Poor Mankind !!

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To what standpoint have you raised the happiness of man? Has there ever been an age which has counted so many victims to humanity as the present? Has there ever been an age in which immorality and egotism have been greater or more dominant than in this one? The tree is known by its fruits. Mad men! With your imaginary natural reason, from whence have you the light by which you are so willing to enlighten others? Are not all your ideas borrowed from your senses which do not give you the reality but merely its phenomena? Is it not true that in time and space all knowledge is but relative? Is it not true that all which we call reality is but relative, for absolute truth is not to be found in the phenomenal world. Thus your natural reason does riot possess its true essence, but only the appearance of truth and light; and the more this appearance increases and spreads, the more the essence of light inwardly fades, and the man confuses himself with this appearance and gropes vainly after the dazzling phantasmal images he conjures.

The philosophy of our age raises the natural intellect into independent objectivity, and gives it judicial power, she exempts it from any superior authority, she makes it voluntary, converting it into divinity by closing all harmony and communication with God; and this god Reason, which has no other law but its own, is to govern Man and make him happy!!

Darkness able to spread light ,Death capable of giving Life!

The truth leads man to happiness. Can you give it?

That which you call truth is a form of conception empty of real matter, the knowledge of which is acquired from without and through the senses, and the understanding co-ordinates them by observed synthetic relationship into science or opinion.

You abstract from the Scriptures and Tradition their moral, theoretical and practical truth; but as individuality is the principle of your intelligence, and as egotism is the incentive to your will, you do not see, by your light, the moral law which dominates, or you repel it with your will. It is to this length that the light of to-day has penetrated. Individuality under the cloak of false philosophy is a child of corruption.”..

There are plenty of good conscious people in Kashmir. They are not starved of quality among them! Their youths are far better than hypocrite pesudo liberals and govt puppets. No one can control them and force them to represent something which does not belong to them and we have not accepted traitors. it is naïve to expect them forgiving their own oppressors. The amount of misery caused by these collaborators are unforgivable & unforgettable.It will take years to narrate the atrocities unleashed on Kashmiri through these collaborators. It hurts when one’s own family member is soaked in blood. But it kills when our people are forced to eat own flesh & sisters were poured polythenes in their private parts, brides were raped in day lights , and groom was beheaded on his wedding night. Persecution of our youth forced thousands to pick weapons rather than facing humiliation at the hands of state hounds. They have borne the brunt at the hands of the most hostile forces in form of Special task forces. We have seen KAS officers involved in sex scandals and unparalleled corruption.

Intellect is not defined by possession of wealth and status by becoming slave of tyrants. It is something these beasts will never be credited with. They remain slaves of desires and will die in a miserable state of existence. And hell awaits them with all its wrath.

Has society reached its point can we even call this a society or more importantly a home. They say there is always good and bad, sad truth that you can never have just good. That in order to know what’s good you’ve have had to gone through the bad. Yet is that something we are worth going through. No one should have to ever feel pain, no one should be assaulted no one should feel dread, anxiety every second of the day.

That brings to the question does humanity still exist? What is humanity?

Humanity is defined as “the quality or state of being human…the quality or state of being kind to other people or to animals”. Humanity I believe is compassion, the ability to connect with others no matter who they are and what they are.To be kind to someone and expect nothing in return. With all this chaos how does humanity still exist?

They say you have to find the light, the whole world is covered in darkness yet little by little there are spots of light. How do you ask? Well, it’s in that spontaneous moment that we have when we stop and help someone. It’s in the moments where you say Hello to someone and wish them a nice day when you smile at someone. A simple gesture can brighten someone’s day. When you stand up for someone whose being treated wrong. Giving advice to someone who is lost.

This is humanity this is how I know the world has not lost to darkness because even then there is always little flakes of light. Each and every one of us has the ability to produce light and when we all give in to that desire the light will be brighter.

– Humanity is the most pure, powerful and precious act above all. Everything is so beautiful and spiritually healthy if you are a good human. Humanity is not an act which comes by practicing or hierarchy but it is the matter of how kind, loveable and pure hearted one is. Human rights and values are essential for a person to live in an educated and noble society. Values are not humanity but what humanity should be. The real essence of human values lies in humanity and love. Human morals and values are demoralized and deteriorated, even if there is a little scratch in humane, well-characterized and kind behavior of a person. Human is different from others and that factor which separate it from animals and other creatures and without those human is worst than even animals, are one’s kind and loveable character and morals with beautiful aroma of humanity.

Mir Abas, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Govt Degree college Handwara




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