Kulda Mines


The Union Minister of Environment, Forests and Climate Change,

Govt. of India,

New Delhi


The Union Minister of Tribal Affairs,

Govt. of India,

New Delhi


The Chief Minister of Odisha,

CMO, Bhubaneswar


Subject: Halt the Expansion of the Kulda Mines, Odisha; Safeguard the Land and Livelihoods of Adivasis and Ensure Compliance with Environmental Norms.



National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM), along with the other undersigned civil society groups, movements, activists, academics and concerned citizens, strongly condemn the recent arrests of 16 Adivasi activists and leaders who were part of the peaceful protests organized by numerous villagers against the expansion of coal mining activities at Kulda Mines in Sundargarh district of Odisha on 14th February. We urge you to immediately halt all mining activities in the already heavily polluted Kulda Mines area and stop to the clearance process for further expansion until all environmental compliances are in place and withdraw pending charges against the villagers protesting the mining expansion.

While it is learnt that they are now out on bail, fellow activists also convey concerns about physical assaults by police, death threats and even false charges of ‘attempt to murder’ under Sec 307 IPC.

Adivasi communities and others, from 45 villages (9 panchayats) in the Hemagir block of Sundargarh district, home to Khadiya, Oram, Gond and other communities, have been staging continuous protests since the news of recent expansion recommendation made by the Expert Appraisal Committee (EAC) of MoEF & CC on 19 January, 2021. Women and men, many of whom have come together as Jan Shakti Vikas Parishad, have been gathering day and night to prevent the coal trucks from passing through the villages, on their way to a thermal power plant in Chhattisgarh. The peaceful protests involved more than 5,000 people over more than 3 weeks, starting in January.

In a bid to clamp down on people’s right to peaceful protest, the administration imposed Sec. 144 in the entire area and soon began arresting people as well. As in many other cases, the arrests are also a way to silence concerns which have been raised since 2007, regarding the impact of the mine on the local people, many of whom belong to particularly vulnerable tribal groups (PVTGs). Records show that 3000 trucks traverse the 45 villages everyday, with the resulting pollution affecting schools, hostels and anganwadis.

Illegal and unregulated coal transportation through the 45 villages of the region has already had an adverse impact on agriculture and food security, livestock, public health, drinking water, and children’s growth and development. However, the villagers complain that these ground realities are not acknowledged by the MoEF & CC and its agencies. The multiple deaths of mine workers in the past years also reflect the poor working conditions and the occupational risks the workers are exposed to.

The mines’ output limits were expanded this January by the EAC, despite repeated community-led appeals to the Expert Committee about lack of regulation of coal transportation and non-compliance with stipulated norms. The transportation violations that Mahanadi Coalfields Limited, which owns the Kulda mines, has been responsible for since the beginning of operations in 2002, have been documented by the local community. Additionally, environmental compliance requirements from previous expansion orders have not been met, and while the majority of the company’s reporting contradicts the stark realities on the ground and the testaments of the local people, even the reports are compelled to admit shortcomings to mitigation efforts.

As per news reports, based on a complaint from the affected villagers detailing the impact of pollution from the coal dust, the Odisha Human Rights Commission (OHRC) also recently recommended that coal transporting vehicles should not be allowed to ply until the district administration reports on the action it has taken in the matter.

In spite of this, a striking rate of expansion of mining operations is recommended. With the proposed expansion, further pollution of air, water, and land due to fly ash and coal transportation is anticipated, which will only exacerbate the ongoing, long-term impacts of the mines on the lives and livelihoods of the people as well as the ecology.

The recommendation for expansion has been made possible due to an ineffective and complicit EAC, relaxations to the Environmental Impact Assessment process over the years, and the trend in environmental clearances for coal mining in general over the past decade. The exemption from mandatory public hearings for expansions of this scale has resulted in exclusion from discussions and decision-making processes of the most severely impacted communities, which are already socio-economically and socio-culturally marginalized.

