Climate Catastrophe In Texas And The Texans Are Freezing To Death

texas winter storm

Texans are freezing to death because of Republican greed.

Decades ago, corporations paid off politicians to support the deregulation of the Texas energy market and limit federal oversight of the state’s energy grid.

As a result of the latest climate catastrophe, so many Texans lost sewer and water service for days. Their water pipes burst. Many apartment complexes have become literal disaster zones. The ‘Frozen Hades’ they and many others from around the nation are now experiencing from this dramatic climate-changing storm disaster is shared by millions.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who gets millions of dollars from energy companies that profit from the deregulation that directly led to the misery of millions of Texans, has apparently decided his best course of action is to escape Texas and flee to a luxury vacation resort in Mexico.

To Cruz, and other Republican politico-types like him, the suffering of millions this week is all part of a giant political game board. While human beings froze to death in his state, Ted Cruz thought it was a good time to move the game board to a Mexican beach and a sangria on the hot sand.

How long will Texans in particular, and Americans in general, let their greedy, insensitive leaders determine the precious well-being and welfare of their lives and those of their families? What will it take to finally create an America that truly believes in such humanistic principles as: a Medicare-For-All medical system; the dignity of a $15.00 dollar an hour, not a $13.00, or some other insultingly lower paid amount per hour for every American human being, and; a real, viable, new Green Deal and alternative public energy grid for the whole of America? WHEN WILL ALL THE BS FINALLY STOP?

Jerome Irwin is a Canadian-American writer who, for decades, has sought to call world attention to problems of environmental degradation and unsustainability caused by excessive mega-development and host of related environmental-ecological-spiritual issues that exist between the conflicting philosophies of indigenous and non-indigenous peoples. Irwin is the author of the book, “The Wild Gentle Ones; A Turtle Island Odyssey” (, a spiritual odyssey among the native peoples of North America that has led to numerous articles pertaining to: Ireland’s Fenian Movement; native peoples Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance Movement; AIPAC, Israel & the U.S. Congress anti-BDS Movement; the historic Battle for Palestine & Siege of Gaza, as well as; the many violations constantly being waged by industrial-corporate-military-propaganda interests against the World’s Collective Soul



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