From Jai Ram to – Hai Ram

Election Rally Amit Shah

The OverSeas Friends of the Bharatiya Janata Party, or; OF-BJP, is fairly big in the United Kingdom, and more so in the United States of America. It surprisingly even has a huge number of followers in the United Arab Emirates.

You can visit them at their official online information portal at and read up all about their plans and visions of the future for the vast Diaspora.

The OF-BJP is divided into various administration wings such as the OF-BJP-USA, OF-BJP-UK; which lay down concentrated focused attention on the Hindu Diaspora within their target nations. It is extremely well funded, very professional and very efficient.

After all, the BJP, in itself, is the largest political party in the world with 174,000,000 openly declared members. They tower over the world’s second largest political party, which is the Chinese Communist Party that has 91,000,000 members. (These figures are from 2019 and the membership figures for the BJP are probably far higher in 2022).

The BJP overtook the CCP in 2015, during the first elected term of office of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and today they are nearly twice the size, in terms of membership, of the CCP.

It is a formidable achievement that has required dedicated long term planning, mobilisation of marketing and public relations resources in order to garner massive funds and investments into the party’s political apparatus. Creation of a message that appeals to the Hindu public that constitutes approximately 80% of the Indian population.

There is an interesting fun fact here. The population of the Indian Republic is currently statistically marked at 1400 million, of whom, 1120 million, (or 80%), are Hindu by faith. The BJP or Indian People’s Party, (in a loose English translation), is a unique political organisation, in that, it is primarily a religious movement. So, if one assumes that BJP membership is solely Hindu, then 174 million members out of a population of 1120 million Hindus within the Indian Republic equates to about 15% of all Hindus within the Republic.

In other words, 15% of the Republic’s Hindu population are open members of the BJP, (which is a significant number), plus you have the vast number who are not members but are avid supporters and will always vote for the BJP at any and every opportunity; for when casting their vote is deemed an essential necessity.

The BJP, without a doubt, is a force of nature and its mechanics and machinery will be studied by future generations of scholars who will, in turn, earn countless PhDs from their research and study of this incredible phenomenon.

The BJP actively seeks to integrate religious dogma, the political structures of administration, national identity, language, history, education, conduct of living, delegation of one’s rights onto iron-cast stratified layered divisions, regulation of business and money, all aspects of science and the very essence of what it is to be a Hindu and Indian; into one unified whole.

The BJP has no grand designs for world domination, in fact they would be happiest if the world forgot about them and they be left alone to recreate the Indian Republic in their own image. But, the BJP does not have that luxury of glorious isolation. The political party that they are; and the country, which they govern, are part of the world at large and all are influenced by events that develop and unfold many miles from their shores.

The current leadership of the BJP are very technologically savvy and are also very adept at understanding the scope and power of projecting image perception via social media. They know how cheap and ruthlessly efficient social media can be if applied and directed with careful planning. They realised early on that direct messaging to the masses can be achieved cheap and cheerfully at very little cost via laser like use of mass media technology.

They timed it beautifully with the colossal promulgation of moderately priced smartphones flooding like a deluge into the Indian market from about 2010 onwards.

The party have dedicated IT Cells that are able to exploit the full gamut of targeted campaigning. They have used Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp like a force multiplier in propagating favourable narratives, instigating opinions, changing the mood and colour of actual contextual facts, altering the timeline of events; in other words; altering the very perception of truth and reality. As I said earlier, there are more avenues for PhDs here than Harvard and Oxford can handle if you want to get busy and start recording and analysing this gigantic political entity.

We know all this and none of this is new. What we may have as an inkling at the back of our minds but we somehow cannot put a finger on, is how all this can turn in our hands against us.

The current Indian Government is adamantly not towing the line as dictated by the United States of A with regard to enforcing sanctions on the Russian Federation. In fact, India and Russia are reactivating the Rupee-Ruble Monetary Mechanism via which the Indian Republic and the USSR traded with each other until about 1991. They are each actively engaged in reviving this system in order to bypass the restrictions on bilateral trade via the sanctions that have been placed on the use of the US Dollar upon the Russian Federation.

The United States Press Secretary has asked India to “think about on which side of history they would like to be remembered”. The Japanese Prime Minister has visited New Delhi and reminded India that she is a member of the QUAD and is obliged to condemn Russia, which India politely ignored. The United Kingdom Trade Minister has threatened India with trade sanctions and the Indian Government didn’t really even bother to reply.

India has abstained from voting on 4 UN Resolutions that were framed against the Russian Federation.

India is in fact putting into place every mechanism available, as well as constructing new ones, to buy petroleum, fertilisers, grain and rare earths from the Russian Federation via complete avoidance of the US Dollar, as in down to the non-use of every instrument of the extensive American financial infrastructure and associated institutions; and mapping out an detailed banking architecture for purely Rupee and Ruble transactions.

Into this mix figures the Islamic Republic of Iran, and her need to find a buyer for her limitless oil which has so far has been restricted by US sanctions. India is a huge producer of medicine and pharmaceutical products that again do not come under US patents and licence restrictions, and for which Iran is an eager buyer.

India has even indicated that it may no longer be beholden to the ridiculous Gulf Sheikhs for her petrol requirements from them anymore and that these Sheikhs need to start behaving themselves with regards to their massive human rights violations perpetuated on the huge Indian work force within these desert wastelands.

I would like to touch here on the fact, which may be somewhat controversial, and that is that the vast Indian missile programme that was initiated in the mid 1970s, is not designed to target the Peoples’ Republic of China nor the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. (The range of India’s nuclear warhead tipped stock missiles are not long enough to reach the population of Beijing and they are too long for Islamabad).

