Corona And The Fascist Crackdown On Students

uapa safoora

Hope we remember this brutal agenda of Hindutva that united the secularists and commoners of our country together. We were all a part of it fighting for the rights of ‘us’ the common people, who loved the concept of India… We fought together for the future of our country with tiranga in one hand and the Constitution in the other. And suddenly corona happened. We were worried. There was total chaos all around the world and suddenly the protests and the Delhi riots were vanished from the scene…

On the darker nights of corona the so called nationalists were on a hunt, shutting down every voices. The tables were turned, the protesters were thrown into jails and culprits became free birds and symbols of patriotism… From Sharjeel Imam to Safoora Zargar many were arrested and UAPA seemed to be specially reserved for Muslims and the dissenting voices. In a country which claimed women to be divine, a pregnant woman was thrown into jail without a bail. In a country were the young guns like Bhagat Singh and Azad were celebrated a student leader was taken into custody based on a case which was fully biased..

There is something, a touch of unity in all these cases. Sharjeel Imam, Zafoora Zargar, Meeran Hyder, Amir Minto and many others… All of them were Muslims. In a country which was eager to settle the cases of Arnab Goswamy even in corona times, the eyes were closed on many of his false accusations.

I wish we could go a bit back to the 1930’s when we witnessed something similar in Poland and Austria where fascism was targeting a particular religion and people – taking them into custody. Most of them died. On the eve of a pandemic, the government is waging war on its own people, ‘selected’ ones to be precise.

The pandemic received a tag of the corona jihad or Tablighi corona, associating the spread of a disease to a particular religion. And hopefully, India is now leading the show for all Islamophobiacs..

From torturing them in public and private to naming corona zones in the name of Masjids and not letting go of those who tested negative, the UP government and Yogi Adithya Nath is setting bench marks for all the communal predators to catch up…

Corona has been a time of re- thinking for many. We all dreamed of a better, happy tomorrow of togetherness and harmony, and suddenly some people wanted to change everything around. They wanted the novel corona to be Sikh corona or a Tablighi corona… Even after the gulf countries openly expressed their disappointment against the ill treatment of Muslims by the Indian government and america included our largest democratic republic among the list of countries with less religious freedom, nothing seemed to be changing..And who would like to change its most precious weapon when its doing the job effortlessly perfect?

Aysha Abdhul Jaleel is a Student Activist.




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