In light of the grave violations over the years and increasingly over the past few months, we strongly urge and demand:

  1. Withdraw all pending cases against activists and leaders arrested at the Kulda Mine protests, and end the state repression against villagers protesting peacefully.


  1. Stop all expansion plans for Kulda Mines and do not undertake any activity in violation of environmental and social-impact norms and without due consent of the people of the region.


  1. Halt all existing mining activities at Kulda until compliance with environmental and safety regulations is ensured; mitigation (of pollution) requirements have been satisfied and fair compensation has been disbursed to affected people for all previous losses.


  1. Halt all coal and truck movement through the villages and community roads in the vicinity of the mine, for the remaining mining contract. Develop and make use of coal corridors for transportation of coal, and ensure that these do not impact communities and ecologically sensitive and valuable landscapes.


  1. Include local communities as equal partners and stakeholders in decision making about mining projects that affect their lives and livelihoods, in Sundargarh, and the rest of Odisha.



We call upon the Government of India and the Govt. of Odisha to immediately address all the aforesaid demands and uphold people’s rights and environmental laws and regulations in the context of Kulda Mines as well as similar regions in Odisha.




Sr No Name of Signatory Organization/ Professional Affiliation Village/Town/City State
1. Chennaiah Poguri NAWF Chittoor Andhra Pradesh
2. Arun,VIRSAM Kurnool Kurnool Andhra Pradesh
4. Deepsri None Vizag Andhra Pradesh
5. Balu Gadi APVVU Andhra Pradesh
6. Bapji Juvvala APVVU Andhra Pradesh
7. Chakri Samalochana Anakapalli Andhra Pradesh
8. Ramakrishnam Raju United Forum for RTI and NAPM Andhra Pradesh
9. Jayasree Subramanian Academician Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh
10. Doriyali Bora Law student Guwahati Assam
11. Mriganka Das Fridays For Future India Guwahati Assam
12. Shivani Goyal Fridays For Future, Guwahati Guwahati Assam
13. Sr Shwetha individual guwahati Assam
14. Badal Prasad Individual Silchar Assam
15. Indranee Dutta AIFRTE Guwahati Assam
16. Stamima Choudhury Individual Silchar Assam
17. Sabyasachi Individual Araria Bihar
18. Saumya Kumari Student Biharsharif Bihar
19. Jyotisha Kannamkal Mashal Patna Bihar
20. Manju K Individual Patna Bihar
21. Ashish Ranjan Jan Jagran Shakti Sangathan Bihar
22. Kamayani Swami Jan Jagran Shakti Sangathan Bihar
23. Mahendra Yadav Kosi Navnirman Manch Bihar
24. Prateek Singh Climate Front India Chandigarh Chandigarh
26. Anushansa Kar Freelancer Manendragarh Chhattisgarh
27. Alok Shukla Chattisgarsh Bachao Andolan Chhattisgarh
28. Gautam Bandopadhyay Nadi Ghati Morcha Chhattisgarh
29. Kaladas Dahariya RELAA Chhattisgarh
30. Shalini Gera Lawyer Chhattisgarh
31. Lisa Pires Individual Nagoa, Bardez Goa
32. Abhijeet Rainbow Warriors Goa
33. Caroline Activist, Goa Goa
34. Diana Tavers Activist, Goa Goa
35. Emil Activist, Goa Goa
36. Eric Pinto NAPM, Goa Goa
37. Francesca Student and Researcher Goa
