Hate Crimes against Christians in India Increased by 40.87%

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Hate Crimes against Christians in India have risen by an alarming 40.87%, in Spite of the Nation-Wide Lockdown, announces Persecution Relief in its Half Yearly Report of 2020 which was released today. The Report records 293 cases of hate crimes against Christians including 5 rapes and 6 murders.

Persecution Relief aims to sound an alarm about the intensifying hostility against the Christian minority in India which has become progressively common. The cases chronicled in this report are only a fraction of actual violence perpetuated and reported on the ground.

• 6 Killings influenced by Religious Bigotry were recorded in all three states of Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Odisha and have seen a sudden surge of fierce Christian persecution, especially over the last 3 months. Of 28 States and 9 Union Territories, hate crimes have been committed against Christians in 22 States/Union Territories.

• 293 incidents of Christian Persecution have been chronicled by Persecution Relief in the first half of the year 2020. Compared to last year’s number of 208 incidents, this year has seen a disturbing rise of ↑40.87% in spite of the complete nationwide lock down which was imposed for almost three months. Since January 2016 until June 2020, we have recorded and served more than 2067 cases of Christian Persecution in India.

• 63 hate crimes against Christians were reported in the state of Uttar Pradesh alone which means it amounts to 21.5% of the National figure, it remains the Most Hostile State against Christians in India. Tamil Nadu comes in second with 28 cases, including 2 hate crimes resulting in death and a Church structure being burned to ashes. In third place is Chhattisgarh with 22 cases recorded with a rape and murder of a widow. Jharkhand occupies the fourth spot with 21 cases and 1 murder reported and Karnataka is in fifth place with 20 cases of Christian persecution in the first half of the year 2020.

• 51 hate crimes of heinous nature against Women and Children were documented by Persecution Relief in the first half of the year 2020, of which 5 Cases are Related to Rape, including that of a 10-year-old Minor Girl. Two Christian Widows were Raped and Killed in Odisha and Chhattisgarh leaving 8 Children in all, Orphaned.

• 37 cases of Boycott and Excommunication have been chronicled by Persecution Relief, rendering many Christian families homeless and hiding in Jungles or staying in temporary shelters and safe houses.

• 130 cases of Harassment, Threats and Intimidation and 80 incidents of Physical Assault were verified, one of which Pastor was admitted unconscious in ICU with 23 stitches to his head and arm.

• 62 cases of unfair Collusion and Discrimination of Authorities were noted together with one case of a Christian father and son being Sodomized and beaten inside the police station, ultimately leading to Death.

In a statement released by Shibu Thomas, Founder of Persecution Relief, he said, “The vicious cruelty of these crimes, exposes the tainted mentality and attitude of the religious extremists of this day and age. This frightening and contagious crusade of religious nationalism and intolerance has now peaked at new inhuman altitudes.”

Over the past seven years, India has risen from No. 31 to No. 10 on ‘Open Doors’ World Watch List, ranking just behind Iran in Persecution Severity. As of 2020, the USCIRF listed India as a CPC (Country of Particular Concern) along with countries like China and North Korea.

National and International media reported 128 cases of Hate Crimes against minorities compared to 293 cases reported by Persecution Relief. This is the harsh reality of biased reporting by various media houses who choose to steer away from such serious and sensitive issues that are detrimental to the democratic and secular nature of India. Together we can uproot the menace of Christian persecution by exposing the dark underbelly of religious nationalism.

Persecution Relief has one goal- To ensure freedom to worship Jesus Christ in India which is a Fundamental Right guaranteed under the Constitution of India.

The Persecution Relief Half Yearly Report 2020 is available at: www.persecutionrelief.org

You can also download it here 

PDF downlaod

For more information or interviews, please contact Shibu Thomas, Founder at +91 9993200020 or

e-mail : [email protected]



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