A Wish to the Bhakts

 india modi

Dear Bhakts

As you go ahead with adoring your god and live in the imaginary world that everything that your god is doing is great, please do go through certain facts. It is known that according to you facts are only those which emerges from ‘Nagpur’, ‘IT Cells’ or ‘Fake media’. You are not ready to trust the real facts as it will threaten and break your connection with your god. Your atma will get disconnected with the paramatma, if you trust facts. So live in your imaginary world. In your imaginary world, everything that is happening and being done is great and for the good of the country. Anyway if you still want to look facts if not trust, here are some: –

  • Unemployment rate reaches 6.1%, the highest in the last 45 years
  • 9 million jobs lost during 6 years
  • Growth rate reaches 5%, the deepest dip in 11 years
  • Income inequality reaches its highest in the last 80 years and India becomes the world’s second most unequal country – India’s richest 1% hold four times more than 70% of the poorest
  • Indian farmers suffer worst price crash in 18 years and no respite seen in farmer suicides
  • Indian rupee becomes Asia’s worst performing currency
  • An estimated 50 lakh jobs were lost and growth reduced by 2% due to demonetisation
  • An estimated 3.5 million jobs lost due to GST
  • Profit making public sector companies such as BSNL being dumped to favour Jio –  ONGC turns profit making to loss making
  • 31 corporate fugitives find safe exit through dumping Rs. 90,000 crores – direct loss of public money given through our taxes
  • Public sector banks under threat of closure with government facilitating exit of fugitives and fraudsters and no means to recover debts
  • India slips to 102nd position of 117 countries in Global hunger Index
  • India positioned at 140th position among 153 countries on global happiness index
  • India media freedom dips to its lowest and positioned 140th of 180 countries
  • Indian democracy index falls to 51, which will fall further
  • India positioned at 129th among 189 countries on human development ranking and far behind on parameters on health, education, economic well-being and gender equality index
  • India becomes world’s third worst country in Environment protection – 22 of the 30 most polluted cities in the world are in India
  • The country has been ranked at the top for being unsafe to women – incidents of rapes only grows – sometimes even rape victims are protected
  • Cow related violence leads to 290 injuries and 50 deaths, most of them Muslims and Dalits
  • Foreign funding and corruption gets legalised through finance bill
  • The PMO deviates the tradition of autonomy of institutions CBI, RBI, Supreme Court, Election Commission
  • Supreme court Judges give press conference and declares ‘Democracy is in Danger’
  • Intolerance and Extremisms reaches highest in 70 years
  • Due to data manipulation for providing a positive image, doubts are being raised on authenticity of official data
  • Criminals with terror background, rape & murder involvement entering the legislature
  • Transparency eliminated in political funding
  • Election commission made to toe government line and failing to address data discrepancy
  • Scientific temper at its lowest with irrational statements becoming a fashionable trend
  • As government villainises the universities and talks of its inability to support public education, it spends about 27,000 crores publicising government achievements and about Rs. 8,000 crores on constructing huge statues
  • Government brings in CAA and builds religious angle to providing citizenship
  • India criminalises dissent through acts such as Unlawful activities prevent act,


You go ahead with your job of identifying anti-nationals, trolling them, abusing them and describing how your god is so great. And how he is about to build a great country. Keep justifying how you are supporting him build a great nation. Keep spreading hindu-muslim hate. Keep justifying each act of your god in the name of how good it is for the country. Good luck.


By An Indian Citizen




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