38. Tania Devaiah Activist, Goa Goa
39. Amod Shah Individual Ahmedabad Gujarat
40. Anurag Individual Ahmedabad Gujarat
42. Indira Hirway Individual Ahmedabad Gujarat
43. Prasad Chacko Individual Ahmedabad Gujarat
46. Yogi Jesalpua Student Ahmedabad Gujarat
47. Cedric Prakash Human rights activist AHMEDABAD INDIA Gujarat
48. Joseph Mattam Catholic Church Anklav Anklav, Anand Dt Gujarat
49. Amitkumar A Tadvi Student Fulvadi,  Garudeshwar Taluka,  NARMADA District,  Gujarat,  India Gujarat
51. Rajkumar Solanki Individual Vadodara Gujarat
52. Rohit Prajapati PUCL Vadodara Gujarat
54. Anand Mazgaonkar Paryavaran Suraksha Samiti Gujarat
55. Bharat Jambucha NAPM Gujarat
56. Dev Desai Anhad Gujarat
57. Krishnakant Paryavaran Suraksha Samiti Gujarat
58. Mudita Lok Samiti Gujarat
59. Mujahid Nafees Minority Co-ordination Commiteee Gujarat
60. Nita Mahadev Lok Samiti Gujarat
61. Parth Paryavaran Suraksha Samiti Gujarat
62. Ramesh Tadvi NAPM Gujarat
63. Swati Desai Paryavaran Suraksha Samiti Gujarat
64. Arun Agnihotri Individual Vadodara Gujarat
65. Reeti Chauhan NIL Vadodara Gujarat
66. Saloni Student Faridabad Haryana
67. Megha Consul Individual Gurgaon Haryana
68. Nayan Climate Activist Gurgaon Haryana
69. Neelam Ahluwalia Founder Member, Aravalli Bachao Citizens Movement Gurgaon Haryana
70. Veena Padmanabhan Individual Gurgaon Haryana
71. Arun Kumar Retired Professor JNU Gurugram Haryana
72. Upamanyu Das Individual Gurugram Haryana
73. Veer Ojas Student Gurugram Haryana
74. Vidhi Gaur Climate Front India Rewari Haryana
75. J S Walia NAPM Haryana
76. Ritika Dube Independent consultant Gurgaon Haryana
77. Stuti Jha NIL Gurugram Haryana
78. Zenith Chaudhary educationist Gurugram Haryana
79. Himshi Singh Himdhara Himachal Pradesh
80. Manshi Asher Himdhara Himachal Pradesh
81. Akhileshwar Gupta Individual Jammu Jammu and Kashmir
82. Ananya Salhotra Climate front Jammu Jammu and Kashmir
83. Gouri Padha CFI Jammu Jammu and Kashmir
84. Kamran nazz Climate front india Jammu Jammu and Kashmir
85. Areeba Climate front kashmir Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir
86. Rizwan Climate Front Jammu Jammu Jammu ans Kashmir
87. Ashish Birulee Individual Jadugoda Jharkhand
88. Basanti Lakra Teacher Jamshedpur Jharkhand
89. Prem Verma Jharkhand Nagrik Prayas Ranchi Jharkhand
90. Afzal Anish NAPM Jharkhand
91. Aloka Kujur Adivasi Adhikar Manch and NAPM Jharkhand
92. Ashok Verma NAPM Jharkhand
93. Basant Hetamsaria NAPM Jharkhand
94. Dayamani Barla Aadivasi-Moolnivasi Astivtva Raksha Samiti Jharkhand
95. Dr. Leo A. Singh NAPM Jharkhand
96. Durga Nayak NAPM Jharkhand
97. Jipal Murmu NAPM Jharkhand
98. Priti Ranjan Dash NAPM Jharkhand
99. Sushma Biruli NAPM Jharkhand
100. Julia Social worker Ranchi Jharkhand
101. Anna Individual Bangalore Karnataka
102. Anuradha Pati Independent BANGALORE Karnataka
103. Brinda Adige Bangalore Bangalore Karnataka
104. Farnaaz Individual Bangalore Karnataka
105. Gayathri Subramanian Individual Bangalore Karnataka
106. Jagdish Parmar individual Bangalore Karnataka
107. Krupa Hebbar Individual Bangalore Karnataka
108. Nayana MG Bangalore Karnataka
109. Sudha N Individual Bangalore Karnataka
110. Varsha None Bangalore Karnataka
