Let’s Talk Turkey PART 1 … and I Don’t Mean the Country!!

Afghan Refugees

Here’s what cracks me up on right wing European leaders’ anger over refugees flooding their nations. Recently, the fascist head of Hungary, Viktor Orban, gave his address to the CPAC neo fascist conference, you know, the one that Trump and cabal love so much. Orban doesn’t like all those refugees from the Middle East and North Africa inundating his beloved Budapest. Did he continue by ‘ connecting the dots’ as to the ‘ Why ‘ of this situation? No. How could he when he is up the rear end of the US empire. Viktor, the reason for this terrible mess throughout most of Europe is simple: If the US empire did not carpet bomb to kingdom come, then invade and finally occupy Afghanistan and Iraq… adding the US proxy NATO’s carpet bombing destruction of Libya… THERE WOULD BE NO REFUGEE PROBLEM OF ANY CONSEQUENCE!

On the subject of Iraq , Afghanistan and Libya, look how much damage this empire set forth with what we did. Mind you, this all was done immorally and illegally. Especially in Iraq and Libya, our bombs and missiles destroyed their infrastructure as well as tens of thousands of civilians. In Afghanistan, which had more of an ancient infrastructure, the dead bodies gave echo to the utter sorrow throughout the three countries caused by this ‘ Sin of Empire’… our lurid empire. Then factor in the many US military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan who came home in boxes. For what? Well, let’s explore that. Saddam Hussein, a gangster who was helped into power by our CIA, committed the grave sin by planning to sell his oil in Euros and not the usual US dollars during the respite between Iraq War 1 and Iraq War 2. Anyone who still thinks Hussein had ‘ Weapons of Mass Destruction’ can buy this bridge I am selling in Brooklyn. As to Libya, Gaddafi got his death sentence when he planned to create, with other African nations, their own African Currency, which would be used in his oil sales. Too much oil in Libyan ground for our empire to miss out on using American Petrodollars.  As with Afghanistan, our empire allowed the corrupt warlords to run those countries and continue to destroy any security for their citizens. It still continues.

Here’s the real crime of the new 21st Century, the obscene increases in our military spending. Let’s put it a different way and just give the amount: $801 billion in 2021. Can you realize that all that money doesn’t make us any safer. Yet, can anyone grasp what could have been done with just 25% of that money ( $ 200 billion annually) to give us  Medicare and Dental Care for  All; Total Public Banking and  Non Profit Community run Mortgage Banking to free millions from being under the jackboot of landlords…. just to name but two great uses of those military spending  savings. While this could be accomplished we would also see the closure of many of our 800+ foreign military bases. With satellite technology and our powerful Navy, no need to park our asses in over 100 different countries… with many of their citizens fed up with us for being there.

Sadly, regardless of which of the two empire’s parties is in power, nothing will change for the better on the aforementioned subjects. The more we good souls stand up and challenge those politicos… even shame them, the better it will be. I surmise that it may take a drastic downturn in our economy, close to another depression, to get more Americans off their couches and porches, turning off the Boob Tube and demanding  more from the boobs in government.

Dog Days of August 2022

Philip A Farruggio is regular columnist on It’s the Empire… stupid website. He is also frequently posted on Nation of Change, Countercurrents., Smirking Chimp and Independent Australia sites. He is the son and grandson of Brooklyn NYC longshoremen and a graduate of Brooklyn College, class of 1974. Since the 2000 election debacle Philip has written over 400 columns on the Military Industrial Empire and other facets of life in an upside down America. He is also host of the ‘ It’s the Empire… Stupid ‘ radio show, co produced by Chuck Gregory. Philip can be reached at [email protected]


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