One Humanity and the Remaking of Global Peace, Security and Conflict Resolution

by Mahboob A. Khawaja, Lambert Academic Publishing Germany: 12/2019:  537 Pages


Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD in interdisciplinary Social Science (Syracuse University, New York, USA), an academia and international scholar believes in One Global Humanity living peacefully on One Earth and shares new ideas and vision for change and critical thinking action to transform the obsolete global systems of thinking and governance into remaking of global peace, security and conflict resolution. While science and technology has advanced immensely the human thoughts, pleasure-seeking sports and entertainment, comforts and lifestyles, the mankind remains disconnected to the imperatives of its own origin, purpose of life and relationships to the Nature of Things within a splendid Universe.  The 21st century of knowledge and advanced artificial intellect, the Nation States, global institutions and large segments of the humanity live as if they do not belong to the Earth and continued to undermine the viability of peaceful co-existence in complete violations of the basic norms of understanding and living in harmony within the natural environment. The author reminds the global political elite and institutions of reasoned vulnerability to avoid indifference, ignorance and arrogance in the conduct of global affairs and to return to foment human relations based on human equality, justice, solidarity and freedom for all.

One Global Humanity – the concept articulates an enlightened vision of globalization of the people, by the people and for the peopleAs a scholar in global affairs (global peace, security and conflict resolution), the author contributes to enhance the multidisciplinary international experiences and cross-cultural expertise to produce much needed academic publications for universities and colleges programs, foreign policy research and to serve the interests of informed global citizens. If history is an instrument of learning, the 20th century leaders failed to lead to safeguard the humankind from the horrible consequences of the Two World Wars.  Armed with political absolutism and nationalism, they had no sense of time, history and public accountability. But the 21st century global community is well informed, active and a forceful persuasive factor in global participation for change and future-building. The time horizon operating in global crises is very short and critical in nature. To avert the coming of a Third World War, the book envisions the transformational change of global politics and sustainable future for One Global Humanity and calls it ‘The Remaking of Global Peace, Security and Conflict Management.’

In a constantly changing and complex global culture of politics, the book exposes the treacherous illusion of global politics, presently unmanageable by conventional treatise, lack of leadership visions and integrity, failing system of nation states and institutions, and the impotence of the UNO, that cannot uphold its own Charter for peace and conflict resolution to end the dehumanizing systems of governance.

“Globalization of the People, by the People and for the People.” Success is power of visualization and affirmation by doing the best asserts the author. Rejecting cynicism and contemporary political quagmire, the author offers a new vision of One Global Humanity the globalization of the people, by the people and for the people – a revulsion against the contemporary standardized norms of  global systems of thinking, institutions, peace and security and focusing on global capacity-rebuilding of human communication, systematic institutions and accountability with decent progressive normalization of global society; and transforming superpower’s indifference and political chaos into peaceful co-existence and security for all.

Destiny and future making are always timeless moving and young phenomena with inner evolutionary spirit seeking new and creative horizons beyond the obvious. The innovative inner human eye and spirit cannot be boxed-in to any imaginary blocks, no matter how powerful its encroachment could be on the march for new ideas and vision of future making. If the 20th century’s global systems of politics and governance had consisted on truth and facts of human life, the wars should not have happened or caused dreadful consequences to the human societies.

The contemporary world is fraught with man-made problems unfolding ignorance, exploitation of the Nature of Things, political indifference and wars against the humanity, wars on moral and socio-cultural and spiritual values and the larger universe in which we breathe and maintain our hopes for the future. But the earth is continuously an abject of destruction by wars and weapons of mass destruction, global warming, and greenhouse gases, rising temperature and depleting natural resources affecting the entire spectrum of human existence and survival on this planet. What is being destroyed was not created or built by the human beings, institutions or the world governments. We, the people of the globe must ponder at our own ways of thinking and human priorities, hegemonic control of the natural resources, exploitative policies and practices and to discover workable solutions to ensure the sustainability of our future on Earth.

Progressively evolving is a new information-age of plausible global culture of Thinking of One Global Humanity and a new proactive civilization of strong bonds and affinity of people to people cultural communications – global citizenry participation in social, economic and political thinking and globalization – man in one part of the world feels, thinks and acts-reacts to what happens to any man in another remote corners of the globe. Mankind is neither blind, nor inept, it defines its own purpose, meaning and identity for peace and harmony that the established institutions of governance – be it in America or Europe or elsewhere miserably failed to recognize or value their importance in global political affairs. Given the inherent systematic deficiencies and moral and intellectual corruption in worldwide political governance and policy formulation toward the international community, the global community is actively organized and morally and intellectually powerful to halt all the belligerent nightmares planned and orchestrated by the few war lords.

Will the morally and intellectually conscientious global community face the challenge of realism and strive for coherent manifestation of normalization of global peace, security and conflict resolution and making of a promising and progressively sustainable future? The requisites for the 21st century age of creative knowledge, information and technological advancements call for change’ as a proactive phenomenon in thinking and actions to be a reality. Whether an individual or an organizational, ‘change’ is never easy as it may disturb the comfortable ones and detach us from the safe and certain. But it can also challenge our ingenuity and unfold best in us to open the new vistas of human, intellectual and global opportunities, unknown and unexplored to the human ‘self’ and the living present.




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