Father Stan Was Martyred For Standing Against Proto-Fascism

Stan Swamy4

Without doubt one of the great democrats or crusaders against proto- fascism has perished. Few activists in such a considerable degree voiced the very soul of the opressed masses of Jharkhand as Father Stan Swamy.He was a living illustration that regardless of age the relentless spirit is never lost in the quest for liberation from the clutches of tyranny. Father Stan blended the courage of a soldier with the compassion of a priest. He also testified how even elements of the Church or Christianity can ally with the democratic revolutionary movement, like in Phillipines or parts of Latin America. Father Stan practiced the very ideals professed by Christianity in serving the opressed.His name will live forever in the annals of democratic history. More than anyone through his martyrdom he has portrayed how the nation only camouflages itself as a democracy and proto-fascism is tightening its noose over the people day by day. Father Stan also illustrated that it is the social revolutionary who is the most spiritual of all. The day of his martyrdom must be inscribed forever in the annals of history. The name of father Stan should be written in letters of gold.

Today the anger of the oppressed masses of India simmers at a boiling point in many parts and must be crystallised like a spark turning into a Prairie fire. Such a custodial murder continues the very legacy of the State in assassinating crusaders for civil rights in Andhra Pradesh like Gopi Rajanna, Dr.Ramanadham, Laxma Reddy , Prabhakar Reddy, T.Purushotam,trade Union leaders like Shankar Guha Nyugi from Chattisgarh , peasant leaders like Krishna Singh in Bihar or students leaders like Prithipal Singh Randhawa.Such regimes camouflaging as a democracy persecute genuine social revolutionary democrats who pose a threat to the oppressive social order. It is heartening that protests are igniting all over India. Student organizations like Inquilabi Chatra Morcha and Revolutionary Youth Association in Allahabad and Disha have organised qualitative protests around the campuses. Democratic organisations have given call for united protests all over the country which is heartening. It is of sole importance that all basic classes be it the workers, peasants or youth understand the political significance of such a custodial murder and how it is a very assault on their very lives. It is encouraging that there is very strong unity within the Communist Revolutionary camp and the let to for a broad united front against fascism and take the killers of Father Stan to task. In coming days we may well witness turbulence of an inferno in protests.

We need to highlight the distinction between Maoists and revolutionary democrats and prevent mass democratic fronts from being converted into fronts of Communist revolutionary groups. People must be made to understand the distinction between Maoists armed movement and Democratic agitation or resistance. It must be stated that even many leaders who are critical of the murder belong to parties who have been responsible for assassination of democratic revolutionaries like the Congress and the CPM.Chief Minister Vijayan did not condemn encounters in Kerala,recently.Arguably it is the weakness in our civil rights or organized movement that such a murder could occur. The struggle must be waged against the opressive social order itself and not just against individuals. We must recount repression even in Congress or even CPM regimes on political prisoners. We must never forget the repression during Telengana or Naxalbari on political prisoners. However broad we make an anti-fascist united front we must distinguish between the character of genuine progressive forces and opportunist ones.

What a shame today we continue the same barbaric practices in jails as in the colonial days.

Harsh Thakor is a freelance journalist.Toured India,particularly Punjab .Written on Mass movements ,,Massline,Maoism on blogs like Democracy and Class Struggle and frontierweekly .An avid cricket lover too who has posted writings on blogs like Pakpassion Indian Cricket Fans and Sulekha.com




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