The Bhakt

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(This is a fictional scene with no direct or indirect relation with persons living or dead. Any name or scene is utterly co-incidental. The purpose of this poem is to reflect a segment of the society.)

So, the sheep-head citizens-

You’re here today.

Welcome. Have a seat-

Like you’ve for decades now.

Make yourself comfortable.

I know. I know.

Nothing makes you uncomfortable.

Don’t get up from your seats.

Don’t hit the streets.

Don’t utter a word.


Oh, sorry.

National anthem time.

Anti-nationals- stand now.

Sing the song.

Memorize. Deliver.

Who needs to feel it?

The supreme leader likes lies.


Why this man isn’t standing?

Such dishonour to mother nation.

Break his wheelchair.

Yes. Yes. Calm down.

The anti-nationals have left.


VandeMataram. VandeMataram.

VandeMataram. VandeMataram.


Aren’t you a muslim?

Yes. You are.

Maulana- repeat it.

Say- Bharat Mata ki Jai.

Why we are forcing you?

Because you are pollution.

Bloody terrorists.

Don’t you remember Gujarat, dog?

India is Gujarat now. Understood?

(Bharat Mata ki Jai)

All hail, Mother India!

Good. Remember your lesson.

Wait. Who told you to sit?

Say- Jai Shree Ram.

How dare you ask why?

What’s the constitution?

This is Aakhand Bharat.

Anyways, Bhim was anti-India.

Idiot advocated anti-untouchability.

Those Dalit leeches must be punished.

Their birth is sin. Bastards.

Our waste is their good.

Theology is our civics.


What did you say?

What? Anti-Hinduism?

Yeah. Yeah. Call me bhakt.

I will wear it as a badge of honor.



Aren’t you the son of Sarmaji?

What’s your problem?

Why are you defending these morons?

If a riot ever takes place

This topiwala will behead you.

Now, shut up.


Maulana, now do as I say.

Otherwise, go to Pakistan.

Who will save you?

The law? Law is in jail.

You name an institution,

And we’ve bought it.

Capitalism is power.

What did you say?



I can’t stop laughing.

Intellectuals are dead

And those who are alive-

Shall be dead soon.

Intellectuality is the greatest of all sins.

Galileo. Servetus. Bruno.

Gauri. Dabolkar. Kalburgi.

Sinners must die. All hail, dictator!

What? Whom will you call?

Journalists? Do the honours.

Oh, don’t call them now.

They are busy licking the feet

Of our supreme leader.


Let me enlighten you, Jinnah.

Idiocracy is democracy.

Be an idiot

or the demon will eat you.

Now, say- Jai shree Ram.

(All hail, Lord Ram)

Why are you choking?

Call for your Allah.

Where is he now?


If you meet Allah-

Warn him.

We’ll break all your Masjids.

Ram Mandir shall be built.

Uniform faith. Uniform nation.

One nation. One everything.

Repeat the name of Ram

Or else I shall kill you.

 “Jai Shree Ram!”


Isn’t that your daughter?

What’s her name?

Asifa, umm. She is …..

Oh, what you call that?

Yes. Hoor.

Can we get her for tonight?

What? She is a kid?

I must confess-

The younger, the better.

Oh, what a great body.

Bloody, slut.

Oh yes. Oh yes.

Why are you crying?

Why is she crying?

Stop crying.

I will kill you.

Stop that noise.

I will kill you.




Why have I killed her?

Revenge, Pakistani.

Feel it.

You all’ve killed our mothers.

Don’t lie. You have.

Why to lie now?

Haven’t you killed cows?

This is why I hate you all.

Liars. All of you.

Now, stop crying

Or I will put charges on you

Of sedition. One doctored video

And people will run to murder you.

Ask Umar. He has experience.

Now, leave.

And, don’t think of complaining.

Or else, you know….



Sutputra Radheye: He is a young Indian poet for whom poetry is a medium of protest against the authority. He channelizes his words to write what he sees, and how he sees.He doesn’t believe in pure arts- as for him, art is driven by the message it carries, as one can justify homicide or rape by putting on ornamental words on its body. His latest book of poetry is “Worshipping Bodies”, in which he explores the diversity in sexuality.




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