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To hell with tyranny!

Thou shalt not muzzle me!!

I was born to be free!!!

Now, here’s the thing…

I am not a lizard. I am not a fish. I am a great ape. Since our creation every human being was born to not be completely free and independent. Anyone who raised an infant without regulations and prevention would not have that child for very long.

We are a species which would not survive and thrive without being told “No!” from time to time. This is true from the day you arrive until the day you leave. (Disputing this observation requires skill in communication, a learned set of laws and order.) Like it or not, you and I are part of a race that needs some supervision and structure to succeed in life.

So what it comes down to is the reasoning behind the authority.

History and my newsfeed is full of those who grab hold of ignorance as if it were intelligence. Giving us racism. Giving us sexism. Giving us sectarianism. Giving us fascism. Giving us so many damn isms we need a twenty-first century exorcism of this self-centeredness dressed up as superiority.

The old empire lies naked as a new day arises. An alliance can bring down the dominant reign of wicked and selfish forces. Change is possible. Change is happening right now.

Among the tremendous concerns in 2020 we have a global situation with a wild contagion where civilization has mainly been listening to science instead of business or politics or religion or war and that shift is very disturbing for a growing number of us.

Scientific thought is not fit to run this economy and it’s seriously hurting scores of good people.

But when I attempt to weigh all the evidence available out there I believe we would be hurting much more as a society without many of these temporary medical precautions and limits to our freedom. You may believe otherwise.

A solution for future dilemmas is to build together a healthier financial system with rules that work in concert with our needs and the far greater natural system. Let’s reinvent things.

Mark Kirkwood Callingham is a father who works for a homeless shelter in Canada. He’s also the founder of Project for a New Economic Century, a plan for the co-creation of money with morals.



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