Evo Morales wins in Bolivia, the OAS and U.S. lose

Evo Morales Photo: Granma

The irreversible victory of Evo Morales in Bolivia’s recent elections, (with 46.64% of the vote vs. 36.83% for Carlos Mesa), has shed light on several aspects of the role of the Organization of American States (OAS) and Washington throughout their campaign to destabilize popular or left-wing governments, and return control to those who raise the banners of neoliberalism and submission to the United States.

The OAS, as expected, was aligned with the losers and opted to question the voting system, and the electoral law, which states: “The candidate who surpasses the closest opponent by ten percentage points is declared the winner.”

President Evo Morales has described OAS action as an attempted coup against the Bolivian people, while the U.S. government, in addition to guiding the OAS, took direct action from its embassy in La Paz.

The OAS insisted that “there is sufficient reason to suggest a second round” and called a meeting of its Permanent Council in Washington, where the Bolivian electoral process was questioned, the possibility of fraud raised, and a call made for a second round vote, among other issues, with the sole purpose of denying Evo’s victory.

U.S. ambassador Carlos Trujillo dared to say that the delay in the vote count was due to the fact that Morales’ party was not winning.

While Nicaragua’s representative, Ruth Tapia, warned, “The OAS has no authority to intervene in the internal affairs of sovereign countries.” Similarly, Mexican ambassador Luz Elena Baños stated, “The report presented by the OAS must await the full count of electoral records.”

For its part, the Jubileo Sur Américas network has published several articles on its website recently, exposing crude U.S. interference in Bolivia’s electoral process.

Reports indicate that ships loaded with weapons have been traveling from the United States, specifically Miami, to the Chilean port of Iquique. This cargo was then shipped in containers declared as miscellanea.

Bolivian citizen Juan Carlos Rivero has also been denounced as responsible for purchasing weapons in the United States and sending those to the National Military Coordinator in Bolivia. This person has direct ties with Manfred Reyes, an opposition politician based in Miami, who is also linked to the U.S. Embassy in La Paz.

Other articles published on the Jubileo Sur Américas website indicate that U.S. diplomatic headquarters have been continuously monitoring the delivery of weapons and ammunition through secret collaborators. They have met with central leaders of the Bolivian opposition to address financing and offer advice on planned violence.

With this backing in their favor, losing opposition candidate Carlos Mesa and his closest collaborators have called for destabilizing actions, while seeking to declare themselves winners and create a kind of parallel power in the department of Santa Cruz.

The article originally was posted in Granma, Havana, on October 28, 2019




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