Support The Country-wide General Strike of November 26, 2020


The UCCRI(ML) supports the call given by various Central Trade Unions for a country-wide General Strike on November 26, 2020 against the anti-people policies of the NDA Government.

The Trade Unions have listed the demands of workers and toilers, thrown into a crisis by the Covid-19 pandemic, withdrawal of the anti-farmer laws and anti-worker labour codes introduced by the Modi Government, stopping privatization plans of various sectors drawn up by the NDA regime and other demands of the workers related to pensions and retirement issues. These are justified demands of the working class and toilers and we support the same.

In addition, the working class must also raise the following demands which are political in nature.

1) The government of India should resolve all outstanding issues with the Government of China through fruitful discussions, end the present standoff at the borders and normalize relations between the two countries, achieve a political settlement of the border-dispute and establish relations of peace, friendship and cooperation with Socialist China. The aggressive actions of the Indian army at the border which resulted from the national chauvinist policy of the NDA regime triggered the border clash which took the two countries to the brink of a full-scale war. The anti-China measures of the Government as well as the vicious anti-China propaganda and slander have worsened the situation. These should be stopped forthwith to enable a conducive atmosphere.

2) Resolve the Kashmir dispute through peaceful discussions with Pakistan and meet the aspirations of Kashmiri people for self-determination and establish relations of peace, friendship and cooperation with Pakistan. All hate propaganda against Pakistan should be stopped immediately.

3) The working class must oppose the national chauvinism and “Hindu” religious fanaticism roused by the Modi Government, the ruling party and its mercenaries. Only then can our country have good relations with our neighbours and all people within the country can live in peace and security as equal citizens.

4) The Modi Government should end its hobnobbing with the US super power and follow an independent foreign policy free from the influence of US super power and other imperialist powers.

5) The working class must oppose the Modi Government’s suppression of democratic forces all over the country and its autocracy over the States in the country and demand democratic rights for all and autonomy to the States.

6) It is necessary to demand the abolition of landlordism and distribution of land to the tiller. Only such a step will emancipate the vast masses of the rural poor who are groaning under the weight of poverty, unemployment and landlord oppression and exploitation.

We appeal to all sections of the people to support the All-India General Strike of working class and toilers on November 26, 2020 and help to make it a success.

Issued by Vinod, Secretary,  UCCRI(ML).

Unity Centre of  Communist Revolutionaries of India (Marxist-Leninist)



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