111. Rukmini VP Garment Labour Union (GLU) Bangalore Karnataka
112. K.P. Sasi, Film Maker Bangaloru, Individual, Film Maker Bangaloru Karnataka
113. Rekha R Bengaluru Bengaluru Karnataka
114. Nitha Individual Karnataka Karnataka
115. Vidya Dinker INSAF Mangalore Karnataka
116. Harsha K C Student Udupi Karnataka
117. Celia Domestic Workers’ Union Karnataka
118. Dwiji Guru NAPM Karnataka
119. Madhu Bhushan Feminist Activist Karnataka
120. Maj Gen (Retd) SG Vombatkere NAPM Karnataka
121. Mamatha Yajaman Social Activist Karnataka
122. Nalini Gowda KRRS Karnataka
123. Nawaz NAPM Karnataka
124. Shashank NAPM Karnataka
125. Susheela NAPM Karnataka
126. Algin Thomas Climate Front India Bangalore Karnataka
127. Samrddhi Student Bangalore Karnataka
128. Sujatha None Kodagu Karnataka
129. Manasi Elise Tomy TISS, Tuljapur Calicut Kerala
130. Susan individual Ernakulam Kerala
131. Shreya S Individual Kochi Kerala
132. Navaneeth Sini George Student Kollam Kerala
133. CR Neelakandan NAPM Kerala
134. Magline Teeradesa Vanidha Veedi Kerala
135. Majeendran NFF Kerala
136. Prof. Kusumam Joseph NAPM Kerala
137. Sharath Cheloor Dynamic Action and NAPM Kerala
138. Vijayaraghavan Cheliya Lohia Viachara Veedhi Kerala
139. Vilayodi Venugopal Plachimada Struggle Kerala
140. Asha Suresh Student THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Kerala
141. Bisma wahif Climate front india Leh Ladakh
142. Ramani Ranjan Sethi Bhopal Bhopal Madhya Pradesh
144. Vidwansh Sharma Individual Gwalior Madhya Pradesh
145. Archit Agrawal Student Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh
146. Ritik Khandelwal NIL Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh
147. Siddharth Dixit NIL Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh
148. Aruna Rodrigues Individual MHOW CANTT. MP Madhya Pradesh
149. Dr. Sunilam Kisan Sangharsh Samiti Madhya Pradesh
150. Medha Patkar Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) (NAPM) Madhya Pradesh
151. Rajkumar Sinha Chutka Parmaanu Virodhi Sangharsh Samiti Madhya Pradesh
152. Mudita Dubey NIL Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh
153. Siddharth Ranjan Save Dumna campaign Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh
154. Kharbe Ruqaiya CleanCampaign Bhiwandi Maharashtra
155. Anand velayudhan Individual Mimbai Maharashtra
156. Chayanika Shah Forum Against Oppression of Women Mumbai Maharashtra
157. Duriya Ranijiwala College Mumbai Maharashtra
158. Geeta Seshu Journalist Mumbai Maharashtra
159. Mini Mathew Advocate Mumbai Maharashtra
160. Mohini Administrator Mumbai Maharashtra
161. Priti Turakhia Individual mumbai Maharashtra
162. Rajni Homemaker Mumbai Maharashtra
163. Sachin Jacob Individual Mumbai Maharashtra
164. Shewli Kumar Tata Institute of Social Sciences Mumbai Maharashtra
165. Tapasya Natekar Individual Mumbai Maharashtra
166. TERENCE FERNANDES Individual MUMBAI Maharashtra
167. Kay Nair Individual Mumbai Maharashtra
168. Sagar kambli Individual Mumbai Maharashtra
169. Sonal acharya Self employed Mumbai Maharashtra
170. Anupam Verma NMEPS Navi Mumbai Maharashtra
171. Yash Agrawal Individual Navi Mumbai Maharashtra
172. Adv. Philo Thomas Women’s Welfare Centre PUNE Maharashtra
