Survival of Homo Sapiens on Planet Earth


In our world today many leaders and their followers refuse to acknowledge a planetary/cosmic reality: The future of Homo sapiens hinges not on their thought process and actions but on a reconfigured societal form that will allow human evolution to proceed by way of reciprocal planetary/cosmic interrelationship. This refusal is now a danger to Homo sapiens continuation on Planet earth. Here is an outline of the problem and a step by step process explaining how humanity can remove these leaders and their follows from power, thus enabling the evolution of Homo sapiens to progress.




Antonio Guterres Secretary General U.N.

“UNITED NATIONS, Oct. 26, 2021 (Xinhua) — UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Tuesday that the climate crisis is a code red for humanity and that urgent action is needed before it is too late.”



 Phase Transition

Phase Reorganization  

We are entering a Phase Transition.

All present human thought and interaction relating to life and non life on Planet Earth is being challenged; Economic, Political, Social, Philosophical, Religious.

Without our passing through this Phase Transition we can not enter a Phase Reorganization.

And without our entering and then passing through a Phase Reorganization  we will not survive on Planet earth.

It raises the question:

Do we humans have the intellectual strength and cohesiveness cooperatively to move into and through this Phase Transition and then into and through a Phase Reorganization ?



Parasitic Symbiotic Discordance

“Form of symbiotic behavior in which a parasite lives on and harms the body of the host”

The framework of thought that formed during the Holocene Period and gained momentum during the Industrial Revolution has now brought on a parasitic symbiotic discordance between our species and our host; Planet earth. It is a threat to Homo sapiens continued existence on our planet.



Arctic Methane Threat

“In the warming Arctic, methane release is occurring from huge methane-water clathrate deposits, and increasingly from permafrost melting and increased methanogenesis from anaerobic bacteria.”

“In 2020 Dr Andrew Glikson commented on the ‘myth’ of  ‘zero net emissions by 2050’ and estimated that the Earth is tracking to a disastrous 600 ppm CO2-equivalent in 2050: Yet another cruel hoax perpetrated in the wake of more than 50 years of obfuscation and denial of environment and climate science.”

Warming Increasing Bacterial Methanogenesis &Methane Release  Dr Gideon Polya  12/02/2022

2012 World Bank Report

“Without quick action to curb CO2 emissions, global warming is likely to increase by 4 degrees Centigrade (7.2 degrees Fahrenheit) above today’s normal during the 21st century and that is dangerously close to the temperature of 6 degrees Centigrade above normal that initiated the Permian-Triassic extinction event 252 million years ago when 96% of all marine species and 70% of all terrestrial vertebrates were wiped out.”



Antarctic Melt Threat

“Antarctic Ocean Reveals New Signs of Rapid Melt of Ancient Ice, Clues About Future Sea Level Rise”

“A study of seafloor ripples suggests that ice shelves can retreat six miles per year, a quantum increase over today’s rates.”

“There’s enough ice left on Antarctica to raise sea level by about 200 feet if it all melted. That makes the new evidence of how quickly the previous melt occurred critically important for millions of people in coastal areas whose homes and fields are already at risk …. “

“The most important message to take home is that the current projections are too conservative. The real drama in all of this is that the faster rates of retreat may turn out to be the most probable in some places, and as of now we do not know where and when.”



Biosphere Limits

Man-Made Chemicals

Man-made chemical release has exceeded the limits of safety for  Biosphere absorption. There has been a 50-fold increase in the production of chemicals since 1950. This increase is projected to triple again by 2050. The toxicity of their pollution is gargantuan in breadth and destructiveness. There is overwhelming evidence of negative impact on the Earth systems, including biodiversity and biogeochemical cycles.



Worrisome Quote

Jeremiah 609/610 BCE

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked. Who can know it?

Our history going back before Jeremiah (weighing of the feather in early Egypt} and then onward shows the ongoing presence of this dark side of human thought. It is a genetic eukaryotic neurotic psychotic disorder.

It was recognized in early Judaism and still is by Jews today at Yom Kippur. (day of atonement) Once a year, the high priest in ancient Israel would take two goats and cast lots for them (Lev. 16:7,8). One goat would be killed (16:9) and its blood sprinkled on the atonement cover (or “mercy seat”) in the Most Holy Place of the temple to make amends for the people’s sins. (16:15,16)

Next, laying his hands on the other goat, the priest would confess over it all the sins of Israel; then this second goat (the “scapegoat”), carrying upon itself the sins of all the people, would be led away and released in the desert (Lev. 16:10,20,21,22).  Symbolically then, the Israelites’ sin and guilt were transferred onto the goats and completely removed from their presence.