Approximately 80% of India’s nuclear missiles have been designed since the 1970s with only one city in mind and that city is downtown Riyadh within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And the reason for that is to keep the shifty Sheikh honest, and for him not to keep maintaining his random delusional thoughts and alcohol soaked Visions of Global Domination via International Wahabi Global Jihad.

India does not have a drop of petroleum reserves and has to import every drop. When there was no other viable option, India had to bend the bowed head to the desert Sheikh and put up with the ferocious humiliation meted out to her citizens within these Gulf sand pits but the events unfolding in Ukraine are leading to rapid Eurasian Integration and creation of vast markets and trade alliances that bypass the need for these semi deranged autocratic inconsequential sheikhdoms.

China and India are the two largest importers of petroleum in the world and if both start to buy oil in a currency other than the US Dollar, well than that in itself indicates the start of the end of the PetroDollar and the collapse of the shaky foundation upon which the entire global financial system sits.

There is every possibility of India and Pakistan as well as China resolving their territorial disputes.

How does the OverSeas Friends fit into all of this? Well, the US of A and her lackeys are in no way going to allow the rug to be pulled from under their super efficient system of hegemonic exploitation. They will make it well nigh impossible to attempt any mess-about with their lucrative extortion racket.

They will hold these OverSeas members to ransom, as most are now citizens of the US and the UK. There are already rumblings from the various Human Rights Organisations that are looking to interfere within India’s internal affairs. The same American Media Tech that the BJP used to distort facts into fiction will be switched on in a ferocious campaign to wreck havoc within the Indian Republic.

There will be overt attempts to instigate ferocious waves of Colour Revolutions within the Indian Republic that will initially look to act as a warning to the man in charge to behave himself and stick with the pre-determined script of privatising every Indian State Asset back onto the books of the erstwhile East India Company, the job for which he was groomed by these Corporations in the first place.

These OverSeas Friends have openly shot themselves in the foot. They will be branded as supporters and fund raisers for a political party that may be about to be sanctioned, bear in mind here that the current Prime Minister himself was on a travel ban to Europe and United States, until he was duly elected as Head of State in 2014. Having him on a ban now would have looked silly especially when there were billions of dollars worth of junk that you needed to sell him in the form of weapons, KFC franchises and profits from cyber coolie outsourcing services.

The Friends now will be pressured to exert influence on the BJP to get the party to change their mind and not be so uppity and have these strange thoughts about sovereignty, regard for the welfare of the citizens of India first, and all that. Infact, the Party itself is so firmly in the grip of foreign money that any slight deviation will cause massive contradictions within the Party.

How will the Friends react? Are they smart enough to even understand what is coming up the road for them and do they even have the intelligence to deal with it.

They will be tested under fire which will indicate their level of opportunistic commitment to their ridiculous cause.

You see winning an election is easy. You can use mass media to influence voters. You can even cook the books and employ “scientific vote rigging”. The BJP have become experts in winning elections. They know which buttons to push, how much influence and pressure and money needs to be applied and where. In fact, they know the system like the back of the famous hand. However, winning is one thing. But governing a nation as vast, complicated and as important globally as the Indian Republic is another thing altogether.

And now in 2022 may be the very first real test that the BJP has ever taken. So far, it is not looking too bad at all. This exam will allow for the BJP to rid themselves of the corrosive fascist control of the RSS and to ditch the cheap opportunists, especially the Friends of the BJP with their clownish and petty shop keeper tendencies and outlook on money and life in general.

These are monumental times of tremendous global significance for humanity, where the unfinished business of laying to waste the vestiges of Imperialism and the curse of Empire is about to take place. These are great days.

Humanity is about to be rid of the interest soaked model of financial parasitism. Children will eat healthy and grow up to counter the Evils of Fascism. Mothers will stand proudly and resist their oppressors in the name of their fathers. Vested interests will be brought to trial for their crimes against humanity and they will be exposed and destroyed.

Marx was deeply influenced by Islam. Not the politics and the superstitious aspects of the philosophy but by the essence of the scientific aspects of the composite model of society that was being explored.

Religious middlemen, fakirs, fakes and fools who have turned religious philosophy into a commercial business will be exterminated like a disease that they are.

The world is a giant interconnected brain and there is much to learn, much to appreciate and much to incorporate into our lives. But without a doubt, these are tectonic shifts and I, for one, am fortunate to have lived this long to be a part of these events unfolding upon us.

There is the whole massive development of Pamir Highway Integration and EurAsian and EastAsian trade, which I hope to touch upon in my next essay.

Oh yes and before I forget, Jai Ram loosely translated to English from Hindi is Glory to God. Hai Ram – loosely is Oh My God, What Happened Here.

The BJP may have used Hindu ideology, American Corporate Money, fascist support of the RSS and her OverSeas Friends of low IQ and morality, but history may have gifted the Party a unique chance to become the champion for the Global South and for Humanity itself. And it seems that the Party has understood and is eagerly accepting the challenge and discarding the more primitive aspects that appealed to sections of their more semi-literate audiences.

Interestingly, it maybe the Philosophy of Marx and the Principles of Islamic Finance and an Egalitarian Society, two things which the RSS fervently hate, that may be what saves the Indian Republic at this crucial moment. Two things that the BJP may paint in the colours of their own flag but incorporate quietly in their own image.

Who knows but there are some chaotic days ahead.

Supratim Barman, MSc – Queen Mary – University of London. Kolkata, The Republic of India. I live between the two extreme edges of what was the British Empire, in the vast and important cities of Kolkata and London; with the midpoint being where I was born and where I grew up, Bahrain: observing and experiencing events in a time of great change.


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