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The last 12 years have affirmed a dark history where Sri Lanka is unlikely to offer a just resolution to the Tamil national question. It continues with its long history [73 years – since independence from the British in 1948] of deception in formulating a just and reasonable solution to the conflict. Since 1948, Tamils underwent continuous genocides involving pogroms, economic embargoes, indiscriminate bombings, discriminatory policies and the dispossession of Tamil historical and traditional homeland.

The social contract among people is entrenched in the constitution. The Constitution very clearly spells out that the prosperity of a nation depends on the self-determination of the people; political, economical or sociological. In Sri Lanka Tamils are denied this aspect of the basic tenets of the social contract.

The Maha Sanga and the Mahanayakas hold the supreme power in Constitution drafting, administration of the country and their agenda and aim is to create a secular mono-ethnic 100% BUDDHIST SINHALESE NATION in Sri Lanka. The grand master plan of all is to flush out all other religions, and nationalists’ linguistics out of Sri Lanka. To achieve this objective, the state sponsored Pogroms against the Tamils unleashed against the Tamils in 1956, 1958, 1971, 1977, 1983 and genocidal war from 2006-2009.

If one reads Mahavamsa and study about Mahasanga and speak to the Mahanayakas one will understand the fundamental cause of the Sri Lankan struggle. These three, which is Mahavamsa, the plan and agenda the Mahasanga the organizations and the Mahanayakas are the real power centers. It has some resemblance to Mein Kampf of Hitler in Germany

Some of the massacres committed by the Sri Lankan Security forces:-

1985 – Kumuthini Boat massacre: 39 passengers including children and women were hacked to death,

1985 – Valvettithurai massacre: around 200 civilians were massacred, including children and women.

1991 – Kokkadicholai massacre in the Eastern province where 150 civilians were massacred.

1995 –  Navaley Church – where 65  displaced refugees were killed by bombing by air.

1995 – Nagar kovil massacre where more than 100 civilians were killed.

The process of genocide was initiated in 1956 and has been progressing aggressively and effectively to wipe out the Tamil ethnic group living in the north and east of Sri Lanka in their traditional and historical homeland.

In addition to this, the draconian Prevention of Terrorism Act {PTA] in Sri Lanka continues to torment the Tamils for more than three decades. The appalling number of extrajudicial killings, disappearances, killings, disappearances, unlawful arrests, detention, rapes and widespread practice of torture are all attributable to the high level of impunity prevalent in the country specially enjoyed by the Police and Security Forces.

The social contract among people is entrenched in the constitution. The constitution clearly spells out that the prosperity of a nation depends on self-determination of the people.

Sinhala Buddhist chauvinistic successive governments have several broken promises/pacts, undertakings and pledges.

Bandaranaike/Chelvanayakam Pact to solve the Tamils political rights etc signed on July 26, 1957 – This Pact was torn away due to the pressure from the chauvinistic Buddhist clergy, Maha Sanga and some racist Sinhalese elders.

The President of Sri Lanka J. R. Jayawardena at the time of 1983 state sponsored pogrom openly told a British Reporter that ‘THE MORE YOU PUT PRESSURE IN THE NORTH, THE HAPPIER THE SINHALESE PEOPLE WILL BE HERE. REALLY. IF I STARVE THE TAMILS OUT, THE SINHALA PEOPLE WILL BE HAPPY.

Dudlly Senanayake/Chelvanayagam, Pact to solve the Tamils political rights etc.  signed on March 24, 1965 was torn away due to the opposition and protests by the chauvinistic Buddhist Clergy, Maha Sanga and some racist Sinhalese leaders.

In addition to this the successive governments have failed miserably to implement UNHRC Resolutions 30/1, 34/1 AND 40/1 and continue to defy the Resolutions. The above acts cumulatively prove the intent of the Sri Lankan Government [Sinhala/Buddhist dominated] to destroy the national ethnic group of Eelam Tamils.

The crying need of Sri Lankan Tamils [Eelam Tamils] who are the victims of of a genocidal war, who underwent several state sponsored pogroms, mass murders, torture, rape and those killed and injured, the orphans, widows is the dispensation of justice without delay. [JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED]

The Genocidal war with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam starting from 2006 and ending in May 2009 has resulted in the following consequences.

[1] Out of the 429,059 Tamil civilians living in the war affected Vanni area in 2008 [as per Sri Lankan Record of census] only 282,380 reached the government camps as refugees in May 2009. As such 146,679 persons were unaccounted for and are presumed killed and/or missing as also endorsed by BISHOP OF MANNAR, RAYAPPU JOSEPH [who submitted his findings to the LLRC and all over the world.

[2] The successive Sri Lankan governments have repeatedly criticized, ignored and have also rejected the UNHRC Resolutions, including LLRC Recommendations.

[3] A hectic campaign is underway with the blessings of the Mahasanga, Mahanayaks, racist and extremist Sinhalese leaders to wipe out the IDENTITY, CULTURE, LANGUAGE, RELIGION of Tamils to make Sri Lanka a BUDDHIST SINHALA STATE.

[4] The historical and traditional lands of the Tamils have been appropriated by the military and other Government departments like Forest Department, Archaeological Department and other departments while the legal owners of the land are living under tents, and camps.


[1] Isolate the Sri Lankan regime as was done to apartheid South Africa.

[2] Block all foreign aid to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka is already under a deep debt trap with China

[3] Impose an effective boycott of goods, services and boycott of visitors and others going in and coming out of the country.

[4] Produce the criminals in the Government, Armed Forces in the International Criminal Court {ICC] and charge them for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. This must include Sri Lankan retired Military Generals serving in several countries including the UN as

Ambassadors of Sri Lanka These high posts have been rewarded for the mass murders of Tamils.


Kumarathasan Rasingam – Secretary – The Tamil Canadian Elders for Human Rights Org.

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