173. Archis SV Pune Pune Maharashtra
174. Krishna Kakani Student Pune Maharashtra
175. Renuka Srinivasan None Pune Maharashtra
176. Rosamma Thomas Pune Pune Maharashtra
177. Savita Individual Pune Maharashtra
178. Vaibhav Kamble Private job Pune Maharashtra
179. roopashri sinha health researcher Thane Maharashtra
180. Swatija मनोरमा इंडिव्हिडुल Thane Maharashtra
181. Geeta gonsalves social worker Uttan – Pali Maharashtra
182. Pawankumar Bharat Gadhave Vadgaon bk., Pune Vadgaon bk., Pune Maharashtra
183. Disha shinde Student Vasai Maharashtra
184. Bilal Khan Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan Mumbai Maharashtra
185. Chetan Salve Narmada Bachao Andolan Dhadgaon Maharashtra
186. Geetanjali Chavan Activist Nashik Maharashtra
187. Jameela Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan Mumbai Maharashtra
188. Mukta Srivastava Sarvahara Jan Andolan Thane Maharashtra
189. Pervin Jehangir Social Activist Mumbai Maharashtra
190. Prasad Bagwe Social Activist Pune Maharashtra
191. Sanjay MG Social Activist & NAPM Thane Maharashtra
192. Suhas Kolhekar Jan Swasthya Abhiyan Pune Maharashtra
193. Suniti SR Social Activist, NAPM Pune Maharashtra
194. Yuvraj Gatkal Sarvodayi Activist & NAPM Maharashtra
195. Nitesh Balani Individual Kalyan Maharashtra
196. Rahul Balani Individual Kalyan Maharashtra
197. Sahil Balani Individual Kalyan Maharashtra
198. Ammu Abraham FAOW & PUCL Mumbai Maharashtra
199. Deeksha agarwal Nil Mumbai Maharashtra
200. Kailash Anerao Nil Mumbai Maharashtra
201. Mer Ekeko Individual Mumbai Maharashtra
202. Sonika bhasin Individual Mumbai Maharashtra
203. Emeli Ghosh Homemaker Mumbai Maharashtra
204. Muzzammil Hamidani Individual Mumbai Maharashtra
205. Padma Velaskar Professor (retd) Tiss Mumbai Maharashtra
206. Sinjini Ghosh St.Stephen’s College, Delhi Mumbai Maharashtra
207. Subhankar Ghosh Mahyco Seeds Ltd. Mumbai Maharashtra
208. Aruna Burte Individual Pune Maharashtra
209. Gauri Gandhi Pune Pune Maharashtra
210. Dilip Hota Individual Pune Maharastra
211. Ruwndar David Boyes Environmental Conservationist Chandel Manipur
212. Prema Misquith Bethany Mamit Mizoram
213. Annie Citizen Delhi New Delhi
214. Anubhuti Sharma Teacher Delhi New Delhi
215. Arun Saji St.Stephen’s College Delhi New Delhi
216. Benz MJ Student of Social Work Delhi New Delhi
217. Darsh Individual Delhi New Delhi
218. Madhu Bhaduri Individual Delhi New Delhi
219. Mehak Takkar Delhi Delhi New Delhi
220. Ritu Bhardwaj Individual Delhi New Delhi
221. Shomik CLIMATE FRONT INDIA Delhi New Delhi
222. Gerti Citizen Delhi New Delhi
223. Himanshi Individual Delhi New Delhi
225. Amit Bhaduri Former emeritus professor ,JNU New Delhi New Delhi
226. Anil Chaudhary INSAF New Delhi New Delhi
227. Ayushi jain Individual New delhi New delhi
228. K CHOUDHARY New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi
229. Lobsang Phuntso NEW DELHI NEW DELHI New Delhi
230. Mayur Gupta Student New delhi New Delhi
231. sakshi upadhyay New Delhi New Delhi New Delhi
232. Saswati Swetlena Mineral Inheritors Rights Association New Delhi New Delhi
233. Sreedhar Ramamurthi Individual New Delhi New Delhi
234. Srijani Datta Individual New Delhi New Delhi
235. Vinod kumar Student New Delhi New Delhi
