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            It’s always darkest right before dawn. In this dark time, which is the most frightening experience for a lot of people, we must find our strength to go on. The Coronavirus pandemic is going to be over one day and we must try our hardest to make it. Many have been lost and many are fighting for their life. I’m sure you know the cold facts of the situation, so I’m writing this to help you see the silver lining.

Healthcare professionals and essential service workers are working hard on the frontlines for all of humanity. We must always be grateful to them. The best way to show our gratitude is to stay safe and out of harm’s way. We all matter in this battle. It is our duty to stay home, stay safe and stay alert. It gets hard at home, that’s true. Many of us feel lonely, can’t visit family or friends and just feel lost. What we need to remember is that we are not stuck at home, we are safe at home. Social distancing doesn’t have to mean emotional isolation. Calls, video chats, texts, all of these, if available, can help us stay connected to our loved ones. Spend time with pets if have them. Meditation can help in staying calm and focused. Positive self talk and affirmations help tremendously in staying positive. Remind others how much you love and appreciate them. They may need it. Have love in your heart and stay hopeful. Be creative. Do things that make you happy. Reward yourself. Believe that this will not last forever. We must also think of those who are without security and a home. The poorer among us; we must remember them too and jump at any chance to help them.

As to taking care of our physical health, it is recommended now more than ever to exercise and eat healthy, and also to get a healthy amount of sleep. All of this builds our immunity and helps us and the people around us to be at a much lower risk of infection. It is a good time to work on fitness goals, meal plans and the like. Try out a physical activity you may have wanted to try, like yoga or dance. YouTube has more than enough people to guide us through it. Pamper your body with the good treatment. Being well rested is part of staying healthy so take this chance to sleep for a full eight hour window. Take a walk in your courtyard or terrace, move your body. Let the endorphins work their magic. Try out new healthy recipes, while being mindful of the supplies at home. Keep the house clean and safe. Always wear a mask when buying supplies or going out for anything at all. As everyone knows, wash your hands with soap and water, rinsing for twenty seconds. This is just as important as the number of times you have heard it.

Staying productive is a challenge when staying home for most, but it helps us feel fulfilled at the end of each day. Being at home should not hinder our progress towards our goals. Have a schedule, leave plenty of time to work on tasks, take little breaks and accomplish your goals. If you have a creative project you wanted to start, do it. If you want to have a headstart on school work, do it. If you want to work on yourself, do it. Prioritise your goals and set your intentions on them. A lot of great works of art, new technological ideas and new planes of thought can develop inside each of us. It is up to us to use our time wisely. Who knows, someone might just come up with the greatest work in history.

A new age may very well be upon us. Everything is shifting; most of us can feel it. The earth which we are a part of is changing. Away from the purely practical side of things, many are having new realizations. Many are thinking of what they can do for the world, their purpose. This new age will include everyone. In reference to poverty, we must not let anyone get left behind. We must work together as a collective entity, as humanity. Each day is bringing us closer to the better future. We will overcome this and emerge with new hope.

Do not be tainted by fear. Paint yourself with hope. There is so much more to this beautiful world than this pandemic. There is so much more to us than staying home, scared and bored. Let yourself believe the possibilities of luck and faith, and of your own abilities. Calm down and appreciate the roof above your head, for many do not even have that. Be grateful for the food on your plate and pray that everyone may be blessed with this too. Believe in your good fortune to lead you through this ordeal in an enlightening way. Do everyday activities with joy, as something you are lucky to be able to do, instead of a chore. Whenever you feel depressed at home, remember the many people fighting this battle alongside you. You are never alone and there is always hope. With the dawn of each day, we get closer to the dawn of a time when the virus is gone, people and animals are safe again and there is harmony.

Until then, what we can do is remember the past, live in the present and hope for a vibrant future, which will inevitably come, as long as we believe.

Avani C S  is a 16 year old  Class XI student of Carmel GHSS, Thiruvananthapuram



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  1. Haseena Chokiyil says:

    Avani….are you really just sixteen,? These are the insights of a 61 year old!!!! What language and style of writing dear!!!! Incredible!!!! Long way to go….Proud of you my little girl