The Zionists Shall Be Defeated No Matter What They Do!

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During the crusades time in Palestine, which, lasted about 200 years, there was a wise crusade prince who knew that the only possibility to stay in the region is to reconcile with the area. He got it right. He knows that crusaders are a minority in an Arab sea; he knew there is no way to win the war in the long run.

In modern times some white elite in South Africa came to that same conclusion.One of them a white lady I met in the early nineties who told me that they knew they fight a hopeless war against the majority. And it won’t work to their favour no matter how much they suppress the black majority.

But it seems that Zionists are unable to come to that conclusion. The reason is that they see that their policy of suppression and land theft work very well. They are strong using deception, in addition to investing fairytales about eternal suffering, to get support from the western world, the US in particular.

In the time being the reality is that the picture has become darker for Palestinians.

The Zionists reached goals that they never dreamt of achieving, Arab states are talking openly with them, many African nations opened to them, India, the country which historically was on the Palestinian side, has shifted its position towards the Israeli side.

We are in the Zionist era; a Palestinian intellectual told me the other day. What he said to reflect the feeling of millions of Palestinians who feel they are left alone facing the Us and Zionists.

However, despite the current dark picture, we remember the crusaders again. After 200 years they were defeated. This will be the fate of Zionists no matter what they do. The struggle against Zionism must continue stronger than before. It is a long struggle that shall end with defeating Zionists.

Dr. Salim Nazzal, a Palestinian-Norwegian historian on the Middle East, He has written extensively on social and political issues in the region.




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