Peace Building Too Little or Too Late?


I see a lot of peace building efforts in North East Delhi which was the hub of the recent riots. If these peace building measures happened before the riots the riots would not have happened! Too late too little! We have to be proactive. We should not wait for something untoward to happen to engage in peace building activities. The whole of India is now a tinderbox ready to set aflame the neighbouhoods. We should not wait for the flame to start to put it out. We at had proposed an idea #AnHourForCommunalHarmony a couple of years ago. It is time for every citizen of India to spend an hour for communal harmony not to repeat Delhi, Gujarat etc. We have to capture the spirit of the Indepence movement when everybody participated in one ativity or another actively or passively. Drawing on the spirit of the independence movement everyone has to participate in one activity or the other actively

Some of the suggestions are:

1) Share your blood irrespective of relgions caste or creed. It is especially valuable in the event of the #Coronavirus outbreak when everybody hesitates to donate blood.

2) Start Roti banks to feed the hungry

3) Organise interfaith prayer meetings

4) Begin new News Papers/Magazines/Websites to counter the mass media and their propaganda

5) Begin a large scale translation movement. Translate the whole literature of Ambedkar, Periyar and Gandhi into all regional languages. Also translate relevant materials that is appearing in regional languages into English and vice versa

6) Produce more media contents to spread on mass media and social media with a focus on communal harmony

7) Read more about India’s plural culture and write about it

8) Take a non cooperative stance in the face of CAA, NPR, NRC

9) Begin a business and give job to people irrespective of relgion, caste or creed

10) Work for the environment. Work for the ecological cooperation of humans and other living beings

11) Protest against environmental degradation

12) Start a movement for the ecological revival of your area like reviving water bodies, protecting common lands like forests, planting more trees etc

13) Make Self Groups involving communities of all faiths, caste or creed.

14) Educate ! Organse! Agitate!

Engage in the conversation by adding your ideas in the comment box.

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