Cartoon by K.P. Sasi

When Marx died, he went to hell. He started organising the suffering people in hell. They started revolting. It became a big problem for the Gods. The gate between the hell and heaven were very close. The security guards of Hell and Heaven used to exchange beedies (Ganesh Beedi) and share their views on Hell and Heaven. When the Gods found Marx to be such a problem, the politburo of the Gods had a meeting. In that meeting, it was decided that the only way to handle this bearded guy was to transfer him to Heaven. Hence, he was transferred to heaven.

Later, when the guards of Heaven and Hell were exchanging their small talks, the guard of Hell asked the guard of Heaven: `There was this guy called Marx who was a big problem in Hell. He was transferred to Heaven because of that. How is he behaving these days?’ The guard of Heaven replied: `Oh, he is such a gentleman. A kind hearted person.’ The guard of Hell pursued further: `But what do Gods think about him in Heaven?’ The guard from Heaven replied: `God? isn’t it a bourgeois concept?’

(Borrowed and developed from small talks)

K.P Sasi is a filmmaker, cartoonist, writer and activist




  1. Avatar Sumanta Banerjee says:

    Dear Sasi

    Good to know that Marx has converted the guards of Heaven to believe in God as a `bourgeois concept’ ! When will he arrive at our Indian `narak’/`jahannam’ and ascend to `swarga’ or paradise ? In the course of his ascent, can he please pause for sometime at our miserable stations of existence – and face the formidable challenge of persuading their guards (the present station master- rulers of the Modi regime) to give up their beliefs in murderous religious practices ?

  2. Artful cartoon. Subtle humor. Hopeful thought. Keep up your good work!