Hagia Sophia – Babri Masjid And Temple Mount

Riyaq Al Malki

There hasn’t been any news in the world media as to what Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riyad Al Makli  said on June 16, 2020, about how the purported annexation of Jordan Valley, Northern Dead Sea and parts of Judea and Samaria,  by Israel, is actually a ploy to demolish Al Aqsa 1 mosque  and raise the Third-Temple of Jews on it, and the world remains totally oblivious to all the dangerous  ‘inherent’ implications and also the ‘incumbent’ ramifications  on it.

The danger brewing in terms of a religious-war is what Maliki wanted the world to lend an ear to.

“ Israel’s annexation will place the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque… under full Israeli control, in order to execute their plan to promote their false narrative in order to destroy it and build their ( Jewish) alleged Temple. This will turn the conflict from a political conflict into a religious conflict whose end will be bad and bitter, will undermine the stability, and will destroy the security and peace in the region and the world,” but the world seem too ill-concerned over it as ‘moves’ are being streamlined to make ‘Deal of the Century’ become possible by the earliest.  There has been virtually no coverage of Riyad Ali Malki statement and Israel as understood called Malki to have called for a ‘religious-war’ against Israel.

This ‘Deal of the Century’ as everyone knows is a camouflage by US which officially has been titled as Vision for Peace, Prosperity and Brighter Future and the entire crux of Donald Trump November 2020 depends on it.  Israel controversial PM Benjamin Netanyahu whose corruption trail is to begin in January next year, 2 has however hinted that ‘annexation’ has for the time-been postponed 3 . This had come after Germany, France, Jordan and Egypt denounced the move 4 along with many other countries too .  India, the long friend of Yasir Arafat, simply chose to belie hopes as the words  “ We need India to maintain its support to the right of Palestinian people, “ by Senior Palestinian Advisor to Mehmud Abbas Majdi El Khalidi,  on June 30, 2020 5went unheeded and India instead just maintained its silence on ‘annexation plan’ and called for a two-state formula  6  as a routine response .  The pressure on Trump to help Israel declare sovereignty  over West Best is increasing as Mike Evan, an influential Christian Zionist has threatened Trump to forget evangelist votes if he withholds the annexation deal 7.  Evans is said to have spent USD 100,000 on dozens of Trump Billboards in Jerusalem calling Trump a ‘Friend of Zion’ 8. Evans is a fierce opponent of the two-state-formula.

The run-up to the US polls right now is showing Joe Biden, the former Vice President leading by 52% and Trump trailing to 42% in the fresh poll survey 9 , and it is worth remembering that in 2016 Hillary Clinton was also ahead of Trump but Trump prevailed over her by way of a covert-deal with Israel which was to approve Jerusalem as Israel capital,  which he did, and this startling fact has come out from the redacted FBI documents 10. Trump made to his promise through a Christmas gift on Dec 6, 2017 11, triggering a political storm in the Middle-East.  Another ingredient of the Israel -Deal  was to annul the Nuclear-Deal Trump predecessor Obama had made with Iran , which Trump scrapped on May 8, 2018 12 , Trump very-well kept to his promises but still is to be expected for more as Israelis want the ‘annexation’  settled. Trump is being coerced to facilitate ‘annexation’, building of the Third Temple and attack on Iran, something which does not leave much room for speculation given the political/economic regression  in the world,  owing to COVID-19 outbreak.  Already there is a false-flag raised that Iran is to attack Israel at the right time and place 13, but the fact is that Israel attacks Iranian defense installations at its sweet-will, the latest happened on July 21, claimed heftily  by Israel 14 and denied by Iran 15  .

Iran, therefore is now to stay into a challenge to Israel in the Middle East and for that purpose a spanner from China-Iran has come into force, much to the chagrin of Israel and US and India too, for it was India, which has been ‘slammed by its door’ by Iran as it dropped India from its Chabahar project.  China, also lately had found the heat coming from Israel as Israel had very recently dealt a blow to China Hong Kong based CK Hutchison for tender to build and operate desalination plant in Israel owing to US Secretary to State Mike Pompeo direct warning 16.   China and Iran are now embraced into a 400 billion USD agreement which has made considerable heart-burn in Tel Aviv.  The right-wing Jerusalem Post on July 14, 2020  17 was ominous even before the China-Iran deal was to come and had forewarned it to be a bad news for Israel and later in its editorial on July 18, 2020  18 called Iran as a threat to Israel and China-Iran deal to be that of ‘great-concern’  for Israel.  No wonder the contours of China-Iran deal are a source of curios inversion also being keenly watched in New Delhi  too, as India and Israel are now into an open embrace and all masks of the once solidarity with the Palestinian people is a long gone story.

The recent move, to also alter the political currents in the world has been the  Turkish President Erdogan  changing  the once Church Hagia Sophia (537 AD), turned to mosque(1453 AD), changed to Museum (1934 AD) ,  back to mosque on  July 11, 2020 19 which turkey had got cleared from its Supreme Court and what Erdogan termed  also as a matter of ‘Turkish sovereignty’  has accelerated the Jewish demand to change Al Aqsa mosque into the Third Temple, a  yearning for 2000 years, and there are all kinds of parallels being drawn between the two , Hagia Sophia is a mosque, what about Temple Mount ? Cried a headline of Israel National News 20. The Indian Supreme Court order changing the site where Babri Masjid had stood since 1528 AD into in for a temple on November 9, 2019, has also emboldened the Jews and it can be anyone’s guess that the SC of Israel might well follow the suit.

In the present scenario where the clouds of uncertainty are hovering all over the world and when the entire humanity is battling the COVID-19 virus, there might be yet anything to add further, to the existing chaos , as Israel which is riding the high tide of technology might engineer an induced seismic earthquake to demolish Al Aqsa mosque, which is the third holiest site for Muslims, to pave way for the construction of the Third Temple or may be can devise any other plan for it otherwise.  What however, has to be kept in mind is that the image of the golden Dome of the Rock always crops up whenever Al Aqsa is referred but the two are different  21 , as golden Dome of Rock is a Muslim shrine and Al Aqsa mosque has a lead coloured dome and both are at a distance but are in the same compound called Al Haram As Sharif. So, when Al Aqsa mosque would be demolished Israel would flash the Dome of the Rock faking that Al Aqsa was safe.  Needless, to confer that the ruling dispensation in India is totally in consonance with the Israel ruling class who want Al Asqa to be effaced from  its origin.

The tables in the US elections by November 2020 need to be observed more objectively as Benjamin Netanyahu is not solely in league with Trump. There is a Opinion article  published in The Washington Post  on July 20, 2020, 22  saying Netanyahu  would be trying to force Trump to exercise ‘maximum-pressure’ to make ‘annexation’ possible and also to reign Iran from getting close to the nuclear-bomb, as Iran is considered to be very actively engaged into enriching uranium and if Iran could not be prevented then Israel would blow it,  as happened on July 2, 2020 when Natanz nuclear facility was bombed 23.  Hence, for Netanyahu is to milch Trump as much for possible and in case if Biden wins, then Biden is likely to put the Nuclear-Deal with Iran back into order- to the consolation of Israel.

No wonder , therefore, Netanyahu is already planning for Biden Presidency.

The writer is former UP State Information Commissioner. He is also a lawyer based in Lucknow.




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