International Nurses Day: Remember The Real Heroes


As the worldwide response to the novel corona virus (COVID-19) continues, nurses are working to assist the sick, quell community fears and address concerns. Nurses, the largest sector of healthcare workers in every country, play a pivotal role in preparation for a possible pandemic. Nurses account for more than half of all the world’s health workers, yet there is an urgent shortage of nurses worldwide. As frontline responders, nurse leaders are the first to recognize symptomatic patients and harmonize response efforts. In 1918, nurses played a pivotal role in the Spanish flu pandemic that killed about 50 million people worldwide. In the one year that the Spanish flu ravaged the globe, nurses worked tirelessly to care for sick and dying patients, at the same time exposing themselves and their families to the virus.

In its 2019 annual report, the WHO said the world is not adequately prepared for a global health crisis. Since pandemic outbreaks are unpredictable, global health agencies have to develop plans that will provide appropriate and timely responses, the WHO said. Among those who must be involved in planning are nurses, the organization said. Indeed, nurses around the world are filling roles to assist in the corona virus response. “Registered nurses and other providers are on the frontline of our health care system and will be the first responders as COVID-19 moves through our community. It is imperative that we make sure protocols, protections and rapid communication with caregivers who are exposed are in place,”

The World Health Organization declared 2020 to be the “Year of the Nurse and Midwife” in celebration of the 200th birthday of Florence Nightingale (1820–1910). Across the globe many organizations, professional associations, health care systems and other entities were poised to affirm this theme and celebrate the many roles and contributions of nurses in advancing the health and welfare of people in every nation. It was completely unexpected that this would also be the year of an international health crisis—a pandemic that has now touched every level of society. Today the entire world is grappling with the impact of the corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic. Nurses are frontline in this environment. Nurses have been the stars for this pandemic across the globe for their exemplary courage, dedication, and perseverance. The theme of International Nurses Day 2020 is Nurses: A Voice to Lead – Nursing the World to Health. As we send blessings wrapped with gratitude to our present-day Florence Nightingales across the globe, let’s also acknowledge their enormous role in this pandemic. The role of the nursing fraternity is more important than ever during the current pandemic. Nurses all over the world have been tirelessly involved in the care of COVID-19 patients. Many nurses are key pillars in updating the management on interventions through national and international webinars which were introduced specifically during the COVID-19 period. However, that’s only their role behind the scenes. Because of their work on the frontlines, the care providers are at a high risk of contracting the corona virus since their exposure is high.While caring for COVID-19 patients, many nurses get exposed and need to quarantine, which is an additional mental and physical toll on an individual. Our nurses are having the best knowledge and skills to manage themselves in these testing times. In subsequent decades, nurses answered the call again and again, serving as front line providers during some of the world’s most recent infectious disease outbreaks, including H1N1 Swine Flu, Ebola, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).

Even with the many advances in health care and technology, any progress in effectively combating the COVID-19 virus would cease to exist without the expert and compassionate care of nurses. Nurses will always be on the front lines caring for the world at large way beyond our current global pandemic. Nursing’s presence is a real cause for celebration, both during and beyond the Year of the Nurse and Midwife. They are often the first and sometimes the only health professional that people see and the quality of their initial assessment, care and treatment is vital.

Nurses are celebrated worldwide every year on May 12, which is the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth. Nightingale is known as the founder of modern nursing, after caring for wounded soldiers in the Crimean war back in the 1850s.Many people are using the day to acknowledge the hard work of nurses, as frontline health workers in this global battle. On an Australian front, beloved singer Delta Goodrem has released a song as tribute to nurses. The work of the nurses need to be appreciated at every level and we must encourage their efforts they are making to care for the sick during this global pandemic .The International Nurses Day is observed on May 12 to mark the contributions that the unsung heroes make to society while risking their lives to save others. They are angels in white coats and caps who spend most of the time with patients and give them hope to stay strong. Today, as the world deals with an unprecedented pandemic, the nurses among other healthcare workers are our frontline heroes.

On International Nurses Day, let’s find a way to honour these warriors. The focus is on telling the ‘true value of nurses to the people of the world’. Let’s give a grand salute and express gratitude to the brave nurses who are battling the deadly virus every day tirelessly.

Happy Nurses Day to an amazing nurse! Thank you for sacrificing most of your weekends on the patients instead of going to movies! The way you have vowed to nurture the world with your empathy, kindness, and humanity is beyond all the praises! Happy Nurses Week!Nursing is not an easy job and those who dedicate their whole lives in this profession must be respected and celebrated!

Thank you to all the nursing fraternity who have spent a lifetime of sacrifice and devotion to caring for their patients.

Banday Abid Shafi, Nursing Research Scholor Email: [email protected]




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