236. Vrinda Bajaj Swechha New Delhi New Delhi
237. Yogesh Kumar Individual New Delhi New Delhi
238. Kumkum Roy Individual New Delhi New Delhi
239. Lavanya Gupta CFI New Delhi New Delhi
240. Sania Rehmani Individual New Delhi New Delhi
241. Avdesh Tomar North west delhi North west delhi New Delhi
242. Amrita Johri Satark Nagrik Sangathan New Delhi
243. Anil TV Delhi Solidarity Group New Delhi
244. Anita Kapoor Delhi Shahri Mahila Kaamgaar Union New Delhi
245. Anjali Bharadwaj Satark Nagrik Sangathan New Delhi
246. Aryaman Jain Delhi Solidarity Group New Delhi
247. Bhupender Singh Rawat Jan Sangharsh Vahini New Delhi
248. Divyansh Khurana Delhi Solidarity Group New Delhi
249. Evita Das Delhi Solidarity Group New Delhi
250. Madhuresh Kumar NAPM New Delhi
251. MJ Vijayan PIPFPD New Delhi
252. Nanhu Prasad National Cyclist Union New Delhi
253. Priya Pillai Environmental Activist New Delhi
254. Rajendra Ravi NAPM New Delhi
255. Sanjeev Kumar Dalit Adivasi Shakti Adhikar Manch & NAPM New Delhi
256. Sunita Rani National Domestic Workers’ Union New Delhi
257. Banikanta Mishra Professor Bhubaneswar Odisha
258. Prafulla Samantara Lok Shakti Abhiyan Bhubaneswar Odisha
259. Rajaraman Independent Journalist Bhubaneswar Odisha
260. Nicholas Barla Indigenous Peoples Forum Odisha Sambalpur Odisha
261. Anant NAPM Odisha
262. Arun Jena NAPM Odisha
263. Balakrishna Sand NAPM Odisha
264. Kalyan Anand NAPM Odisha
265. Lakshimipriya Mohanty NAPM Odisha
266. Lingaraj Pradhan Odisha
267. Lingraj Azad Samajwadi Jan Parishad & Niyamgiri Suraksha Samiti, Odisha
268. Manorama Posco Pratirodh Sangram Samiti Odisha
269. Manas Patnaik NAPM Odisha
270. Sharanya Nayak Activist, Koraput Odisha
271. Satya Banchor NAPM Odisha
272. Trilochan Punji NAPM Odisha
273. Pravat kumar Sahoo Individual Daspalla Odisha
274. Sonali Pradhan Student Cuttack Orissa
275. Probir Banerjee Individual Pondicherry Puducherry
276. Guruwant Singh NAPM Punjab
277. Nabinder Singh NAPM Punjab
278. LOKENDRA SINGH DEORA Individual Abu Road Rajasthan
279. Samar Trehan N/L Jaipur Rajasthan
280. Khushi vyas ICAI Jodhpur Rajasthan
281. Mansha Mathur NIL Jodhpur Rajasthan
282. Nitesh Chouhan Climate Front India Jodhpur Rajasthan
283. Akash Engineer Udaipur Rajasthan
284. Aruna Roy Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan (MKSS), National Campaign for People’s Right to Information (NCPRI) Rajasthan
285. Kailash Meena NAPM Rajasthan
286. Kavita Srivastava People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) Rajasthan
287. Nikhil Dey MKSS & NCPRI Rajasthan
288. Shankar Singh MKSS & NCPRI Rajasthan
289. Preksha Jain NIL Ajmer Rajasthan
290. Yashika STUDENT Jaipur Rajasthan
291. GANESH ARAVINTH College, and a climate activist Chengalpet Tamil Nadu
292. Elizabeth P Varsha Student Chennai Tamil Nadu
293. Kaamya Student Chennai Tamil Nadu
294. Om Prakash Singh Individual Chennai Tamil Nadu
295. Riya N. Individual Chennai Tamil Nadu
296. Yuvan Aves Writer, Naturalist, Educator Chennai Tamil Nadu
297. Rishi Individual Coimbatore Tamil Nadu
298. Ragunath Individual Erode Tamil Nadu
299. LASAR . S Retired KATTUR, TIRUCHIRAPPALLI 620019 Tamil Nadu