This dark deceitful side of us continues to permeate all of our human civilization. Hundreds of millions were slaughtered over this past century. Today nation by nation the slaughter continues. Weapons have become more deadly. The threat of a major war with death to billions continues. And this “darkness” extends beyond war. Unchecked Capitalism is literally “eating up” the planet. Lies Fake News and captivating advertising permeate the human mind. The rich get richer, The prisons fill – and the Phychiatrist couches. .



“Oneness” Cosmically

There is another side.

It was with us over the centuries in both the Western and Eastern world in a higher form of consciousness, a “oneness” cosmically. Early Eastern examples were Buddhism and Taoism and Confucianism, later Neo-Confucianism (We and the Cosmos are “one” –  Ren ) There were elements of it in early Greek thought. During the Egyptian Alexandrian period it was in the thought of the Jewish colony there. We find it in the origins of Christian thought. We find it in progressive Jewish and Christian and Eastern thought today.

In recent years this thought has been evident by way of expression of the need for cultural cohesion and a “Coming Together”.  International organizations such as The United Nations were formed.

Many throughout the world today are taking this next step. They are refocusing their religious and philosophical and social thought on the need for universal commonality with respect to our relationship with each other and the planet and the cosmos.

We see it now in a common understanding of the futility of armed conflict. Recently we saw it in the fractured yet coordinated response to the Corona virus. We see it in the continuing international response to Global Warming. We see it in a demand for world-wide change coming from many areas of academia. We see it in a millennial generation demanding change.

But this power is marginal and ineffective. Leaders and their followers throughout the planet remain entrapped within Jeremiah’s observation:

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked. Who can know it?



Next Two Or Three Generational Reality

Deaths within the human population caused by Biosphere temperature rise will climb over the next two or three generations. In time fewer than one billion humans will remain, limited to survival in habitable temperature areas.


1) Can the genetic eukaryotic neurotic psychotic disorder thought elements in humans be contained?

2) Can rational thought world-wide then prevail and bring about human activity on Planet earth that will assure for all forms of life and non life continuation by way of self-sustaining integrative planetary interrelationship ?

3}  Can it all be achieved within the next 20/50/75/100 years ?




X Extreme Biosphere temperature rise over the next 20/50/75/100 years will lead to the need for in-depth examination of an Opposing Force Field underlying humanity’s collective unconscious.

X There will be an in-depth examination of this Opposing Force Field as the cause within all human Economic, Political, Social, Philosophical thought.

X Those existing thought elements in the Opposing Force Field that do not further symbiotic reciprocal relationships between the planet and all life and non life on it – defined as being discordant – will be removed from the societal Web of human consciousness.

X Removal will consist of identifying those individuals with a genetic eukaryotic neurotic psychotic disorder who are under the control of the Opposing Force Field and as such are a threat to continuance of life and non life on the planet. To the extent possible, those so identified will be incarcerated and placed in reeducation facilities. They will be released only after it is determined they are fit to reenter society.

X When it is determined that they will continue to be the cause of death to others in the reeducation facilities and elsewhere their lives will be terminated.

X  Our dark deceitful wicked side as noted  in early Egypt (weighing of the feather) and in early Judaism by Jeremiah will be brought under control.

X World Governance will be established that will satisfy the necessary requirements for such changes.

X This will take the form of a reformation of the United Nations under the name “The Global Forum”. It will have broad powers to bring about such changes including judicial, policing and military.

X Final decisions as to enforcement and incarceration and even death will be under the power of The Forum.

X Non Forum military and police action will be prohibited.

X The Forum will be led by a group of individuals having common outlook and values in opposition to those under the control of the Opposing Force Field. It will be limited to a small number with backgrounds; economic, political, religious, military, academic, and other – each individual having held the highest position in national and/or global authority. (qualification similar to today’s Secretary General U.N.) Tenure will be 10 years.

X Advising The Forum will be a select group of individuals who will conduct ongoing  psychological study of that part of the Homo sapiens brain function that is the underlying cause of the Extinction Homo sapiens predicament. They will have the power to comment on all candidates for inclusion in the above. Tenure will be 10 years.

X The Forum will ban all societal media and other communication of  deceitful wicked thought. (examples; Lies, Fake Distorted News,  corrosive Bernays style Advertising)

X All global emissions will be monitored and screened by The Forum for their safety and sustainability in terms of impact on the Biosphere. The same for elements extracted from the earth and oceans. The concept of a “circular economy” will be the objective.

X The Forum will identify the geographic niche areas of the planet where there can be a continuance of life; human and other, each life form able to survive in is own geographic niche.

X Ability of human and other life forms to symbiotically coexist on the remaining habitable geographic niche areas of Planet earth will be an objective.

X Human activity will be limited to designated geographic niche areas and constrained so as to be in harmony with Biosphere preservation.

X Non human geographically defined land and water areas will be designated Natural Habitat for plant and other life and protected by way of elimination of human habitation and exploitation.

X Ecocide by humans (damage to Natural Habitat) will be defined a crime with individual penalty under an expanded jurisdiction of the Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague.

