The Struggle for Socialism in Peru: An Interview with Peruvian Intellectual Sebastian León

The Western Ruling class constantly strives to isolate the US working class from radical workers organizing around the globe. Capitalists understand that communication amongst the workers would allow them to see through the lies of capitalist imperialism and build a global class solidarity which would be incredibly threatening to the interests of the ruling class. For this same reason, the Midwestern Marx Editorial Board decided to Interview Peruvian Marxist Intellectual and militant Sebastian León, so that we could pick his brain about current events in Peru and their historical developments. Sebastian provided us a brilliant summary of the turbulent political and economic history of Peru, the struggle of their indigenous working class, their battle against imperialism, and so much more. As a Marxist party now takes power in Peru, it is time for the international working class to show solidarity with the Peruvian workers and educate ourselves on the history of their struggle for liberation. Whether you’re living in the Imperial core of the United States, or elsewhere around the world, we will always have more in common with Peruvian workers than with the capitalists of our own countries. Solidarity with the proletariat of Peru in their struggle against those who see them only as a source of cheap labour power.


Tim Russo, Mitchell K. Jones, Calla Winchell, Edward Liger Smith, and Carlos L Garrido


Sebastian León is a philosophy teacher at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, where he received his MA in philosophy (2018). His main subject of interest is the history of modernity, understood as a series of cultural, economic, institutional and subjective processes, in which the impetus for emancipation and rational social organization are imbricated with new and sophisticated forms of power and social control. He is a socialist militant, and has collaborated with lectures and workshops for different grassroots organizations.



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