300. Gabriele Dietrich Penn Urimay Iyakkam and NAPM Madurai Tamil Nadu
301. Henri Tiphagne People’s Watch Madurai Tamil Nadu
302. Naveen Student Madurai Tamil Nadu
303. Arul Doss NAPM Tamil Nadu
304. Geetha Ramakrishnan Unorganised Sector Workers Federation Tamil Nadu
305. Inamul Hasan Khudai Khidmadgar and NAPM Tamil Nadu
306. Lenin NAPM Tamil Nadu
307. Suthanthiran Bhavani River Protection Committee, NAPM Tamil Nadu
308. Vikash NAPM Tamil Nadu
309. Aisha Farooqui Retired Academic Hyderabad Telangana
310. Ashalatha S MAKAAM Hyderabad Telangana
311. Ch. Narendra Senior Journalist Hyderabad Telangana
312. dr lubna sarwath socialist party(india) hyderabad Telangana
313. Gaurav Kurva Individual Hyderabad Telangana
314. Girija Social activist Hyderabad Telangana
315. K.Ravi Chander Hyderabad Hyderabad Telangana
316. Kaneez Fathima Civil Rights activist Hyderabad Telangana
317. Meera Sanghamitra National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM)) Hyderabad Telangana
318. Naveen Individual Hyderabad Telangana
319. Ramaraju Individual Hyderabad Telangana
320. Rukmini Rao Individual Hyderabad Telangana
321. Sangeeta MyRighttoBreathe Hyderabad Telangana
322. Seethalakshmi Independent Researcher & Activist Hyderabad Telangana
323. Sreecharan Gullapalli Independent data science researcher Hyderabad Telangana
324. Teja KS Environmental Activist Hyderabad Telangana
325. Vedansh Reddy Student Hyderabad Telangana
326. Yashaswini kollur Student Hyderabad Telangana
327. Rama Melkote Prof retd Osmania University Hyderabaf Telangana
329. Akhileshwari Ramagoud Academic and independent journalist Secunderabad Telangana
330. Sajaya K Ind. Journalist హైద్రాబా Telangana
331. Jeevan Kumar Human Rights Forum Telangana
332. Kondal Rythu Swarajya Vedika Telangana
333. Krishna Telangana Vidyavantula Vedika-TVV Telangana
334. M. Venkatayya Telangana Vyavasaya Vruttidarula Union-TVVU Telangana
335. P Shankar Dalit Bahujan Front Telangana
336. Ravi Kanneganti Rythu JAC Telangana
337. Syed Bilal Human Rights Forum Telangana
338. Vissa Kiran Kumar Rythu Swarajya Vedika Telangana
339. Amar Prasad Individual Hyderabad Telangana
340. Anupama Potluri Individual Hyderabad Telangana
341. AVS Krishna Chaitanya Software Engineer Hyderabad Telangana
342. Mandakini Individual Hyderabad Telangana
343. Ramya Anandini Individual Hyderabad Telangana
344. Sarada Individual Hyderabad Telangana
345. Venkatesh Individual Hyderabad Telangana
346. Varsha Bhargavi WhereAreTheWomen Collective Thummalapalli, Vikarabad Telangana
347. Meenali Mittal edX UT.6.02x Aligarh Uttar Pradesh
348. Gargi Individual Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh
349. Nairita Guha CFI Greater Noida West Uttar Pradesh
350. Mishka Goel Student Noida Uttar Pradesh
351. priyal naik Climate Front India noida Uttar Pradesh
352. Tanisha Gulati Climate Front India Noida Uttar Pradesh
353. Vani Climate front india Noida Uttar pradesh
354. Nimit Jain Student Noida Uttar Pradesh
355. Astha Gupta Student Town Uttar Pradesh
356. Akshay Individual U.P. Uttar Pradesh
357. Altamas Ansari Inquilabi Kamgaar Union, Mau Uttar Pradesh
358. Arundhati Dhuru NAPM, UP Uttar Pradesh
359. Arvind Murti Inquilabi Kamgaar Union, Mau Uttar Pradesh