X Activity by humans harmful to other Humans and to the Planet will be defined and written into global law with penalty based on harm done or to be done.

X Ethical rules for livestock under the control of humans will be defined and written into global law.

X There will be a revised global Capital Market system. All pricing will be ecologically adjusted by way of global “Eco Taxation” .

X Corporate liability will extend to management and principal share holders regardless of residence.

X Earnings and Inheritance will be taxed in such a way as to be considered fair bottom to top regardless of residence. (same standards as seen today in the European Social Democracies)

X Each and every individual will be mentored and trained to be able to participate skillfully economically within the system, to become what that person can become.

X There will be methods human birth control designed to constrain genetic eukaryotic neurotic psychotic disorders; also in order to achieve desired genetic outcome, chemical and surgical procedures, selective sperm egg transplantation and abortion. All will assure “ideal” population health, mental capacity and an “ideal” population size consistent with human planetary sustainability. That “ideal” population size could be 1 billion or less.

(Global human population has increased from about 800 thousand in 4000 BCE to 300 million during the Roman Empire Period to one billion in 1800 to I.6 billion in 1900 to 6 billion in 2000 to 8 billion today.)

X Medical care will be a human “Right”.

X Those born mentally/physically/genomically unfit to enter society will be institutionalized with proper care.

(3% / 5% of all new births today suffer from physical or mental retardation.)


New book by Nobel Laureate John Scales Avery


Homo Sapiens?

by John Scales Avery

“Humans, in their arrogance, call themselves not just Homo sapiens, but Homo sapiens sapiens, the wisest of the wise! Admittedly, our species has enormous technical and scientific progress to its credit, as well as great cultural achievements. But wisdom? Wisdom is another matter entirely. Our suicidal wars against nature and against each other can hardly be called wise.”


Apocalypse? A Return to the Permian-Triassic Extinction

David Anderson


Q (Question) Will Human Species Survive? A NO!

David Anderson

“This book should be required reading for all
humanity.” – By johnny rinaldo (new york)



David Anderson


Global Negative Externality Tax (NET)

David Anderson 

“A pricing/costing methodology needs to be implemented that will allow the world within this critical 10/15 year period to turn to carbon free sources of energy. Nation states at all levels of technological development must be given time to adjust. As they do, high carbon input products and services will leave the market and be replaced by products with low or no carbon energy input. Societally, this will force nations at all ends of the planet to adopt a different social political economic energy structural logic from that which exists today.





Jeremy Lent

“This uniqueness does not, as the Western tradition has maintained for millennia, make us separate from nature. However, it does confer on us both the power to destroy the living Earth and also the potentiality to develop a new type of symbiotic relationship with it.”

“The unremitting devastation of the natural world caused by ceaseless economic growth is threatening a collapse of civilization as we know it, not just as a result of climate disruption but also massive ecological degradation.”

“We have arrived at a stage in the human saga on Earth where the decisions we make over the next few decades will determine the future direction, not just of humanity, but of the Earth itself. Ultimately, it will be a collective decision based on our shared sense of identity.”

“The reductionist thinking that brought us to this place may be driving us headlong toward catastrophe. For each new global problem, attention is focused on short-term mechanistic solutions rather than probing deeper systemic causation.”

“At some point a tipping point causes a phase transition, known as the release phase. This is followed by the reorganization phase when the future system is up for grabs. In this period, which can feel chaotic, new ideas or charismatic individuals can have an outsize impact on how the system will look as it prepares to enter the growth phase of its new cycle.”


On Contact: The new global order

McCoy looks at past empires and how they disintegrated in his book To Govern the Globe. The familiar patterns of decline allow him to speculate about what lies ahead as the global dominance of the United States crumbles under the weight of disastrous military adventurism, the collapse of public institutions, a rapacious and greedy oligarchic elite, and inept political and military leadership. The new world order, McCoy argues, will see China ascendant.


Debunking the Eternal Economic Growth Model

John Feffer

“Can those who advocate hitting the brakes on economic growth get their message across before it’s too late?

Over the last three decades, a growing number of scientists and ecologists have argued that economic growth has long outstripped the capacity of the planetary ecosystem. They have developed numerous sophisticated models to demonstrate their point. They have boiled down the technical information—about the availability of mineral resources, the limits of energy generation, the constraints of food production, the effects of biodiversity loss, and of course the impact of climate change—into accessible texts. They have lobbied governments, and they have crafted soundbites for the media.”


Opinion Columnist  Thomas L Friedman

N Y Times  2/21/2022

” We are out of harmony with each other and out of harmony with nature. Unless more people take principled stands against those undermining truth and trust, we simply will not have the tools we need to roll back extreme politics or extreme weather or extreme pandemics — once we’ve exhausted all the other possibilities. Later will be too late. “

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