they think women are toy to be utilized and then throw back into garbage.

These abuses are very well established in societies and women do not report ― for multiple reasons, this abuse is within families, which they are discouraged to talk about, they use makeup to hide, when we talk about it, it seems to be a normal routine for them. If these are cases within families, what will be outside it? Women are silenced by men and women alike and let the men do whatever they do. They are not safe in homes, in parks, in hotels, they are not safe from men whenever they go ― and when a women, after gathering so much courage and confidence finally reveal what is happened to them, they are still not victims but accusers who will have to bring 4 eyewitnesses or DNA proof, to public and send them their pictures of naked bodies that testify abuse?

Therefore when sensible women accuse someone of harassment, do take her accusations seriously. Men have nothing to lose while women whole life suffers to our moronic attitude. Kindly ponder! !!!

Meer Abass, Assistant professor, Department of English, Degree college Handwara


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