‘Imagination Unlimited’: Countercurrents.org Initiates A New Book Publication Venture

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The dedicated journal Countercurrents.org has sustained for almost two decades. Writers and readers from all parts of the world have appreciated the relevance of this crucial effort.

After an experience of two decades of social journalism, Countercurrents.org has decided to get involved in the production of books with a difference, through a venture titled ‘Imagination Unlimited’.

The rationale for this initiative is that we find there is a need for quality books, which are inspiring, interesting, motivating, thought provoking and above all engaging the interest of the readers. The range of books will vary from poetry, social analysis, short stories, novels, art analysis, food, children’s books, cartoon books, film and literary analysis and so on. However, the common factors in these books will be:

  • High quality printing and attractive design
  • As far as possible rich and abundantvisuals
  • Readable by a wide range of people
  • Marketed through good outlets
  • Humour and satire will be encouraged
  • High quality of the text will be maintained

The editors of the books are: Binu Mathew (Editor, CounterCurrents),  Satya Sagar (Writer and Journalist) and K.P. Sasi (Film Maker, Writer and Cartoonist). K.P Sasi will be the coordinator. Apart from the serious involvement of the above three people, more than a dozen well known people in diverse fields will function as advisors and will be regularly evaluating the process. Involvement of organisations working in similar fields of interests on issues dealt by Counter Currents will be ensured.

Suggestions from the readers will be given sufficient prominence so that the effort will be more cooperative in nature. This does not mean that such a venture will be a departure from the existing values of Counter Currents. This is an attempt to widen the process that Counter Currents initiated and to a higher scale.

We request all those who can relate to the objectives of such an effort to make  a minimum contribution of Rs. 5,000. Please mention the name of the contributor and the purpose while contributing as well as a note to Counter Currents. Those who can contribute more will also be welcome. We also appeal to all to  communicate to others personally, over phone or through social media to help us to sustain this effort. The bank transfer can be made to :

Name of the Account Holder: K.P. Sasi, Name of the Bank: ICICI, Branch: Commissariat Road Branch, Bangalore., SB Ac. Number: 000201521368, IFSC Code No: ICIC0000002

The selection of the books have already started. The list will be communicated soon. The production of the first book has also started. It will reach the contributors within a month.

Learn more about Countercurrents.org at: https://countercurrents.org/about

In Solidarity

Binu Mathew
K.P Sasi
Satya Sagar


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