Revisiting Past And Intentions Ahead

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Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts..!!!

Today I’m writing about my struggle and challenges which I have faced in my life. This scholar turned executive officer has many stories to reveal nevertheless nurturing will bring more harm than good. However, sharing with general public could develop a conscious discourse of its own. My credentials though not lengthy in view but little motivational in style. This ex-scholar of University of Kashmir has faced many difficulties and failures before realising the fruits of real success. Though the goal was to be an officer of high stature, yet,achieved the same,but little low in rank. Surely and optimistically this struggle of excellence would not end here, but it will be a continuous affair to excel manifold in this life and hereafter.

I did my Graduation then PG and M.Phil. from Kashmir University. B.Ed from GDCE, Srinagar.

University life at KU didn’t attract me much, because of certain reasons. First, this so called greenhouse provides wonderful and pleasant scenery from outside but inside it seems highly infected. Exceptions apart, teaching and non teaching staff used to be antipodal. They won’t allow you to be an argumentative student, scholar thus compels one to be submissive and passive in their educational standard. A teacher must be having a teaching professional degree before having an entry into an actual classroom situations . Adamancy and wooden approach among most disappoints students therefore, increase their frustration and anxiety, which forces them to leave their courses halfway. Most of the teachers used to discourage students a lot, so it becomes a cause of their miserable future.

My experiences at KU were full of woes and nostalgia. I’m thankful to my friends whose company kept me vibrant, dynamic and up to the standard. An intellectual discourses with each other kept us cozy and lissful.

My Life at GDCE, Srinagar,was quite amazing and exquisite in style. I found this college unique amongst the colleges of our valley. The role of both teaching and non-teaching was fantastic and upto the mark. All teachers of this college were having a warm feeling for their students. They used to encourage the students and pupil teachers to think high and achieve big in life. They completely try to socialize the students and develop in them a sense of responsibility.

My research days taught me how to deal with the toughest situations of life. I was assigned a topic which was quite virgin in nature and first research project over the Pargana Kuthar area. My guide- a liberal social and political activist, an intellectual mind of all sorts. He embellished me with a noble strength and taught me how to be tough in multifarious situations of life. I have learned from him how to face challenges and how to remain submissive at times. He has a great contribution in making my life. His style of displaying authority and power was worth to watch and still valuable to remember. Must say that I owe a lot to him, I aspire to pay him back what he has given to me. After this ohh and awh! phase of my life I gave myself some time to prepare for competitive exams before joining the higher education on academic arrangement as a contractual lecturer. All these things gave me an ample opportunity to get real experiences of mundane world.

Allama Iqbal Says: –

“Hussane kirdar sa noore mujasim ho jah
Ki iblis bi tujedekhe to musalman ho jaya”

Few months back I bid adieu to the same department by joining other job. My endeavour would be to facilitate good and positive public relations. My priorities will be to work with honesty, diligence and dedication.To work against social crimes like corruption, bizarre cultivation, and drug addiction within my jurisdiction. Being the part of criminal justice system, being an agent of Judiciary, my responsibility will be to execute the powers granted to me as well as duties in an ethical and moral manner.Kindly, do pray for me so that I can prove to be an acclaimed and honest officer in this much challenging department.

sitāroñ se aage jahāñ aur bhī haiñ
abhī ishq ke imtihāñ aur bhī haiñ

Author is presently undergoing Basic induction course at SKPA, Udhampur




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