360. Jagriti Rahi Vision Sansthan, Varanasi Uttar Pradesh
361. Masihuddin Rihai Manch, Lucknow & Azamgadh Uttar Pradesh
362. Nakul Singh Sawney Chal Chitra Abhiyan, Muzaffarnagar Uttar Pradesh
363. Rajeev Yadav Rihai Manch, Lucknow & Azamgadh Uttar Pradesh
364. Rambeti Sangatin Kisaan Mazdoor Sangathan, Sitapur Uttar Pradesh
365. Richa Singh Sangatin Kisaan Mazdoor Sangathan, Sitapur Uttar Pradesh
366. Sandeep Pandey Socialist Party of India Uttar Pradesh
367. Satish Singh Sarvodayi Vikas Samiti, Varanasi Uttar Pradesh
368. Suresh Rathaur MNREGA Mazdoor Union, Varanasi Uttar Pradesh
369. Zainab Khatun Activist, Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
370. Arya joshi Student Dehradun Uttarakhand
371. Rakesh Agrawal Individual Dehradun Uttarakhand
372. Shagun Mamgain Climate Front India Dehradun Uttarakhand
373. Shivani Graduation Student at Delhi University Dehradun Uttarakhand
374. Ridhima Pandey Climate activist Haridwar Uttarakhand
375. Kushagra Sen Student Rishikesh Uttarakhand
376. Jabar Singh NAPM Uttarakhand
377. Uma NAPM Uttarakhand
378. Vimalbhai Matu Jan Sangathan Uttarakhand
379. Pushpam Youth for Climate India Dehradun Uttarakhand
380. AMITADYUTI KUMAR APDR Calcutta West Bengal
381. Dorothy Ashmita Biswas CEEW Kolkata West Bengal
382. M Individual Kolkata West Bengal
383. Nisha Biswas Individual Kolkata West Bengal
384. Prabir KC Doctor Kolkata West Bengal
385. Selma  Nalloor Belonging to Holy Cross Congregation Siliguri, Darjeeling Dt. West Bengal
386. Amitava Mitra Transport Workers Union West Bengal
387. Asit Roy Writer West Bengal
388. Ayesha Khatun NAPM West Bengal
389. Baiwajit Basa NAPM West Bengal
390. Binayak Sen Activist, PUCL West Bengal
391. Biswajit Basak NAPM West Bengal
392. Kazi Md Sherig Activist, NAPM West Bengal
393. Matiur Rahman NAPM West Bengal
394. Milan Sad NAPM West Bengal
395. Mita Bhatta NAPM West Bengal
396. Pabitra Mandal Shundorban Jan Shramjeebi Moncha West Bengal
397. Pasarul Alam Transferred Area Sujatopur Organization West Bengal
398. Pradip Chatterjee NPSSFW West Bengal
399. Rupak Mukherjee NAPM West Bengal
400. Samar Bagchi NAPM West Bengal
401. Sujato Bhadro APDR West Bengal
402. Tahomina Mandal Domestic Workers Union West Bengal
403. Tapas Das Nodi Bachao, Jeeban Bachao West Bengal
404. Yasin NAPM West Bengal
405. Claire Lindsay Individual Squamish British Columbia
406. Revel Youth for climate lille Lille France
407. Erika Buntrock individual Berlin Germany
408. Arshia Abedini Professor Qazvin Iran
409. Elizabeth Social worker Beira Mozambique
410. Dalena Tran ICTA-UAB Barcelona Spain
411. Hans Magnusson Dalit Solidarity Network-Sweden Stockholm Sweden
412. Devinder Chander UK Birmingham UK
413. Ashish Tyagi Na Haridwar UK
414. R.Manohar Human Rights Defenders Alert Bangalore US
415. Amrin Fathima Erunakulam Erunakulam US
416. S Joe Student Irvine US
417. Shromona Mandal Student Labor Action Movement New York US
418. Teresa Kotturan New York New York US
419. Ms. Norvell L. Bullock Simply … Northeast Harbor US


For any further details, contact: [email protected]


National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM)



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